Not only the pain of flesh, inventory 20 unexpected sunburn hazards

In summer, you can call friends and friends to eat barbecue and beer outdoors outdoors, and hold picnics.However, under high temperature baking, you may be sunburned without paying attention.Don’t think that sunburn is just "superficial kung fu". In addition to the obvious harm of skin redness and peeling, it even has more serious and lasting consequences of physical health.The "Best Life" website in the United States has summarized the 20 most hidden health hazards of sunburn.


If you already have headaches or migraine, then excessive exposure to the sun may make the situation worse.Even if you do not often suffer a migraine that makes people feel numb, the hot sunlight can cause headaches.If you feel pain, headache, confusion, nausea, fever or cold after sunburn, you need to seek medical treatment in time.

Causes tongue swelling

The lips are composed of the skin, so it will also be sunburned.Severe sunburn can lead to swelling of the tongue, blisters, and difficulty breathing.Fortunately, some brands of lip balm have sunscreen function and can be used for lip moisturizing and sun protection.

Accelerate skin aging

Although both women and men want to obtain the ultimate anti -aging recipe, few people consider the long -term impact of the sun on their skin.When we are sunburned, the fibroblasts that produce collagen will be damaged, causing the skin to be unable to resist wrinkles and other damage.

Causes itching

In a few cases, severe sunburn can lead to "weak and crazy itching", especially for those who walk in the sun or cycling but never take any sunscreen measures.This solar dermatitis is so itchy that the patient wants to be soaked in cold water.

Test psoriasis

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease, which can cause itching and thickening of the skin.Although the doctor does not know the exact cause of this disease, one of the known incentives is sunburn.

Increase other autoimmune diseases

Steriitis is an autoimmune disease that weakens muscle strength.The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences found that if women with muscleitis have received high -level ultraviolet radiation, they are more likely to develop into more severe dermatitis; in addition to muscle weakness, it will also cause painful rashes.

Destroy immune system

When the skin is sunburned, Langehan cells (tree dendritic cells originated in the bone marrow, located in the epidermis), which are supplied with, will be completely destroyed.This immune cell is the first line of defense that resists to skin infection. Without them, the body will be more likely to get sick.

It is not just an area where sunburn is sunburned.Studies have shown that when the skin is sunburned, the whole body’s immune response will change.


If you have a simple herpes virus, it is a very bad method to stay outside without applying sunscreen.As reported by the World Health Organization, excessive exposure to the sun will weaken the function of the immune system, which will lead to outbreak of lip.A study found that 27 people got lip herpes when 38 herpes were not applied outdoors; in contrast, when they applied sunscreen, no one had to get the lip herpes.

Or cause abdominal swelling

The inflammation response caused by sunburn will send a signal of liquid to the body.This kind of water retention is very serious, so that some women have increased significantly after sunburn.

Hurt the eyes

Just like other parts of the body, the eyes are easily damaged by the sun.However, considering that traditional sunscreens are almost impossible to protect their eyes, they are particularly dangerous.If you do not protect it carefully, you will eventually suffer from keratitis or optical conjunctivitis.Although this eye disease is reversible, this inflammatory disease is very painful, which can cause blinking difficulties.

Causes similar influenza symptoms

It is as if the pain caused by sunburn is not enough. Other symptoms of sunburn include fever, cold, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, and there will be the same symptoms in the influenza season.

Causes lupus erythematosus

This autoimmune disease can cause the body to attack the health organization.This disease is usually dormant, but sunburn can cause symptoms.Sunshine will not only cause lupus’s rash, but also cause symptoms of joint pain and fatigue.

Cause breathing problems

After a long period of hard exercise, panting can make people feel a sense of accomplishment, but it is not a good sign that appears after slight exercise.If you are accidentally sunburned, a less interesting side effect is that your breathing is short and shallow. At this time, you need to seek medical treatment immediately.

Lead to dehydration

The skin that is sunburned will suck the liquid to the surface of the skin, and then absorb water from other parts of the body.Lack of liquid can cause dehydration of the body, which leads to dizziness and muscle fatigue.

Hindered action

When running, the legs are severely sunburned so that blisters will hinder the ability to move.The healing process is very painful. The burning sensation and pain of blisters are a terrible experience.Patient’s blisters need to be entangled with bandages, causing motion; if the second degree of burn is not handled properly, it will also cause infection.


People who take tetracycline or certain contraceptives will spend a day on the beach and return home to notice urticaria on the skin.This phenomenon is called solar urticaria and usually does not last for 24 hours, but it is painful and not beautiful.

Deteriorate acne

Excessive exposure to the sun will make the skin dry, and for patients with acne, this will only make bad problems worse.Chronic acne will increase the body’s sebum secretion after sun exposure, which will cause acne to develop.

Affect fertility function

It will affect the chance of women’s pregnancy for too long in the sun.The research results of biomedicists at the University of Science and Technology of Australia in the Research results in the "Magazine of Optics and Optical Biology" showed that accepting too much sunlight will cause folic acid to be lower than the average level, which is related to neural tube defects and abortion.

Pregnancy is risky

Most pregnant women know that they should avoid smoking and drinking during pregnancy, but they may not know that sunburn will cause birth defects, premature birth, or even abortion.

Cause stroke

The heart is the most important organ in the body and needs to be protected at all costs.Unfortunately, too much sunlight means that the level of vitamin D is extremely high, which is related to stroke or heart disease.

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