Nosebleeds can’t stop flowing, the truth actually "hides" here

Recently, the weather has been hot, and many people have been seeking nose bleeding.Regardless of whether it is a four or five -year -old child or an old man who is over ancient, the first sentence when he is seeking is:

"Doctor, am I too angry?"

Then nose bleeding

Is the fire too great?

Let’s see a few real cases

Case 1

This is a expectant mother with nose bleeding.She had two or three left nasal bleeding before pregnancy, and the amount of bleeding was not large. There were a few drops. Each time she blocked her nostrils, she could not stop this "little thing".

When she was hospitalized, her left nasal cavity bleed again, and the amount of bleeding was larger than usual. In addition, the expectant mother began to be nervous.

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The doctor had a nasal endoscopy and found that the culprit was a small "hemangioma" like a "hemangioma".

After the child was born, the expectant mother underwent minimally invasive surgery of "nasal endoscopic hemangioma resection", and nose bleeding was controlled after surgery.

Case 2

In the middle of the night, a 30th IT elite came. He worked every day every day. The only way to decompress was to make a few good buddies and drink beer to sing a song at night.

After drinking alcohol that day, I found that the right nose began to bleed in the middle of the night. After repeatedly blocked the nose and forehead to apply ice cubes, nose bleeding not only did not stop but became more serious, so I hurried to the hospital.

Doctophaoroid doctors saw under the nasal endoscopy that the size of the size of the rice grains on the interval side of his right side was bleeding. After examination, the cause of the bleeding was that the arterial blood pressure increased.Later, ask for consultation in the Department of Cardiology, and nose bleeding was completely solved after comprehensive treatment.

It can be seen from the two examples above

Although they are all nasal bleeding

But the cause of everyone is different

It’s not a sentence "too much fire"

Can be explained

From small to large

Almost everyone has appeared

Nose bleeding to different degrees

This is because the blood circulation of the nasal cavity

Very rich

For example, the Li’s district at the front of the nasal cavity is a dense area of the microvascular network.The position of the Li’s area is relatively shallow, so rubbing the nose and sneezing can cause nose bleeding.

In addition, the lower nose dome or middle nose is also a good part of nose bleeding.If the nasal cavity is abnormal, such as polarotomagic nasal septum, or tumors that have hemorrhagic tumors such as hemangioma or papilloma, the probability of nasal bleeding is even higher.

Generally speaking, when patients with nasal bleeding are visited, doctors must arrange for the blood routine and coagulation mechanism. In the case of excluding blood disease, the nasal endoscopy is used to determine the different parts of the nose bleeding, so as to useDifferent treatments.

Kind tips

Nose bleeding although common

But it is not a "small thing"

Must check the cause

No nose bleeding for no reason

You can’t think it is "too much angry"

Blindly taking "Garrone" and delaying treatment

Source: Zhengzhou People’s Hospital

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