No matter how hungry, these things can’t be eaten on an empty stomach

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Wu Yan, registered nutritionist in the Department of Nutrition Department of Wuhan Union Hospital

I believe you must have heard of some rumors about the fasting diet, which are true?

The empty stomach that everyone says in daily life generally refers to the 4-6 hours after eating, and a little hungry, which is considered a "empty stomach".

Rumors of these empty stomachs

is that true?

Rumor 1: Do not drink milk on an empty stomach

Truth: To divide people

There are indeed some people with lactose intolerance. After drinking milk on an empty stomach, abdominal distension, even abdominal pain and diarrhea.

This is because when drinking milk on an empty stomach, lactose reaches the intestine, which is more likely to cause intestinal flatulence, spasm, and even adverse reactions such as diarrhea and abdominal pain.If you eat some starchy foods first, it will greatly reduce and even disappear.

However, there are no problems with lactose intolerance, and drinking milk on an empty stomach is completely fine.

Rumor 2: Can’t eat bananas on an empty stomach

Truth: Not reliable

Some people think that bananas are rich in potassium, magnesium and other elements. Eating on an empty stomach will affect the heart and kidneys.At the same time, because the banana is a "bowel movement", it is easy to diarrhea if you eat it on an empty stomach.In fact, this statement is not reliable.

When bananas enter the human body, you need to go through a series of complex digestion and absorption processes, and the potassium and magnesium can be slowly used by the body, and those with normal renal function will automatically adjust the dynamic balance.The discharge of urine will not rise suddenly.

Secondly, the amount of dietary fiber contained in bananas is not high. There are only 1.2g dietary fiber per 100g, which is far lower than that of pear and jujube. It is not as good as a lot of vegetables. The laxative ability is not outstanding.The raw banana contains a large amount of tannic acid, which can cause constipation too much.

Rumor 3: Eating persimmons on an empty stomach will get stones

Truth: People with weak gastrointestinal function try to avoid

Persimmon contains tannic acid, and the stomach in the empty stomach is in a high acid environment. Tannic acid is easily aggregated under gastric acid action. It is combined with gastric mucin to form a hard ball block to form gastric persimmon stones.At present, the persimmons on the market have been taken out of astringent treatment, and the tannic acid content has decreased.

But for those who have weak gastrointestinal function, try to avoid eating persimmons on an empty stomach, and you must pick it up. Do not eat too much at a time.Normal people can eat a small amount of persimmons on an empty stomach.

Rumor 4: Floating cannot eat lychee

Truth: True!Can’t be empty!

There is a saying that eating lychee on an empty stomach will get "litchi disease".This disease does exist. It is a kind of acute nervous system disease. It is often a seasonal outbreak (just coincides with the season of litchi harvest). Many people will be accompanied by hypoglycemia and epilepsy.

At present, the mechanism of "litchi disease" is not very clear.It is more likely to develop in an empty stomach.Especially sensitive people, such as children, elderly people, and those who are prone to hypoglycemia, can not eat litchi on an empty stomach. Before eating, it is best to eat some foods rich in carbohydrates. You must also pay attention to consumption.

Rumor 5: Do not drink coffee on an empty stomach

Truth: Caffeine sensitive people must not drink on an empty stomach

When drinking drinks on an empty stomach, due to the faster gastric emptying, it is easy to speed up caffeine absorption.Therefore, people who are more sensitive to caffeine, drinking these caffeine -containing beverages on an empty stomach may be faster and more serious.

The same is true for alcohol. Ethals will make alcohol absorb faster and easier to get drunk.Therefore, drinks such as tea and coffee still drink slowly.Wine, it is not recommended to drink without empty stomach.

in conclusion:

• No problem eating on an empty stomach: bananas, soy milk, eggs, yogurt

• Some people cannot eat on an empty stomach, or eat less: milk, caffeine -containing beverages (coffee, strong tea, and some energy drinks), sweet potatoes

• Don’t eat on an empty stomach if you are hungry: wine, persimmons with high tannic acid, hawthorn, black dates, lychee

In addition, people who are weak, digestive diseases, or various chronic diseases need to pay attention to the types of food, eating order and matching method of food.There may be stimulating and damaged foods for the digestive tract, such as excessive acid, excessive salty, over greasy, excessive stimulation, high -vibrant protease, foods containing a large amount of tannins, oxalic acid, or tannic acid, first eat other foods before eating before eatingThey are wise.

Except food,

What else should I pay attention to on an empty stomach?

1. Can I exercise on an empty stomach?

It is more likely to have hypoglycemia in an empty stomach. It is recommended that you add some carbohydrates before exercise, especially when high -intensity exercise.However, everyone’s demand for exercise may be different. As long as hypoglycemia does not occur, an empty stomach is also possible.

2. Can I take medicine on an empty stomach?

Whether the drug needs to be eaten on an empty stomach before meals should follow the method of taking the instructions and the advice of doctors and pharmacists.Many drugs must be taken before, or after meals, or eating, otherwise it may affect the efficacy and even bring unnecessary physical damage.

3. It is not advisable to drive on an empty stomach

If the empty time is longer and the blood sugar in the body drops to a certain degree, hypoglycemia reactions will occur.The phenomenon of dizziness, inadequate attention, slow response, and lethargy, directly affect the reaction ability and become a hidden danger of a car accident.Drivers should insist on quantity for three meals a day.

4. Should not take a bath on an empty stomach

In an empty stomach, bathing is prone to hypoglycemia symptoms, such as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, etc.In addition, the bathroom air is not circulating and the temperature is high, which is easy to make people dizzy.Therefore, it is not advisable to take a shower on an empty stomach, and it is not appropriate to take a bath too long.

This article was first released at 2022-04-01 "Wuhan Union Hospital" "Hungry again, these things cannot be eaten on an empty stomach!", Copyright belongs to the original author.

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