New types of pneumonia or maternal and baby transmission?Do pregnant women go to the birth during the epidemic?

Recently, the news that a newborn was infected with new types of pneumonia in only 30 hours.

Netizens sent wishes: I hope the little guy can survive this level and get better quickly.

The mother’s mother is a new type of pneumonia who is diagnosed.

The patient was detected 30 hours after birth, and the result was positive.

Maternal and baby transmission means that pregnant women spread pathogens to the next generation through the placenta, birth canal, and breastfeeding channels.

Hepatitis B virus, AIDS virus, rubella virus, etc. can all be transmitted through this channel.GM communication contact transmission close -up air solution propagation

The spread of dung mouth and mother and baby communication also need to get a question mark.

1. The number of cases is small and cannot be ruled out

It is reported that in addition to the mother’s mother suffering from new pneumonia, there are currently other (less than 20) infected pregnant women.

But they were born with healthy babies.

Now, dare not sure.Because the number of cases is small, of course, this possibility cannot be ruled out.

2. Insufficient evidence, not sure

As for the current testing, the positive rate of nucleic acid detection in the blood is not high.

Mainly the throat swab.

Generally speaking, in the blood, the high virus rate can cause maternal and baby transmission.

During childbirth, the secretions of the mother and the contact with postpartum and newborn may cause infection.

The possibility of contacting spread is higher.

However, although at present, mothers and infants are not yet determined, and most of them are prone to severe patients with chronic diseases. Although they are not panic, pregnant women should still attract enough attention.

1. Some check -up can not be done

In the early pregnancy, except for NT, other things can be temporarily not checked and treated at home with peace of mind;

In the second trimester, the normal frequency is once a month. The important project is the large deformed screening of 20 weeks to 24 weeks and the screening of diabetes at 24-28 weeks;

In the third trimester, the normal frequency is once a week. At this time, it is best to go to the hospital for a check-up at 36-37 weeks to determine the method of childbirth.

2. Pay attention to protect yourself during the checkup

Wearing a mask and going to the hospital, you need to wear a N95 mask.

If possible, try to go to the Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital.Avoid contact with patients with popular rib clinics.

3. If there are any emergencies, don’t hesitate at this time, where can you go wherever you can.

1. Less, wear masks, wash your hands frequently 2. You can go to the birth check -up, and try to go to the maternal and gynecological hospitals of the specialty, not a comprehensive hospital.3. Keep your mood comfortable, don’t be too anxious.4. During the period at home, ensure nutritional intake, and also move appropriately.Lack of activities will not only reduce immunity, but also increase pregnancy complications.

5. It is about to be facing the basin. You must not produce at home.

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