New studies have shown that almonds can help you recover from exercise faster, reducing inflammation and soreness

Do you feel sore and tired after strenuous exercise?You can make changes to avoid this fitness trap!As we all know, almonds have a variety of health benefits, but now there is evidence that almonds also have fitness effects.A new study published on Frontiers in Nutrition found that adding almonds to diet can help the body recover from exercise.A study of 64 adults is divided into two groups -one group of almond -eating, one group of oatmeal sticks -indicating that a group of biomarse -biomarsers who eat almonds indicate that muscle recovery is improved, including reducing after exerciseFatigue and tension, and higher strength.They also reported that they felt not so sore.

However, this is not to say that after the subject, he just stuffed some almonds into his mouth after exercise, and his muscles miraculously recovered vitality.They have eaten two ounces of almonds (or about 46 nuts) for four consecutive weeks."People treat foods like pills, or think it has a magical effect, but it does not work for diet."Human expression laboratory of Asian University, saying.On the contrary, Dr. Nieman explained that health researchers have found that with the change of diet, "you enter a model, and then persist, and then you will get health benefits. What we show is that there are benefits of recovery."

Before the experiment started, the researchers measured various types of metabolites in the blood and urine (the substances caused by our metabolism, such as the muscles experienced a slight tear during exercise). Before they started the experiment, they started the experiment., That is, after 90 minutes of intense training, exercise courses and four days after exercise.The existence of some metabolites can be used as a "biomarker" that indicates muscle fatigue or inflammation.

"We let good metabolites rise, and bad declines," Dr. Nieman said."This is a very powerful discovery. It cannot be accidental. The intake of almonds basically changed the generation of regulating the medium of regulating immunity, energy and inflammation."Essence

Although the study was conducted by an independent researcher including Dr. Nieman, it was sponsored by the California Almond Commission.However, the board -certified sports nutritionist Roxana Ehsani, RD, CSSD believes that the method and research results are reasonable."This is good news for active people. It shows that eating natural foods such as almonds is conducive to recovery after exercise, and there is no need to rely on food that rely on high processing after exercise to obtain the nutrition required for recovery," EHSANI said.

Why does nuts have such a strong effect?Almonds contain carbohydrates, protein and fat, and EHSANI describes it as "the best triple nutrients required for best recovery."They also contain phosphorus, calcium and magnesium -the electrolyte consumed by sweating."Magnesium and calcium are important for the best muscle function," EHSANI said.Dr. Nieman also pointed out that vitamin E, amino acids, and "polyphenols" (molecules in almond skin) may be the reason why almonds are beneficial.

Dr. Nieman hopes that this research can stimulate people to regard nutritional foods (not just sports drinks or protein powder) as an important part of preparing for sports and recovering from exercise.He pointed out that the study ranked among the top 5%of all articles on the Frontiers in Nutrition website.This may be related to the rise of optimizing culture. This culture often allows us to treat our bodies like machines. We can fine -tune to maximize our health.

But Dr. Neman said, hey, if you want to "optimize", almonds are a good choice."It can help your body to survive more easily," Dr. Nieman said."This is the trick you can do as much as possible."

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