Never compare my mother -in -law and my mother, can see the difference from pregnancy and childbirth

Many women will unconsciously compare their mother and mother -in -law after they get married. Some of them become even more angry and feel that the mother -in -law treats them as outsiders.Of course, some people get along well with her mother -in -law, but very little.In fact, the difference between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law can be seen in the details of pregnancy and care of the baby, because it is too obvious!

The difference between mother -in -law and mother during pregnancy:

My friend said that when she was six or seven months pregnant, she returned to her mother’s house to go shopping with her mother.Her mother always held her arm carefully. In a place where there were many people, she would reach out to protect her belly, fearing that others would hit her.When I was leaving, she also told her to take care of her body. I usually buy whatever I want to buy. I asked her to ask me without enough money.

When shopping with her mother -in -law, her mother -in -law kept walking in front, and she followed her belly.And her mother -in -law was tired, asked her to help her help.The mother -in -law didn’t seem to think that she was a six or seven -month -old pregnant woman. Instead, she felt that her mother -in -law was an old man who needed to take care of.In contrast, she said: This is probably the gap between mother and mother -in -law.

The difference between mother -in -law and mother during childbirth

A friend said: She was impressed by her mother -in -law and mother the night before delivery. Her mother kept asking how she was?Do you want to call a doctor?Does the stomach hurt?Can you bear it?At that time, the mother’s anxiety was deeply imprinted in her mind.When I opened my fingers, my stomach was painful. Seeing that I was in pain, her mother’s distressed tears came out.

The mother -in -law sat there and laughed, waiting for the arrival of the new life at home, and discussed whether it was a boy or a girl around the people around him.As soon as she opened her stomach, she was so painful that her mother -in -law just said lightly: There was no harm to having children, which was normal in their era.After listening, my friend said she really wanted to kick her mother -in -law out of the delivery room.

The difference between mother -in -law and mother when the child is born:

Another friend said: When her daughter was born, as soon as she got out of the delivery room, her mother ran to her, and her anxious face relieved.She said that her mother was the first person to comfort her and really loved her.

Mother -in -law and husband only care about going to see their children.I will also see if the child is afraid of cold.She did not expect her to suffer the deepest during delivery at all.

The difference between mother -in -law and mother with children:

A friend said that for the first time, she had no experience as a novice mother, and her husband arranged for her mother -in -law to retire in advance to take care of her baby. She agreed, but she delayed her retirement.It wasn’t until her child was in elementary school that she officially retired.

When my mother heard that her mother -in -law didn’t want to take care of her child, and no one helped her bring her children. She hurried to sit overnight and rushed. When she heard someone knocking on the door in the morning, she saw her mother.At that time, she was full of tears and started crying with her mother.

This comparison, who kisses and who is sparse, is clear at a glance.In fact, it is not that my mother -in -law is not good for her daughter -in -law, but her identity and angle are different.Therefore, in the usual relationship, the daughter -in -law should not have too much hope for her mother -in -law, because her mother -in -law is definitely not as good as her biological mother. If there are too many comparisons, they will only make themselves sad.

My mother -in -law is always a family. What should I do to maintain their relationship?

Don’t expect too high to your mother -in -law

You don’t need to go too close to your mother -in -law, because there will be too high expectations.After all, her mother -in -law is not her own mother, so sometimes living together, she will inevitably be more biased towards her children, so she will naturally be disappointed, and then she will complain that there will be troubles and even the beginning of contradiction.Therefore, when you get along with your mother -in -law, put your mother -in -law in the right position is the most wise and calm decision.

Respect each other and understand each other

The best relationship between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law is mutual understanding and respect, and in daily life, you can get along with respect and respect.Don’t get along casually, but don’t get along too.Don’t be too far, don’t be too close, don’t be too warm, don’t be too cold, it is the best state.And leave a certain space for the other party, let alone interfere with each other to do things, and maintain a certain distance to be more beautiful.

Of course, the most important thing is that when you have a dispute with your mother -in -law, don’t compare her mother -in -law with your own mother.Because the more sad you, the more contradictions will be enlarged, and even some negative emotions will be produced, which will affect the coexistence with your mother -in -law in the future.Don’t think of your mother -in -law too much, you are good to you, you are good to her. If you are bad for you, you must learn to let go.

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