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A few days ago, I saw a video on the Internet, and I felt very interesting.

A pregnant sausage dog is asleep, and the big belly has obvious fetal movements, as if the baby dog chases in his stomach, it is really amazing.

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To be honest, the first time I saw the dog’s fetal movement, many netizens said: The baby is born soon, congratulations!

However, as the saying goes, "having a child is like a ghost door," is the same for dogs, especially small dogs, it is not easy to have a baby by yourself.

According to the understanding of the shoveling brother, the more purely the dog, the more likely it is difficult to produce, especially the VIPs, the sausage, the Shihi, the Chihuahua, the Yorksha, the bullfighting dog, etc., because of the manual improvement, the dog’s bones become smaller and the pelvic cavity becomes narrower.So it is easier to cause difficulty.

Therefore, if you are also raising a small dog mentioned above, it is best to prevent them from sterilization. If you are really pregnant, the owners must pay special attention to calculate the due date.situation.

The dog’s difficulty is not only dangerous, but also endangers the life of the dog’s mother. Brother Shijin rarely wrote similar knowledge in the past, so take this opportunity to popularize it.

How to judge whether dogs need to be produced?

1. Dogs The number of days of pregnancy: From the day of the breeding, it is more than 72 days, and the dog may be difficult to give birth.

2. The dog’s abdomen has obvious and strong contraction for more than 30 minutes, but she still has no baby.

3. It can be seen that the dog’s mother has severe pain, but she has no signs of giving birth to a dog.

4. The dog’s mothers have broken the amniotic fluid, but they still have no baby in two hours.

5. Mother Dog’s mental state is very weak, and she has no strength to give birth at all.

If the dog has the above situation during childbirth, and the owner does not have experience, don’t hesitate, take it to the hospital as a cesarean section!

But if the dog is normal, the owners must also prepare for it:

First, we can pick up a preparation tool for dogs.

1. Production box: It is best to make a wooden board customized, or use a relatively hard carton, the production box should not be too small, pave the soft cushion or broken cloth inside, so that the dog mother can go to the production box to adapt to the environment two days in advance to adapt to the environmentEssence

2. Disposable gloves and alcohol: In order to avoid cross -infection for dogs, you must remember to bring gloves, and remember to disinfect the gloves with alcohol before lifting!

3. Heating water bottle: After the baby is born, the insulation ability will be very low. If the season is in winter, you can prepare a warm water bottle in the nest, but don’t be too hot, the water temperature is about 40-50 degrees.

4. Cotton swabs and iodine: For babies to cut the umbilical cord for disinfection, the owner will bleed after cutting the umbilical cord for the dog. Don’t be afraid. Use a cotton swab to apply iodine on its small belly.Can stop bleeding!

5. A large amount of water absorbent towels: Because the dog’s mother continues to bleed or even vomit during delivery, the more the towels are prepared, the better.

6. Cutting after disinfection: It is used for cutting the baby’s baby’s umbilical cord, and the umbilical cord is preserved 1-2cm.

2. What are the skills to get a dog for a dog?

1. One day before the dog is childbirth, the mood will be nervous and irritable. The owner must touch it more to soothe its emotions.

2. Pay attention to whether the dog’s vulva and breasts are swollen. You can also try to squeeze the vulva to see if it can squeeze out the white liquid. If so, it proves that it is about to produce.

3. Note that the dog’s mother will mostly have a baby in the evening or early morning, and the owner must pay attention to observation!

3. How to better live for it?

1. If you feel that the dog is about to give birth, you can let it lie flat first, and then massage it for it, especially the first child, which can help it to help the dog’s uterine shrinkage.

2. Seeing the baby with a fetal membrane, don’t be excited. At this time, the owner must help tore the fetal membrane on the baby so that it can find out the head in time and try to remove the dirty prostitutes from the dog mother.

3. The owner can pick up the dog’s baby, turn his head down, open his mouth, and let him spit out the liquid in his mouth so that it can breathe smoothly.

4. Then use the disinfected scissors to cut the umbilical cord for it. After completing it, put it back to the dog’s mother as soon as possible and wait to welcome the advent of the second child.

The above is the precautions for the dog’s life. To help it complete this life -long afterwards, you can enjoy the fun of being a grandma!

Brother shovel often sees that a owner is busy before the dog produces. He doesn’t know what to do. After all, it is the first time as the master. It is understandable.

However, we still need to know the basic common sense. If you think this article is useful, remember to forward it!

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