Nausea, vomiting, yellowing, may be terrible!Be wary of invisible killer "acute fatty liver during pregnancy"

Recently, the 29 -year -old first -born woman Li Li (a pseudonym) had a rare disease -acute fatty liver during pregnancy, and hepatocytes were largely damaged to increase to more than 20 times that of ordinary people!The secondary department of the International Medical Center Hospital, the combined intensive care department, anesthesiology department, operating room, blood bank, neonatal department, etc., and timely surgery, the current mother and daughter are safe.


Acute fatty liver during pregnancy during pregnancy is actually regarded as "pregnancy vomiting"

"How to relieve vomiting", "What should I do if I vomit and sore nausea when I eat" … In the past few days, Li Li said to the secondary subject Zhang Yan, WeChat, saying that she was pregnant and nauseous."She has been pregnant for nearly 34 weeks, and the symptoms of severe nausea and vomiting have recently experienced unreasonable symptoms." Therefore, Dr. Zhang Yan suggested that he went to the hospital to see.

When he came to the outpatient clinic, Li Li was sluggish, her face was embarrassed and yellow. Vice Dean Gao Jianrong, who was admitted to the consultation, immediately realized that she was not a normal pregnancy.Various inspections.When the test results came out, the doctors exclaimed that the transaminase rose to more than 800, which was more than 20 times the normal value!

"Acute fatty liver during pregnancy is a rare, dangerous obstetric disease during pregnancy. The incidence rate is 1/7000-1/20000, but the disease is critical and the mortality rate is high. Once the liver function worsens and fails, it can cause coagulation function to functionThe obstacle and multiple organ failure, the maternal and baby mortality rate once reached 70-80%! Even if the medical level is now increased, the mortality rate is still about 20%, the disease course is more than 2 weeks, and the mortality rate has increased significantly! "Gao Jianrong bluntly said thatEssence


Hardcore treatment!Six disciplines joint protection escort

The results of the inspection are abnormal!The supervisor Zhang Yan in charge immediately contacted Li Li and asked her to come to the hospital in time.However, the patients and their families thought they were just "pregnancy vomiting" and didn’t take it seriously until they did not come to the hospital until the next afternoon.This time Dean Gao was anxious: "The high transaminase means that hepatocytes have been damaged in large quantities. If it is not treated in time, the serious consequences of irreversible will occur!"

As a result, Zhang Yan called Li Li and his family over and over, and the phone called more than a dozen pass, and fully informed and explained the danger of the disease.At the same time, Gao Jianrong contacted doctors such as the severe care department, anesthesia department, operating room, blood bank, neonatal department, etc., and prepared a complete surgical plan. In order to prevent the most dangerous situation, the patient also prepared plasma replacement for plasma replacement, Artificial liver and other "back hands".

"At first I thought it was just pregnancy, so I didn’t expect it. I didn’t expect it to be such a serious illness!" Li Li’s husband and his family checked the relevant information, so he hurried to the hospital.Due to the early discovery of acute fatty liver during pregnancy, various auxiliary examinations were timely, and the joint treatment of multidisciplinary disciplines, Gao Jianrong had a cesarean section surgery for Li Li in a timely manner before suffering from multiple functional organs.In view of the fact that acute fatty liver during pregnancy can easily damage the patient’s coagulation function and cause postpartum hemorrhage, Gao Jianrong also sutured a hysteo strap for Li Li to prevent the risk of re -bleeding, leading to a second blow to the maternity, and accelerating the deterioration of the disease.

In the end, Li Li successfully gave birth to a daughter of 4 pounds and 3 two. Her transaminase also dropped to more than 600. The condition did not continue to deteriorate. At present, the mother and daughter are relatively stable."I really thank Dean Gao and Dr. Zhang, and inform me in time to notify my lover to come over for surgery, otherwise a greater danger will occur for a few days!" Li Li’s husband said thanked.

Reminder: nausea, vomiting, and jaundice in the third trimester, seek medical treatment in time

The cause of acute fatty liver during pregnancy is currently unclear, but it has a sudden onset, dangerous diseases, high disease mortality, and no more dangerous than amniotic fluid embolism. It may endanger maternal and baby life at any time.At present, the disease has no special effects. Once diagnosed, pregnancy can only be terminated as soon as possible, and symptomatic treatment is given.

Hypoglycemia and multi -organ failure, most of them are in the late pregnancy. Most people are 35 weeks -37/38 weeks, and individuals may be 21 weeks to 38 weeks.Therefore, in the third trimester, if pregnant women have any serious gastrointestinal symptoms, such as frequent nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, decreased weight, etc., they must seek medical treatment in time, and intervene and treat as soon as possible.


Gao Jianrong

Deputy Dean of the Maternal and Gynecology Hospital and Chief Physician of the Second Department of Industry, Professor Professor of the Fourth Hospital of Xi’an Fourth Hospital Maternity Hospital, Master of Medical Medicine of the Fourth Military Medical University of Military Medical Medical University, French Rouen Maternal Federation Center Visiting Society: Xi’anDeputy Chairman of the Municipal Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Deputy Chairman of the Xi’an Municipal Society, deputy chairman of the Shaanxi Women’s Health Promotion Association, Deputy Chairman of the Maternal and Child Health Professional Committee of Shaanxi Health Association, Deputy Chairman of the Shaanxi Provincial Health AssociationStanding Committee member, executive member of the mother and child health care and eugenics association in Shaanxi Province.Professional specialty: twins, fetal diseases, pre -placenta, placental implantation, hypertension during pregnancy, gestational diabetes, and the previous cesarean section.

Source: Xi’an International Medical Center North Court District

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