My wife loves angry during pregnancy, good men do this, and love her if you love her

Entering the period of "strange and strange" pregnancy, many prospective dads who have experienced the first experience will be a bit confused: in this world of progesterone changes, expectant mothers may become crying, abnormal excitement, losing their temper on the occasion, regardless of the occasion.Extremely happy, nervous, and even in a dinner time, all emotions appeared again.

In fact, under the influence of early pregnancy hormones, the emotional fluctuations of expectant mothers are usually enlarged.Therefore, the prospective dad should be prepared in order to deal with the emotional changes of his wife like a roller coaster.

First, we must keep patience and be the "Dinghai God Needle" for emotional management in the family.

The pregnancy will always pass, the longest is only 10 months.Even if you have been tortured by various problems during pregnancy, you are about to collapse, or doubt whether it will be over in the past 10 months.Then you must also ask the prospective dad to stay patiently. You think that there is a little guy who may be more urgent to come to this world in the stomach of the expectant mother.If you are more patient, then expectant mothers and belly babies may not be so anxious, and emotions may stabilize.

Second, maintain an objective judgment and not to exaggerate contradictions.

Improve your connotation and cultivation in various ways.When your wife loses his temper, the prospective dad should not think that this is aimed at you, and do not have opinions.After all, sometimes she is also unable to control emotions.At the same time, you have to remember, so the appearance is generally hormones, and there are no obvious causes.At the same time, the prospective dad should also pay attention not to say that the mothers have changed too much, because she may have noticed her changes, but she is worried about you like you.

Third, help her to relieve the ups and downs of emotions

Hypoglycemia may cause emotional fluctuations, so if the prospective dad can hand in snacks, such as a biscuits, cheese, fruit yogurt, etc.

The prospective dad can also encourage his wife to go out before dinner or after dinner, because exercise can make the expectant mother release endorphins in her body, which makes expectant mothers feel more comfortable.Under normal circumstances, if the prospective dad can take the initiative to accompany his wife to take a walk, and often prepare some small jokes for his wife, it can make his wife’s emotional anxiety relieve a lot.

Fourth, do more effort towards pregnant wives.

After the expectant mother is pregnant, the prospective dad should share some housework as possible, including laundry, cooking, cleaning, and so on. The prospective dad can buy some food she likes from the way home from the company.Some food she loves to eat.When you take care of your wife with your heart and always consider her, she will be happy because of your initiative, and you will also be happy because of her good mood.

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