My wife is pregnant, can I have a husband and wife life, understand, the impact on the fetus

Since Wenwen’s pregnancy, in order to have a healthy baby, Wenwen has changed a lot. He is very careful no matter what you do. He gave up his favorite hot pot, desserts, and barbecue. In order to have good sleep, he sacrificed a trick.Sleep in bed with the prospective father.After persistence for a month, the prospective dad was emotional, and asked Wenwen if he didn’t love him anymore.In fact, the prospective dad also has his own needs. This is too restrained not only that it is not conducive to the development of husband and wife, but also increases the pressure of expectant mothers.

In fact, many pregnant mothers are confused about this, but this kind of privacy -top -top -imed pregnant mother is difficult to open up.Now it is very open. There is nothing embarrassed. Instead of ignorance, if you want to do it and dare not do it, it is better to talk about it.According to research, the life of couples during pregnancy has a lot of benefits.

What are the benefits of husband and wife life during pregnancy?

First, be beneficial to the development of the fetus

When the husband and wife live, the expectant mother’s uterus will shrink, which is very good for the fetus. When the uterine contraction, most of the nutrition in the expectant mothers will focus on the belly, which will make the blood circulation around the uterus more circulating.At this time, the fetus can absorb nutrients smoothly, the longer the seedlings, the stronger.

Second, it is beneficial to the subsequent delivery of the later period

During pregnancy, the life of couples must be based on the safety of the fetus. It must be grasped and the frequency must be grasped, and it must also control the strength. Do not pay attention to it for a while.If you can do this, the pelvis and cervix of expectant mothers can be exercised, especially for prospective mothers who want to give birth, the life of husband and wife can help expansion of the birth canal. Proper, appropriate amount of husband and wife life can reduce the pain of smooth delivery.Essence

Third, optimize the intrauterine environment

Before birth, the baby has always lived in amniotic fluid and will also be excreted and other impurities.Under normal circumstances, amniotic fluid will purify harmful substances, and the same room during pregnancy will promote self -changes in the amniotic fluid environment, because the vibration generated in the same room will cause the baby to be extremely excited, and the increase in uterine contraction can largely help the amniotic fluid purification to a large extent.Essence

Before the fetus was born, the fetus has always been in the amniotic fluid in life. G can promote the changes in my amniotic fluid environment because the vibration during the life of the husband and wife will make the fetus very excited, causing the uterine contraction road to increase.The purification of amniotic fluid is very helpful!

So if the husband and wife live in pregnancy, not only do the fetus do not have these benefits, but the relationship between your husband and wife may be affected.

So what do you need to pay attention to during pregnancy?

First, avoid three months in the first three months

During pregnancy, the life of couples must avoid the first three months and the next three months, because the fetus is in the key development of the first three months, and the connection of the uterine wall of the expectant mother in the first three months is not very close. If this timeThe life of a husband and wife is likely to cause the uterus due to improper movement or excessive energy, which will cause the uterus to be vibrated. This will increase the risk of placenta falling off. If the situation is serious, it will also cause abortion.Even if the life of the husband and wife is very and very careful, it may cause the pelvic congestion or even abortion of the expectant mothers!

In the next three months, the fetus was still in a state of mature maturity. At this time, the life of the husband and wife easily stimulated the uterus, compressed the fetus in the uterine cavity, or caused premature birth.

Second, pay attention to hygiene

During pregnancy, the prospective mother and prospective dad should do a good job of cleaning and cleaning in time before and after the same room. Do n’t forget to keep rational if you are too excited.The health affects the health.

Third, which expectant mothers are not suitable for the life of couples during pregnancy

Some expectant mothers will have placenta instability during pregnancy, bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy, prefix of the placenta, or other gynecological diseases. Moms who have these situations try not to live a husband and wife during pregnancy.

At this time, if the prospective dad has demand, the expectant mother can help the dad solve in other ways, or buy some tools to give it to the prospective dad.Small interest.

How do relatives solve during pregnancy?

A: Normal husband and wife life during pregnancy

B: Avoid the first three months and three months, help the prospective dad solved at other times

C: There is no life or few couples during pregnancy.

D: Hey, welcome to add

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