My wife has a miscarriage three times because her husband does not want a child.

It is really difficult to be Dink for a lifetime.A couple of a family who had been Jiading for more than ten years finally lowered her head in front of reality.

One day, An Xinxin went home from get off work, and when he entered the door, he saw her husband Xu Qiang sitting on the sofa.The ashtray is filled with a cigarette butt.You know, when he entertains relatives and friends, he usually only smokes one or two cigarettes.

An Xinxin hurried over and asked, "My dear, what’s wrong with you? What is going on?"

Xu Qiang was still dull, without response, just holding An Xinxin tightly.

An Xinxin: "Dear, tell me something, okay?"

Xu Qiang whispered: "My dear, let’s have a child."

An Xinxin was surprised: "Dear, don’t you like children? Why do you want children suddenly?"

Xu Qiang: "Wife, you know, some time ago, my dad was unwell. He suffered from advanced liver cancer. Although the surgery was very successful and the complications were very small, he could only live for a maximum of two years. My dad often called these days.I said I wanted to see us with a child before I died. I don’t want to have children, but I dare not make him angry. I am afraid that the condition recurrence can only be perfunctory. "

Xu Qiang stopped: "Today, my brother took my father to the physical examination. The doctor said that there was signs of recurrence. Analysis was the reason why I was in a bad mood. Let my father feel relaxed, don’t let him be angry, and benefit his condition."

An Xinxin said quickly: "Then make my father happy, we try to take a look at it as much as possible."

Xu Qiang: "It’s not a question of going back to see a few more times now, but because Dad wants to see us to have a child. I think a lot these days, do you have a child to make your father happy?The deterioration. I don’t want to see my dad unhappy, leave early. So, wife, let’s have a child. "

An Xinxin was silent at this time.Elastic

She recalled every bit of the years.She has been pregnant three times since they got married, but Xu Qiang chose to abandon each time because she didn’t want children.No matter how the in -laws or relatives and friends persuade, you don’t want children!Now she is 37 years old. She has been looking forward to having a child, disappointed, and finally dull.However, at this moment she is in a state of stun.

Xu Qiang watched his wife kept talking, thinking that she disagreed, so she got up and wanted to kneel down and begged her.Yan An reacted and quickly grabbed Xu Qiang.

An Xinxin: "My dear, you also know that I have always wanted to have a child, but because you don’t like the child, you have missed it so many times, and you will be forty in two years. Can you still be pregnant with your baby?"

Xu Qiang: "My dear, it’s my fault. I only care about my feelings. Now, no matter what I say, I can’t make up for my past mistakes." But, but I really can’t help it now.I can’t watch my dad leave with regret."

An Xinxin: "Husband, can I understand your current mood, but is the child born if you want to give birth? Besides, even if I can still be pregnant now, I have missed so many times. I still don’t know if I can live smoothly.Step. "

Xu Qiang: "Then?"

An Xinxin: "Even if you really decide to have a child, you have to check the physical examination first. Also, I hope you think about it! Do you really want to have a child in your heart, not the best of your heart. Finally, if I wait until I really get pregnant, you are really pregnant, you are really pregnant, you are really pregnant, youDad is gone, will you still want this child? "

Xu Qiang suddenly calmed down after hearing this…. …

The next day, my husband Xu Qiang returned to his hometown.After get off work, An Xinxin returned home and told her mother that her husband Xu Qiang suddenly wanted a child.

Mother An Xinxin: "Why did you go long ago? Now considering having children. When the child grows up, you are old."

An Xinxin: "Mom, don’t talk about the past. I thought about it last night, mainly to worry about Xu Qiang’s impulse, and did not really change his mind to ask a child. What should your daughter do?"

Mother An Xinxin: "Daughter, do you have to have a child? If you want, you should work as a hot iron for Xu Qiang. Moreover, your mother -in -law is still there. If Xu Qiang eats again, let him believe in his mother. Xu Qiang never wants to wantHis mother left with regrets like his father. Remember, as long as he can compromise once, he can compromise the second time. I’m afraid he is stubborn and refuses to compromise. "

An Xinxin’s mother: "And you are not small now. If you don’t seize this opportunity, you can’t give birth to two years. The elderly maternal is still dangerous, but now technology is so developed, danger is still controllable."

An Xinxin’s mother: "A person’s life is very short. Two people are together with happiness, but without the participation of children. This kind of happiness is flawed and incomplete."

An Xinxin: "I know, mother, thank you for your explanation."

An Xinxin was no longer confused, and at the same time made up his mind…. …

Emotion: His husband who insists on Dink, what touched him and let him bow his head to change his heart (2)

In the fourth weekend, Xu Qiang returned from his hometown.

Xu Qiang: "My dear, I have considered it clearly. Whether I can see our children’s birth, I have decided to have a child!"

An Xinxin: "Will you regret it in the future?"

Xu Qiang: "I said I won’t regret it now, but you won’t believe it. But my mother is almost 70, I don’t know how many years can I live. I don’t want her to leave with regrets. Especially my mother see my dad and my dad and my dad and my dad and my dad and my dad and my dadMy sister’s grandson smiled happily when playing, and she saw my disappointment. "

Xu Qiang: "At that moment, my heart was very complicated. I realized that I was too selfish and never considered my parents’ feelings. I am 7 years older than you.What will you do. Wife, I’m sorry! "

Yan Yan’s eyes were red and blurred, and then she smiled happily….

Xu Qiang looked coldly at his wife’s inexplicable smile, so charming, so exciting!

On Monday, Xu Qiang and An Xinxin went to the hospital for examination, and the results were good.As long as they have been raised for a while, there is a high probability to get pregnant.

Maybe the foundation is better, maybe …

Two months later, Xu Qiang accompanied An Xinxin to the hospital for examination to confirm that she was pregnant.At that moment, they were very happy.Xu Qiang immediately called and told his father’s news, but his father seemed to be very calm because he knew his son Xu Qiang’s character too much.In a few days, his son will let the daughter -in -law be killed.

Xu Qiang: "Dad, are you unhappy?"

Xu Qiang’s father: "What’s happy? You might as well not tell me, will you kill your child again in a few days?"

Xu Qiang: "Dad, dad, listen to me. This time I will never have an abortion. I reached an agreement with Xin Xin and decided to have a child. Please believe me."

Dad: Xu Qiang: "I can trust you in other things, but when you talk about your child, I doubt it."

Xu Qiang: "Why don’t you believe me? I let Xin Xin tell you."

Xu Qiang gave the phone to his wife: "Xinxin, talk to Dad …"

An Xinxin: "Okay, I’m here."

An Xinxin answered the phone: "Dad, Xu Qiang said it was true. I was pregnant again, I decided to ask this child."

Xu Qiang’s father was a bit excited: "Really? Didn’t you lie to me? Okay. I let the old woman tell you."

Then, her mother -in -law started talking to An Xinxin and explained the precautions … Although she was a bit stunned, An Xinxin felt that this was her happiest moment.

9 months later, An Xinxin gave birth to her daughter smoothly.Xu Qiang looked at the daughter lying beside his wife and felt a little nervous and curious.And Xu Qiang’s parents and father -in -law don’t mention how happy…. …

Xu Qiang’s father was in a good mood because his son finally gave him a cute granddaughter.His condition was effectively controlled, and he lived more than a year than the doctor’s estimated two -year survival time.Although he left because of the deterioration of cancer cells, he left with a smile…. …

This story tells us that a person’s life is very short, maybe it is gone, so don’t let yourself and your family regret.Perhaps this world cannot be all beautiful, but between husband and wife, between loved ones, this is mutual forgiveness and mutual forces!

If it wasn’t for some inevitable reasons, a marriage that could go together, if the children’s participation was missing, it would leave regrets when they were old!

Some young decisions cannot completely represent the future, because you and I have not experienced the future.It is unknown, or it may change our persistence because of an event.

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