My son was pregnant in high school, and he regretted it after 6 months of the baby, regardless of his objections.

Facing the questions of reporters, Wen Xiaojuan obviously stunned, looking at the younger daughter who was lying on the hospital bed and filled with a tube.Sad. "But where I came from the world, I knew it early!

From Wen Xiaojuan’s words, we can clearly feel that she still regrets it very much. Bringing the child to the world is not distressed his money, but a distressing daughter, but at a young age, he must endure such a huge illness.Essence

Xiao Yawen was diagnosed with leukemia when she was six months old. At the beginning, Wen Xiaojuan, under the pressure that the whole family did not agree, insisted on giving birth to the daughter. His eldest son was already in high school. His daughter was Wen Xiaojuan is in Wen Xiaojuan.The accident was still on the year ago. Although the family persuaded her to kill her child, Wen Xiaojuan was always reluctant. No mother was willing to abandon her child, unless she was involuntary.Wen Xiaojuan felt that her family conditions could bear two children, so she resolutely gave birth to the child.

After her daughter gave birth to, Wen Xiaojuan was also considered a full -time child. Everyone in the family liked this baby. Even when he insisted on calling Wen Xiaojuan to kill the child’s husband, he also shouted every day.If the days continue like this, and there is no later suffering, maybe Wen Xiaojuan thinks she is the happiest person in the world.

However, there are unexpected winds, and people have a good blessing.Xiao Yawen was healthy for six months, but was suddenly found to be high in white blood cells. Then she was diagnosed with leukemia. After that, Xiao Yawen began to stay in the hospital.

According to statistics over the years, among many patients with leukemia, the proportion of children’s illness is extremely high. The 5 -year survival rate of patients with acute leukemia under 15 years of age is about 60%-85%. Pay attention to what you say here.It is only a 5 -year survival rate, instead of cure rate. In practice, the cure rate of leukemia in children is very low.

This means that even if Wen Xiaojuan has done all his efforts, he may still be unable to save Xiao Yawen, but he still does not help save himself as his mother.Daughter, there was no way to look at the lovely daughter to be tortured by illness.

After living in Hunan Hospital for half a year, at the beginning, Xiao Yawen’s situation still improved, but then, it began to deteriorate sharply, and even severe lung infection occurred.This time, Xiao Yawen was directly notified by the illness. The doctor had to prepare for Wen Xiaojuan many times because the child was too young, the difficulty and the difficulty of treatment and the change.

This time, Wen Xiaojuan cried outside the door of the rescue room. She was annoyed that she could not give her a healthy body without being able to give her a healthy body.After Xiao Yawen finally launched from the rescue room to the ICU, she knew that her daughter had survived again.

In those days of ICU, Xiao Yawen was tortured by the side effects of chemotherapy drugs almost every day.Wen Xiaojuan’s heart was about to break outside. After a few days, Xiao Yawen’s situation finally stabilized. Wen Xiaojuan looked at her daughter, and her tears were crying.

One month later, in June 2021, Wen Xiaojuan received a notice from the hospital saying that Xiao Yawen’s condition had recurred again, which means that the previous treatment was basically the same as before.Listening to the doctor’s words, Wen Xiaojuan felt that this was a hip -to -life symbol. After inquiring about a good treatment of leukemia in a hospital in Hebei, Wen Xiaojuan came to Hebei with Xiao Yawen. After a check in a local hospital in HebeiAs a small child, Yawen has no way to do it, and can only do immunotherapy first.

Immunotherapy is mainly to treat diseases or relieve symptoms by artificial enhancement or inhibit the body’s immune function. This treatment method is good, but it is also extremely expensive, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.Wen Xiaojuan, who had already spent most of her savings in Changsha, could not be treated again at all.

And because of money, the relationship between the two sons was also affected. There was also a son who was in high school, as a Wen Xiaojuan’s husband who was the pillar of the family, and was exhausted.When the two husbands and wives got along alone, the husband always complained about why Wen Xiaojuan insisted on giving birth to the child.

The contradiction between the husband and wife is getting bigger and bigger. Wen Xiaojuan also knows that the child’s affairs have put too much pressure on her husband, so she automatically divorced her husband. In October 2021, the husband and wife divorced. Wen Xiaojuan took her daughter to stay in HebeiAnd the husband returned to Hunan to take care of the son of high school.

Of course, for Xiao Yawen, who is sick, Wen Xiaojuan’s husband is also impossible to ignore it, because in the law, parents have the obligation to raise, educate and protect minor children.Still children of both parents.After the divorce, parents still have the right to raise, educate and protect their children.

Even if it was divorced, Wen Xiaojuan’s husband still had the obligation to raise this daughter, and he had to bear some medical expenses.

Because of a change, Wen Xiaojuan’s home was scattered, leaving a large debt.

Wen Xiaojuan chose to divorce with her husband. In fact, it was also to liberate her husband, because they did not only have one child, and she also needed to think about her eldest son.But as a mother, she couldn’t leave the sick child. Divorce was a way she could think of the best way to relieve her husband’s pressure, because she decided to take the pressure on her own.

The author hopes that God can have a miracle. Look at this mother who is desperate for her daughter, pray that Xiao Yawen can get better as soon as possible.

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