My mother was pregnant at the age of 43, and I resolutely opposed it. My father said that the truth made me kneel.

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Reader letter to ask for help:

Hello, Mr. Xia, I am 22 years old this year. I just graduated from college. I have found a job. I am in the internship period. The salary is not high, but I did n’t ask my parents to reach out for money.Because my parents are not easy, I have paid a lot of effort for me in my life.

I have lived in the countryside since I was a child, but my parents were particularly good to me.When I was in junior high school, my family was particularly poor. Because of the far away from school, my mother got up at five o’clock every morning to make breakfast and lunch I was going to bring. After breakfast, my dad rode a bicycle to send me to me to me to me to me.In school, I picked me back in the evening.

Sometimes, it was raining suddenly on the way back. In winter, my dad was afraid that I had a cold and took off the cotton jacket on my body.He doesn’t say that he is cold, no matter how big the wind is on the road, he will ensure my safety and health.I have a good academic performance and like to report to study classes. They have never said a word.I also later learned that each time they asked others to borrow money to let me report to the tuition class and let me go to school.

My mother is not in good health. I take medicine all year round. Dad will work in the ground during the day, and at night, I will go out of fishing or bentfish to improve her life.After the house is done, he will go to the factory to do small workers.He is always like this, wherever he has money, he will go.In this way, I was admitted to the county No. 1 Middle School, I was admitted to two books, and graduated from college.

Originally, I planned to work hard to make my parents bless.However, my mother suddenly became pregnant. You must know that she is 43 years old, and she is an elderly mother.I resolutely oppose my mother to give birth to the child. Once my mother is not good, I am worried that she can’t carry it. Secondly, because I think they give me a younger brother or sister, it will undoubtedly increase my burden.Buy for their selfishness.

When I strongly opposed my mother at home to give birth to the child, my father was angry and scolded me to be ignorant.I also came with a temper, fell the tableware fiercely at the table, and then kept myself at home.

I did n’t eat for two days, just to let my parents know the seriousness of the situation. I do n’t welcome the child ’s arrival. My parents gave birth to the child.How heavy will it be?Have they thought about how my friends and classmates laughed at me?

Dad finally opened my door. He pointed at me and said, "Do you know that you are not born?If your mother has not picked up you on the river, it is estimated that you are no longer in this world. Your mother has been difficult to get pregnant. Now she has been pregnant. What did she do wrong? Want you to hurt her heart like this?

It turned out that I didn’t eat for two days, and my mother finally decided to go to the hospital to remove the child.When I heard this, I really stunned and asked my father, mother?He said that in the room, she was going to the hospital in the afternoon.Hey, why did I raise you with such a white -eyed wolf …

Dad’s disappointment eyes really tied me like a thorn.I really didn’t expect that I was not biological, and I couldn’t believe it was true.Because, for so many years, my parents are really good to me. What I want, they will satisfy me.When I fail, they always encourage me, rarely hit me or scold me, and spoil me like a treasure.

I ran to ask my mother, she suddenly cried, hugged my head, and said, "No, it is enough to have you, and you have enough.As she said, she stroked my head, and I looked at her crying sadly. I suddenly knelt in front of my mother, and threw myself with two slaps and said: Mom, you said, I said, I was picked up by you.?

I really did not expect that she would say: Although you picked it up, you have always been my son, all of me. Mom knows that she is selfish and does not consider your feelings. Mom knows wrong.After speaking, she suddenly hit her belly twice and said: It’s my fault, it’s all my fault …

I grabbed my mother’s hands and hugged her tightly.Mom, whether I picked it up or you were born, you were the only mother in this world, and Dad is also the only father.It is you, giving me a home, it is you who gave me a perfect life.

That day, I prevented my mother from going to the hospital, and couldn’t afford to kneel in front of my parents. Until I had dinner, my mother told me to eat after dinner. Seeing that I didn’t eat it, she brought me the food to me.And, said: Ah, you get up, your mother hurts, no matter what you decide, mom listen to you …

Now, I am very entangled, should I let my mother give birth to the child?In fact, I am not willing to raise that child, but I am also afraid that my mother’s body can’t carry it?I really want to tell them that you are all my relatives and love. I will filial you to you in this life and repay you.Everyone said, should I accept this brother or sister?

Xia Mo replied:

Family, priceless.In this world, people who can be your parents are all people who have your relationship with you.Regardless, they are your biological parents or your adoptive parents.

Your parents are actually very kind.Although they picked up you, they did not send you away, or regardless of you, they used their kindness to warn your life with their love.Earn money to raise you, and for you to read, they poured their youth and all their enthusiasm on you.

In addition to love you, they are because you are their hope and their spiritual sustenance.Therefore, when you oppose the giving birth to their sterilization behavior, they resolutely chose to compromise.It can be seen that you have a very position in their minds.They love you and love to surpass themselves.

Your parents are not selfish, they just want to have their own children.Although they love you, your mother does not really experience the pain of being a mother and the joy of the children.

So, if you love your mother, respect their choices.The arrival of their children is also fate with them.What’s more, your parents are so confusing and so kind that they will definitely work hard to bear the burden and responsibilities brought by that child.You don’t have to be so embarrassed. In this world, affection is priceless, don’t hurt your feelings.

Give your parents to your own decisions. You only need to respect them, that is, it is best to repay them.

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