My mother -in -law and I were pregnant at the same time, and my mother -in -law asked me to get a fetus!

My mother -in -law and I were pregnant at the same time, and my mother -in -law asked me to get a fetus

My mother -in -law and I were pregnant at the same time.Ordinary families, there are two babies, no one cares about it, and does not have so much money.

then!My good mother -in -law thought about a beautiful way. I killed the child and gave birth to her.Because she is old, she is not easy to get pregnant.And I am young, there are many opportunities behind.

"Oh, your old Li is really older and more powerful. He is 50 years old. He also gives you a child." The neighbor Liu Ye covered his mother -in -law and laughed at my mother -in -law.

My mother -in -law smiled first, and then immediately glanced at me: "I hope that this daughter is a daughter, and my son will not use it! Marrying a daughter -in -law forgot his mother. This sentence is right."

Liu Ye also glanced at me: "What’s wrong? Are you unhappy about you pregnant?"

My mother -in -law immediately became strange: "Yeah, I said that we have no money and can’t afford it; after a while, we say that we are older and energy is not enough."

As soon as Liu Ye patted his thigh, he hurriedly echoed: "That is to say … like us, even if I can’t even eat meals, which brother and sister did not pull my brother and sister?"

My mother -in -law sneered: "Oh, their generation of 90s enjoyed the blessing of the only child.

If you are private, you will be afraid that you will have a younger brother and a sister who will be affordable with them.Not to mention that they are counting on them to bring you children!"

After speaking, my mother -in -law stood up: "Let’s go out and walk around. I have to live a few more years to take care of my little daughter! Otherwise, I will wait for me to die, and I don’t know if she eats a meal."

Just 4 hours ago, I was about to go to the delivery inspection. My mother -in -law suddenly said that she was uncomfortable and always wanted to vomit.I hurried her a number and took her to the hospital.As soon as the results of the examination came out, the doctor and I were dumbfounded, and my mother -in -law was pregnant.Watching the 50 -year -old age on the B -ultrasound, the doctor asked if he was wrong.

My mother -in -law said proudly: "Yes, although I look younger, I am really 50 years old."

When the doctor learned that she was naturally conceived, she directly called a medical miracle.But at the same time, the doctor also informed her mother -in -law that she had great risk factors to be pregnant at this age. It is recommended that abortion is safer.

But her mother -in -law’s attitude is determined, because she has been looking forward to this second child for many years.

The doctor asked me to do my mother -in -law’s ideological work again. This age may be in danger of life.

On the way back, I made a polite suggestion.

My mother -in -law stared at me fiercely: "Why are you so vicious? This is a life."

In the evening, my husband returned home, and I told him about my mother -in -law’s pregnancy.My husband is Li Jie, a lawyer.It is also the only economic pillar in this family.

"Husband, today the doctor said that his mother is 50 years old. It is a super -elderly mother. If you insist on pregnancy, you will be dangerous."

Li Jie frowned: "This is a mother’s business. We don’t have to interfere with our children."

Sure enough, as I expected.Li Jie likes to read psychology, he feels that everyone has their own subject.Don’t interfere with other people’s things, including your dear.His rhetoric really saved me and asked me to get out of the quagmire of the native family.Therefore, when my mother -in -law was pregnant, he said that, I was also mentally prepared.Early the next morning, I was preparing to make breakfast for the whole family, and found that my mother -in -law had bought soy milk and fritters.But she only bought one copy and was sitting in front of the dining table to eat Zhengxiang.When we had a good breakfast, the mother -in -law took out the B -ultrasound in the hospital yesterday and handed it to Zheng An.

"Son, I discussed with your dad, we decided to give birth to this child."

Li Jie took the B -ultrasound and looked at her mother -in -law and father -in -law: "Do you think clearly parents?"

The father -in -law was silent for a while: "Your mother has been looking forward to this child for 20 years …"

When he heard his father -in -law, his mother -in -law glanced at Li Jie: "Because of you at the time, he had to kill it again later. Now the child is back to report gratitude."

Li Jie looked at her mother -in -law’s red eyes, got up and wiped her mother -in -law with tears: "If you want to give birth!"

Seeing that Li Jie did not oppose, her mother -in -law said immediately: "Son, the cost of this inspection is so high, I will not do it, save some money for Wenwen."

Li Jie frowned after listening to this: "Mom, you do as usual in the checkup. In the future, I will give you 2,000 yuan per month. You can raise your fetus with peace of mind!"

2000 yuan?Li Jie’s salary plus bonus is only more than 7,000 a month.Because I was severe in the early pregnancy, I had to resign from work and raise my tire at home with peace of mind.The in -laws did not go to work at the age of 50, and there was no pension. Every day, she was playing cards except drinking tea.So the income of the whole family is Li Jie’s salary.

I was still thinking about pregnancy, and I had to save more money. After all, there were too many places to wait for the child to use money after birth.This plan is all disrupted.

I glanced at Li Jie carefully: "My parents want the children, I do not oppose, but with our current income, there is no way to afford two children at all."

I calculated their accounts, from the birth of the birth to the various costs of having children, including milk powder and urine.

Li Jie pouting his mouth and didn’t speak.Seeing that Li Jie didn’t speak, her mother -in -law immediately sat on the ground and began to cry."My life is so hard … I have worked hard to bring you big, and now I have to look at your face even if I have a child. Your daughter -in -law is pregnant with a life. Isn’t I pregnant with a life?"

The father -in -law immediately helped the mother -in -law: "Don’t cry first, and the son didn’t say that you would not let you give birth. Don’t be excited, be careful of the children in your stomach."

But my mother -in -law suddenly kneeling in front of me with tears: "Wenwen, Mom begged you! Mom hoped that this daughter was looking forward to 20 years! You are still young, and there are a lot of opportunities to have children."

I was frightened by my mother -in -law’s sudden words, and even forgot to help her.

Seeing this, Li Jie shouted angrily: "Zhao Wen, mom is still kneeling! You can help your mother up!"

Then I reacted and wanted to help my mother -in -law.Unexpectedly, my mother -in -law pushed hard and pushed me hard on the ground.

I fell on the ground and just felt like my lower abdomen falling downwards. A warm warmth seemed to flow out of my body.I was busy covering my stomach and looked at Zheng An in horror: "Li Jie, take me to the hospital. I seem to be bleeding."”””

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