My girlfriend was pregnant unexpectedly, would you marry her?Or remove the child?

I grew up in a big city, a very ordinary family environment, and a medium level.There is a straight man, and his personality is relatively selfish and a little vanity. His girlfriend is also a local. He is 4 years old. When he first met, he didn’t feel much. She was studying at the time. After she metI was also tangled, and I saw that there was no better choice. I hit the snake on the stick and went together.When I was in love with her at the time, I had no quarrel, and my feelings were very good.And her face value is online (recognized flowers, 167, C cup), which allows me to bring them out to meet his brothers generously and satisfy my vanity.At the same time, she was a virgin and satisfied my possessiveness.Then she had more feelings for me than me to her, and to me, and it also satisfied the character of my big man.At that time, she and me gave up the opportunity to study doctoral doctors in American universities twice, and also rejected the pursuit of a super three generations.Of course, her family is average, worse than me.At that time, I thought it was okay to rely on myself, and it didn’t matter if it was not good to look at my own family.

My girlfriend is still studying. I am not sure about her work ability and family ability. I only know that she has a good grade. She has an annual scholarship. She does not have the habit of spending money in big hands and feet. She also likes to play with children.Later, it was more than a year. At that time, she counted a formal job after she graduated. Who knew she was pregnant and she studied three semester.My head is big, there are many uncertain factors, and the most realistic situation is that if I get married, I will start raising her and baby, which is very stressed.

Should I get responsible for getting married?

Emotional emotions: Should I be responsible for getting married? It is better to say that it must be responsible, because this is your opportunity.

Because you are now marrying to Fengzi, and if you kill your child separately, you will lose.

For you, I am straightforward, you can meet such a girl this time, it ’s all good luck, not you get it with your strength, because you are not the best among your competitors, and your female girlThere is only one reason why friends are with you. You start early, and take away her first time when she is ignorant.So now you have an important position in her heart.If you put it back to the market, you have no competitive advantage.

This girl is excellent in all aspects and is willing to share with you. This is very valuable. You need to know the current environment. Women’s values are very selfish. Many women, she will not share with the other half to share the other half.They even become their chips that they suppress each other. No matter how good she is, such a person has nothing to do with the object.

For her: you have a special significance to her. A woman from first love to white head is the goal that many people are pursuing, and as her first love, you have the opportunity to fulfill her demand.Those who say that the physical damage to a woman is very great. Even if you are still together in the future, because of the fetal fetus, her body will also affect all aspects.It is better to say the opportunity to escape happiness.

And you have all kinds of exaggeration in description, but the description of your own is very objective: selfishness and ambition, but you can objectively see your shortcomings, why can’t you change it accordingly.To the other party, life needs to be managed. How many people can’t ask for the opportunity to be in front of you, don’t make it out of your own strength.

From the current point of view, you are the best choice together. You are good for you. Don’t think about evading responsibilities or what happened. Let’s do your marriage first or register first.

You are not responsible to others, you are responsible for the life of your two. As a man, you have this obligation.

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