My favorite cousin is pregnant with someone else’s child

At ten o’clock last night, I was ready to sleep as usual. At this time, the phone suddenly rang. It seems that the telephone was originally a cousin who was studying in Chongqing.

I picked up the phone and heard my cousin cry and said, "Brother, I’m afraid, I have something to tell you, don’t tell others, especially my mother, I am pregnant."

At that time, I was scared that the phone almost didn’t stabilize the phone. What surprised me even more was that she didn’t know about her boyfriend’s parents, let alone her pregnancy.

The 18 -year -old cousin lost her father since she was a child. She lived with her mother since she was a child.Sentence.If this happens, if her mother knows the consequences are unimaginable.

I asked my cousin for a few days. She told me that it was almost two months old. Under my careful question, I learned about the ins and outs of the matter.

When I went to college in the second half of last year, my cousin met a very handsome barbecue stall owner. That person often set up a barbecue in the stalls in their school not far away. It happened that the cousin and the classmates went to the barbecue that day.Forgot the mobile phone. When the cousin was sad in the dormitory, a phone call said that her phone fell on the barbecue stall. The stall owner said: "After you leave, I found that a mobile phone was left, and I guess it might be possible.You have fallen, but when I am about to shout, you are riding away, so that the cousin turns sadness as happiness. In this way, the owner and cousin have formed an inextricable bond. "

Later, after a few days, no accident, the cousin fell in love with the stall owner. The cousin is a very simple person. From a young age, she has never touched other people’s hands, let alone fall in love.He was a kind person, so he was completely immersed in the ocean of love and couldn’t extricate himself, and even took the time to help him set up a stall.

But the development of things is always so unsatisfactory. They just talked about falling in love for more than half a month. That night, because the cousin did not know the depth of the society when they first entered the society, the stall owner proposed that they wanted to go further.Sweet words, so my cousin completely believed that he was a person who could entrust life, so they went to a hotel.Opened a single room, and then ………

Since then, the stall owner has continued to make this request to his cousin for various reasons. After about two months later, the cousin got up in the morning to find that he suddenly felt disgusting, and his belly was more round than before.Just want to vomit.The cousin went to the Internet to find out that she was pregnant, and her cousin was scared to call the stall owner.

He told him about his pregnancy, but after receiving the phone, he said he would deal with it.However, when the cousin went to the stall to find him, he found that the person was gone, and her WeChat was also hacked. The cousin suddenly felt that the sky was turning, and it felt like the world seemed to be destroyed in an instant.

In those few days, she didn’t get into the water until she suddenly remembered that there was a child cousin who had always protected her since she was a child to prevent anyone from bullying her.So she called my phone.

The cousin has been staying in my house almost every day because of her relationship with her mother. I have a feeling of indescribable cousin. I held back many times.She said since she was a child who must find someone who is exactly the same as me.My cousin is better than my sister and sister, so that my sister’s sister is jealous.

I told her on the phone that I would go back to accompany her for surgery tomorrow.This matter is to buy a lesson. You have not experienced any difficulties since childhood. Even if there are difficulties, I almost help you settle, so that no one you face the courage to overcome difficulties alone. You must be in the future.Strong and independent.Remember that in the future, don’t believe in a stranger, you must open your eyes clearly.My sister asked a childhood question again, and I did not answer her.

Last night, my mother told my cousin that her sister was adopted from the orphanage. No one knows this.

Vaguely remember the cousin when I was young, well -known, gentle and elegant. I took my hand every day and said, "Brother, you have to remember your promise, you want to marry me when you grow up, I want to be your bride?" I believe in my heartI will fulfill my promise, and it will be ahead in the future.

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