My colleague suddenly said that she was pregnant, the child was mine?This farce is absurd at home

My name is Liu Wei, 32 years old, the advertising department of Beijing Hualian Electronics Co., Ltd..

As soon as I got off work, I sat alone in the office to check the mail.There was only Yan Lili left in the department. She just cleaned up the desktop debris and was ready to go home.

"Manager, let’s eat roast duck together!" She cleaned up, opened the door of my office, and said with a smile.

I looked up and nodded to her: "Okay, I still have a few emails to reply, you go to the restaurant first, I will come soon."

"Okay, then I will go to the restaurant to wait for you." She closed the door, and her footsteps gradually stayed far away.

After processing the mail, I came to the restaurant.Yan Lili had been sitting in the corner and saw me coming. She greeted the waiter: "Two Beijing roast ducks, thank you." I sat down opposite her and talked to her about the recent work.

"Manager, I have a private thing to tell you." After eating roast duck, she suddenly said mysteriously.

I raised their eyebrows and laughed: "What kind of private affairs are so mysterious?"

She looked around, and then lowered her voice and said, "I’m pregnant."

I stayed and looked at her.The news was too sudden, and I haven’t returned from shock.

"Child … Child’s father?" I asked incrediblely.

Yan Lili stared at me, with tears on her face: "It’s you, Manager Liu."

I was stunned and my mind was confused.This is simply outrageous, I can’t be the child’s father at all.

When she saw that I didn’t speak, she cried again and said, "We went to Qingdao for a business trip three months ago, you in the hotel …"

Three months ago?I tried to recall the details of the trip to Qingdao.In our group, we should talk to local customers about an important advertising project, and the company decided to let me go with Yan Lili.It’s late to arrive in Qingdao. We simply ate and went back to the room to rest.I drank a little wine at the time, but I didn’t do anything extraordinary. I was sure.

"Xiaoli, you drink too much, I don’t do anything. This child will not be mine." I rejected this absurd allegation.

Yan Lili cried and made trouble, but the child must be mine.I emphasized that there was nothing that could not be sued that night, and she didn’t listen, and she was alone.

In the face of this sudden impression, I feel extremely confused.Yan Lili was so unexpected that I needed time to calm down and think.

"Xiaoli, let’s review the details of Qingdao’s business trips in detail." I tried to rationally analyze this difficult problem.

Yan Lili was so angry that I let her drink saliva and finally calmed down.

"I’m sure nothing happened that night, you must make a mistake." I repeatedly confirmed, "Go back to take a pregnancy test paper and confirm it, don’t make it yourself."

"No need to test, my aunt is a nurse, she checked it!" She said stubbornly.

I can’t solve the problem in this way. I took tough measures: "Xiaoli, I can’t believe that this child is mine, unless you can provide solid evidence. If you insist on saying this, I can only let the company’s legal affairs department intervene in investigation.","

"How can you be so irresponsible!" She roared and led the people around him.

In order to avoid making trouble, I took her out of the restaurant and came to the company’s door.The night is deeper, and the company is quiet.I pressed her on the wall and said seriously:

"Yan Lili, I don’t want to argue with you. There are only two in fact: either the child you are pregnant is mine or not. I clearly tell you that there is no one. If you insist on framed me, go to the companyThe Ministry of Justice reports. But I will tell you clearly. After they investigate the results, you will regret it. "

My tone and eyes made her understand my determination.There was a panic on her face, and I knew she was shaking.

"In this case, I’ll do a pregnancy test paper." She didn’t face her face, and her voice was no longer so tough.

I let go of her and nodded: "Then go to the test, don’t be wronged before we come out."

This ridiculous farce seems to be a paragraph.I really don’t understand, why did Yan Lili framed me for no reason?I sighed tiredly and planned to go home and sleep well.

Early the next morning, Yan Lili came to knock on the door, and she felt guilty that she was negative. She apologized and sad.

I can’t bear to embarrass her: "Forget it, you are also frightened. Besides, we have been with each other for so long, this small misunderstanding is not as no."

She said thanked, and turned to leave.I suddenly remembered one thing: "Wait, you said yesterday that my aunt had checked, how could it be wrong?"

Yan Lili stunned in place, stuttering and stuttered, "I, I was too anxious at the time, my aunt did not check, it was a gemstone testing pill I bought …"

I understood it as soon as I heard it!This woman was teasing me at the beginning.I immediately held her arm and my tone became severe:

"Yan Lili, what are you playing with the show? Putting so panic, it turns out everything is your fake drama?"

"Sorry, manager, I was too impulsive at the time …" She blushed because of being exposed.

"What do you want to do?" I do n’t depend on. "Do you just want to catch me?"

She lowered her head and nodded gently.I’m so angry that this woman will be considered a person.

"Manager, I like you for a long time, and if you want to attract your attention, I want to come up with this idea …" She said frankly, "I’m wrong, you bombed me."

I was really dizzy, and I didn’t know how to face the farce for a while.This woman does not have the means for the purpose, it is really enough.When I was angry, I also felt that she was a little cute.

I sighed and decided to satisfy her wish: "If you want to attract me, you just say it, why do you do so dramatic? If the people in the company know, how shameless it is."

When she saw my tone softening, her eyes were full of hope.I smiled helplessly and pulled her into the house.This farce seems to continue to be staged here.I really can’t take her.

"I don’t allow this kind of drama anymore in the future, do you know?" I warned her seriously.

She nodded quickly, like a cat who could only be coquettish.I looked at her and felt helpless, and to be honest, she was a little moved by her attachment.

"Then what do you like me?" I couldn’t figure out this problem.

"You can speak very well, look handsome, and be good to me." She bluntly.

Girls, is it a simple reason to like someone like this?I think it is necessary to let her know me soberly.

"Xiaoli, I am 32 years old, you are only 28 years old. And you know, my family conditions are very good, and the requirements for the other half are relatively high. You love your parents like this, and my parents may not like it." I am truthfulSaid, "I am also working hard with others now, do you understand?"

She lowered her head and was disappointed, but soon raised her head again: "I know you are considering the actual situation, and I will become mature and stable. Your parents will like me. As for that girl, I will let you see it at that time.Clear her true face … "

I immediately stopped her momentum: "Don’t do this, I still don’t understand so much. I only treat you as a colleague or friend now. If you dare to move that girl, there is nothing to say between us.It’s. "

Then she understood, her face changed."Then you just don’t like me!" She said complaints.

"I didn’t say that I didn’t like you, but it was just that the feeling between us." I explained calmly, "You are still young, there is no shortage of pursuers, spend time on those who really like you."

She was silent and seemed to digest me.After a while, she said, "Yes, I’m too persistent. You are right, I should find those who really like me." She barely smiled. "Thank you for your care, and the manager has goodbye."

I sent her out and sighed gently.This episode has come to an end. I hope she can learn lessons and no longer make such a mistake.The feelings between people do not have to be reluctant to understand its preciousness.I closed the door and was going to drive to the company.

A month later, at the company’s annual meeting, I found that Yan Lili held her colleague Xiao Wang’s arm with a bright smile.I was happy for her, and wanted to come to me and finally listened to me, and found the person who really liked her.

At the end of the party, I was about to leave, and Yan Lili caught up and shouted me."Manager, I have a news to tell you." She said mysteriously.

I couldn’t cry and laugh, and came again?"what news?"

"Little King proposed to me just now, we are going to get married!" She said happily, "This time is true, you don’t have to worry about me joking."

"Congratulations!" I said with a smile, "Marriage is a lifetime, you must cherish it."

"Thank you manager for so long for your care, let me understand a lot of things." She had thanks in her eyes. "Manager, you have to find a good girl!"

"I know, you worry about my business and worry about your own marriage life!" I said in interest.

She smiled happily and waved with me and went to find Xiao Wang.I looked at them with a calm smile, and I felt relieved.

There will always be some absurd episodes on the road of life, but in the end, they will still find their own beautiful ending.Although Yan Lili’s pursuit made me caught off guard, it also made me understand the difference between sincerity and persistence.I think she should be the happy wife of Xiao Wang, and I continue to look for the other half of her own.This journey with Yan Lili is an end here.I left with a smile, looking forward to a better future.

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