My boyfriend said that if I am pregnant, let me remove it

Teacher Ayawawa:


Recently, I read your "Love Thick Black Studies". Some of them are written very reasonable. There is a paragraph that "before you go to bed with a person, we must propose three chapters of the law: 1. We are handed in the premise of marriage; 2.If you have sexual relationships, you can no longer come with other women, and ambiguous. 3. If you accidentally conceive your child, you will get married. "

Let’s talk about my situation first. Because I was stipulated by parents when I first entered college, they were not allowed to fall in love during college, which directly or indirectly caused love to develop in love.After talking about love in the first year after graduation, after dividing it unknown.Five months ago, interaction with the current BF.He is a northerner and is more masculine in some aspects, but our feelings are still better. There are many common topics, and everyone’s goals are relatively consistent.Although he doesn’t care about people, he has improved a lot after a series of transformations.In my opinion, he is a person who is a solid, motivated, and has a sense of responsibility for work.

It may be that women in love are more sensitive or some uncertainty of individuals, so I tentatively asked the current BF’s three chapters of the above -mentioned Law. He was fine in the first two.Only the third, no matter what, he firmly denied it.(Of course, the situation of Article 3 has not yet happened. The safety measures are in place, just in case of it).At that time, I was sad and felt that he was irresponsible.

Ask the reason, he said that the economic conditions are not very stable now, and he was not prepared for psychological preparations.And even if the child is born, both people must go to work and cannot give the child a good life and education environment.He said, if this is born like this, it is not as good as the child to suffer …

My first reaction is how this man is so irresponsible. I say that others are not good.After hearing it, he was very angry.He feels that it is just that everyone considers the angle of the problem. It cannot be said that his character is not good.If others are really bad, you can use temporary promises to coax me, but he can’t do it.

I said, have you ever thought about my feelings, my health?He said that there are some things that are not all beautiful, and sometimes they need to sacrifice.

I was thinking, why is this person so selfish?I think of my own business with my head, and I was placed in the last one.Although we are arguing about some things that have not yet happened, I am afraid that when the man will make some decisions in the future, we will put ourselves first, and I will be second.Suddenly there is no sense of security.

I am 25 years old and at the end of the golden age of marriage. I have always regarded him as the target of preparing for life. We intend to get married in about 2 years.On the one hand, we feel that we get along well. On the other hand, because the above things are unhappy, everyone is very unhappy.With a bad head in my emotional quotient, I really couldn’t think of leaving him or continue.Continue, I feel that there is a pimple in my heart that I can’t persuade myself; leave him, it is not worth it for some things that have not happened.It is contradiction, very contradictory!

Remember in "Love and Hard Black Studies", there is such a paragraph, "Don’t get trapped people. You have to find the person who is most suitable for you at this stage, and then before testing, please always believe that he will love you very much.Will always hold your hand tightly. Because of the chance of natural disasters and human disasters, after all, it is only one in ten thousand. Don’t suspect that one thousandth of ninety -ninety -nine is for one thousandth. "

So it is more contradictory!Please give guidelines, thank you ~~

Hope to reply early, huh, now I feel like sitting on a needle felt.EssenceEssence


Passionate person:


First of all, this is not sinful.The crime of being trapped is convicted by creating things out of thin air, but what you say may happen at any time.No matter how perfect contraception, there are also failures, such as my son Wang Xiaopeng, who once let us witness the miracle moment.Since then, her husband said that he would never buy lottery tickets, because his coincidences have been exhausted in this life.

Your boyfriend is an honest person, and honestly tells you the risks and consequences you need to bear, which is worthy of recognition.But honesty is just a necessary condition for a person’s good quality, not sufficient conditions. Honesty does not mean that he is a good person.Men with poor character include people who use temporary promises to coax you, but also to clearly clear the interests and throw the ball of responsibility to the person who is afraid of you.Actually, I really feel that he is not as good as the kind of character in his mouth. He coaxed you happy in advance.Anyway, no matter he coaxed you not to coax you, the chances of contraception failure are the same. It is also that you will be killed as long as you are pregnant.Analysis and savvy and rigorous calculations made people prove his cold blood and coldness, and could not help but feel cold hair and cold hair.

He told you that he wanted to go to bed with you, but he was not ready to bear a family.In other words, he wants to enjoy sex without obligation.The so -called "cannot give children a good life and education environment" is just a grand excuse.In his words, I helped him translate, in fact, it means that instead of being born and dragging him, it will affect his mood and economic situation.

In fact, children are poor and poor, rich and rich, and rural people have not raised children?If he loves you to the bones, it will not be able to give him a child quickly and hold you up.Alas, in fact, he just doesn’t love you. He said that he didn’t see you as his wife, and did not think of you as the mother of his child. He didn’t consider your health in his later days. Such a manWhy do you have a relationship with him?In addition to the many times, what are the same as one -night stand?

Of course, if you are really cheap and are willing to risk the risk of fetuses to enjoy the joy of sex, then go to bed with him; if you are unwilling but feels that the relationship may lose him, then the two murmoring rights will be one.Look at your physical important, or take risks to keep him important.I have seen several examples of physical weakness after fetal fetuses, and I have heard some stories that died on the operating table.Personally, I feel that the tire is really terrible. No man will be more important than the risk that may need to take.

It is not a good thing to be a leftover woman, but the man who is not enough to love you is ten times more miserable than the leftover woman.At least you are still unmarried women, and maybe you will marry a good family one day.It is more difficult to marry a man who is not enough to love you.I want to seize the tail of the youth and get married, but many people even burial their unmarried status.Do you want to learn them?

The chance of the failure of condoms is 1-2%. It takes two years to get married if you also have two years, that is to say, it is absolutely okay to have one or two times during this period.I asked your questions about everyone’s opinions, and everyone basically felt that it was better to ligate him.When I want a child a few years later, I will have a vasia pipe resume surgery.If he wants you to take risks to go to bed with him but is unwilling to perform surgery, it is nothing more than that he thinks that the surgeon knife is better on you.What do you want to do such a man?Waiting for the fetus?Maybe because of indulgence, you will never be your mother in the future.



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