Murakami sneaked to eat forbidden fruit, but she didn’t expect that she would hit a ghost and conceive a ghost!

Cui Hua looked at her gradually bulging belly, and her heart was full of joy.Because the child in this belly is the crystallization of love with her husband Xiaolin.At the same time, she was afraid that like the last time, she had full hope in her heart, but the child had just been born, so she scared the whole family.I saw that the child was round like a ball and had no hands and feet.All the structure is the head of the head, but the mouth is surprisingly big, and the adult fist can be stuffed.What’s even more weird is that the night when the child was born, Cuihua saw a fierce face in the dream, and the blood poured the child and walked over and said, "It is her harming herself.She lost her right to be her mother.

Maybe this is evil?Let’s follow the story to return to three years ago.It was a year of midsummer. Cuihua just had dark hair and fair skin, and the red cheeks were so moving.In addition to these, her petite and exquisite figure represented the unique charm of the Southwest Girl.

At the "April Eight Song" meeting in April that year, Cuihua’s love sinus opened first, and after experiencing ignorance of men and women.In the long season of Yingfei, Cuihua couldn’t withstand the temptation to steal the banned fruit.But I did n’t happen to be a book. When she felt her physical mutation, she did not dare to tell her parents because of shyness.

yes!If the girl is unmarried, the folks will definitely be drowned by the folks.Cui Hua thought of marrying that boyfriend, but the negative person was just playing with his feelings.I just said coldly: "You are so romantic, I don’t know who the species in your stomach?" Then he broke the relationship with Cuihua.Faced with such an embarrassing predicament, Cuihua could only endure it, and she dared not tell her parents because she was really afraid that the folks would talk about their parents behind her.But in the face of the fetus in the abdomen, she grew up day by day. In the sultry summer, she only tightened her belly and faced the arrival of unknown destiny alone.

After all, she couldn’t hold the fire. Cui Hua’s mother saw that her child was strange, and her mother’s repeated questioning, she had to tell the truth as shy.The mother helplessly shook her head and accused him of scolding: "Why don’t you start to tell us that if you let you give birth, then others (folks) must not scold you. But now the child has a soul and is beaten.What should I do? "

In the Miao Township in the southwest, the Miao people have always believed in the gods, and everyone believes that the so -called "cause and effect retribution" here.In the relationship between men and women, everyone follows sexual conservatives. If men and women eat forbidden fruit in love, everyone will scold them.If you are not married, you will be kicked out of the village. In addition, the villagers believe that they believe in ghosts and gods. If you are pregnant, it means that if a soul is thrown into your fetus, you will not be able to kill the fetus artificially.Otherwise, the soul will become fierce and entangle you.And Cuihua’s fetus for several months, if it was done, her mother was worried that she would be retributed …

That night, Cuihua’s parents couldn’t make up their minds, and they must be young.If it was born, not only his daughter was destroyed, but I was afraid that the old couple would be poked at the spine bones, but what should I do if the soul in the child was angry?

At noon the next day, Cuihua’s parents invited the wizard.They wanted to ask the soul in the fetus through witchcraft, and then killed the daughter’s fetus.When the wizard saw Cuihua, he said in horror: "Cuihua, the child’s life palace is not tough, plus this kind of doing, please go to the baby’s soul to go against the sky, and it will not guarantee whether the soul will be entangled if he will be entangled.Shang Cuihua. "

In fact, their daughters wanted to give birth to their children, but for the so -called famous festivals of their parents, they had to agree to let the wizard drive out the soul in the fetus.Cuihua must make mistakes first, but his arm can’t twist his thighs.I had to make the child in my belly with tears.

At twelve o’clock that day, Master Zhang ordered the candle to start the altar. I saw him dancing a "peachwood sword" in the courtyard.In the abdomen, the soul of the infant, and another way. "That night, the wizard burned the incense three and asked the soul of the fetus, but the fetus was unwilling, but he was sweating.In the end, I had to use the magic symbol. The mage danced the peachwood sword to ignite the spiritual symbol and put it in the bowl to the parents of Cuihua: "It can be sampled to become a ghost fetus, please think twice! "

Cuihua drank the wizard’s devil water, and suddenly felt a pain in his belly, and then the lower body flowed out of bright red blood.At this time, the sky outside the house suddenly flashed.The original sunny summer night suddenly made a strong wind.In the confused, Cuihua heard that the child was hate in his ear and said hard: "Mom, you are so cruel, since you are reluctant to kill me, I will not let you go."

Cui Hua opened her eyes in horror, and suddenly in the shaking candlelight, she saw the bloody blood dripping out of the window.She was full of fear, and suddenly felt a dizziness and fell asleep …

After a few months, Cuihua’s body gradually recovered.The infant spirit that the Miao wizard worried about it had never appeared.And she has also resumed the style of the past and became the dream lover pursued by the young man.After young ignorance, Cuihua converged at the beginning, and this year she found the person who stayed.

She was worried that her daughter had something to do with her daughter, and they fed her for some dowry to marry her out.After a few months, Tian Cuihua suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.Her husband Xiaolin hurriedly invited Shi Langzhong in the village. Before Shi Langzhong came to the Kobayashi family to see Cuihua.He looked at her look and gave her the pulse again.

You are happy, Cuihua is particularly happy.Because this means that her love with her husband finally fixes a positive result, and the small life will come in the near future.But she forgot that she had a heartbroken Ling Ying who came to entangle her, but it was all the end.

Cuihua is happy, but the father -in -law and mother -in -law are happy.Now Cuihua becomes a emperor at home, and her in -laws and husbands every day around her.But when the child was about to take shape, Cuihua suddenly had a dream.In the dream, she saw a child running from a distance to pull her clothes and shouted, "Mom, I’m here." Cui Hua squatted down and was about to hold the child, and suddenly the child became a terrible ghost ghost., Bloody on his face, those eyes stared at Cuihua and said fiercely: "I want you to have no children, and entangle you with the courage."The horrible ghost tire turned into countless evil spirits, scaring Cuihua to wake up from the dream.

She remembered the strange fetus in her belly, and the horrified Mingming cried.Kobayashi asked with some puzzled concern: "Huaer, how can you cry well." Cuihua had to say the truth, and Kobayashi heard the frightened cold hair.He hugged Cuihua tightly and said, "Flower, you can rest assured that we will find a mage to see if you have been at ease."

Cuihua was entangled by a nightmare every day, and the fetus seemed to be abnormal in her belly. Her belly is now surprisingly big, surpassing the normal phenomenon of pregnant women.Kobayashi’s parents were anxious and had to invite the mage to see the situation at home.When the mage saw Cuihua’s fetus, his face panicked and said, "This ghost is too fierce, please still be clever?"

I went back on the same day.Dreams are still entangled, and now there are only the arrangement of destiny naturally.In this way, Cuihua’s fetus developed for eleven months in her abdomen. On the night of the stormy night, Cuihua suddenly felt the pain in the abdomen.Xiaolin had to invite Zhang Ye (the mother -in -law) over the rain.

Kobayashi was anxious, at 12 o’clock in midnight.The cold child cried and scared him a few shivering.Kobayashi came to Cuihua bed, and saw Zhang Ye tremble and said, "Your child is too scary. This is the first time I have encountered such a strange thing since I was born." He ran out of panic.

Kobayashi looked at the sleeping wife, and he hugged his wife and picked up the child next to his wife.He was frightened by Xiaolin’s face, and saw the child in his face horrible.The mouth was surprisingly big, the eyes were like lanterns, and the bright red blood came out of the eyes.What’s even more weird is that the lower body is a round skin ball, and there is no hands and feet at all.The cold eyes of the ghostly looked at Kobayashi, making him feel creepy.

Kobayashi was thrown on the bed in horror. What was even more strange was that the thing didn’t cry, but it showed a weird smile in the corner of his mouth.After a while, the bright red blood flowed out of the seven holes of the ghost, and the blood was stained with the sheets.At that time, the wind exhaled outside the window, and the lights in the room extinguished the dark paint in the room.The sound of the wind was mixed with "” "crying sound.In the dark, Xiaolin heard the cold voice beside the bed: "Mom is ruthless, don’t blame me too cruel."

Xiaolin shake even more powerful, because the sound was sent out by the strange tire.Although now the dark paint is painted, the sound is so close to him and there is no one in the house now.Immediately after a while, he saw the horror scene, and the meat ball (ghost) flew up.In the flash, the clear ghost face came into Xiaolin’s eyes, and then the "嘭" bombed, and the bleeding of the bleeding into blood dyed the emerald flower.And more and more blood in the room, seeing that he was about to flood his wife on the bed, Kobayashi wanted to carry his wife to escape from the room.But in the dark, he suddenly felt that the ghost tire became countless evil ghosts, and then he fell asleep in horror.

The sun shot in the next day, and Kobayashi relied on the stool outside the house, and he was awakened.It turned out that since he fell asleep here last night, the horror scene was a dream.He stretched his waist and walked into the room, and saw Cui crying, and there was a dead fetus next to him.Zhang Ye’s face still said in horror: "This fetus is so strange that it is easy to be born and die."

Kobayashi looked at the dead fetus, and it felt like this dead child was the same as the horror magic in his dream.He murmured in a cold sweat on his face: "This is a magic tire, this is a magic fetus …

Cui Peanuta laid off the strange fetal, and the impact in this mountain village was not small.Everyone was very frightened, and the original peaceful mountain village now became weird.The old people in the village said that the Kobayashi family offended the gods, so they were condemned by God.Since Cui gave birth to the strange fetus, she dreamed of the horrible ghost fetus every night. She seemed to wake up every night from her dream.

Just as Kobayashi ’s family was in a panic of ghosts, one day Zhang Wizard did not ask for coming to the Kobayashi family. When he saw Cuihua, he said," I am quasiped with you, so I tangled you from your parents.If you marry Dong Yuncun, you will not ask for it. "

Kobayashi’s parents begged like a life -saving straw. Zhang Witcher looked at Xiao Lin’s father and said, "Your house is not good, and Cuihua, the child of Cuihua, offended the reincarnation soul, so he was entangled by ghosts. But I am.You can give you pointers: "After each dead soul drinks Meng Po Tang, it will be brought to the reincarnation of the world, and you can reborn to the Yang.But those souls had to wait for the right opportunity before they entered the mother to become a son in the belly.And artificially destroyed the fetus, and returned the soul to the Ghost Gate Pass and then accepted the suffering of reincarnation.In this way, it will annoy the ghost, and he will continue to sneak into the dead child and continue to entangle his mother’s body.If you don’t want to be entangled with ghost tires, you can only seal the dead tire into a plastic bag in time, and then bury it in the middle of the road to let people step on the reincarnation.In short, after three years, it is necessary to dig it out of the place to be buried in other places.

On the night, Kobayashi put the ghost tire into a sealed plastic bag in accordance with the instructions of the wizard and then sealed the magic symbol.By the time at one o’clock in the morning, he secretly put the horrible ghost fetus village under the slate.They believed that the soul of the spirit baby could not come out.

All this was really like Zhang Wizard said, and the ghost fetus could not continue to entangle Cuihua after being blocked by the spiritual symbol.On one day the next year, Cui Hua was pregnant with Kobayashi ’s child. Looking at the gradual belly, he worried that the ghost fetus would be entangled again.The ghost fetus sealed at the foot of the road cannot break through the spiritual suppression. Every night, people always hear the crying cry.I was so scared that I didn’t dare to go out at night.

After a few months, Cuihua successfully gave birth to a healthy and white fat baby.But she remembered what Zhang Wizard explained: "Although the ghost fetus is cruel and cruel, this is your destiny of robbery. After you produce smoothly, remember! You have to spare people and spare people."

Now it is finally safe, and his couple decided to let go of that ghost to reincarnate.At 12 o’clock in the night, the couple got up quietly. They came to the big stone slab in the village entrance, and the night sky was on the road in the village.The village looks particularly quiet!Xiaolin pried open the big slate and removed the magic bone from the bag.It didn’t take long for a trace of green smoke to disappear in the night sky.Kobayashi took a few steps in horror, and then buried the ghost fetus in the jungle by the road.Suddenly made a cold voice from the bottom: "Mom, thank you! The child is going to give birth." The couple frightened a cold sweat and ran back to the house …

Lingying’s horror story is over, and today, how many slutty women hold love as games.How many abdominal fetuses have the right to survive in the abdomen.The Buddha said: "Every" Spirit Baby "is a hope of being reborn! They experience the pain of reincarnation. Women who are ruthless and slutty do not need to be a tool for making money. If you destroy the fetus in the abdomen,Life, maybe it will be a nightmare in your life.

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