MU5735, unfinished farewell

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【Editor’s Note】

Today is the seventh day when China Eastern MU5735 crashed.There are 132 personnel on board.

According to Xinhua News Agency, after 6 days of search and rescue, the "March 21" China Eastern Airlines MU5735 Aircraft Flight Accident National Emergency Disposal Headquarters confirmed on the evening of the 26th that all personnel on the flight have been killed.

The flight carried a group of flowers and also carried their desire to live.Those who boarded the plane have people who have found new jobs and prepare for employment after the epidemic, those who work hard in the field, lovers who are separated from the two places, and young people who leave their hometown and go to school in big cities.

Everything almost started from the phone that could not be connected when picking up the machine.From March 22 to 26, in the time of waiting for the news, six relatives and friends told their experience.At the moment, the language has become broken, and there is a long talk in it. The last words with relatives and friends repeatedly recalls, assume, and no one respond to question.

The plane crashed, leaving an unfinished farewell.We tried to record their true voice.


"Wait for us to register for marriage after we finish the 36 -year -old life year."

Those who are killed: Jihe Ru (pseudonym) 36 years old

Speaker: Federation

Talk time: March 22-March 23

I have been sitting several times before, and I never thought that the plane would really fall vertically.

She used to work in her hometown Yunnan.Six years ago, she once came to Shanwei, Guangdong to find friends, and then stayed.I was a chef at the restaurant, and she was a waiter at that time.In the same year with her, I was in their thirties.I chased her, and then we were together.

Our feelings have always been good and rarely quarreled. Every time I quarrel, I will apologize to her, holding her and saying that I am wrong.We never spoke overnight.Soon, we returned to her hometown of Dehong Lianghe County, Yunnan, and opened a restaurant. Because of the impact of the epidemic, business failed. In 2021, we came to Guangzhou and rented it on Dashi.

We had a plan to get married very early, because the epidemic has been delayed in recent years.In the Spring Festival in 2022, we went to my hometown of Guangxi first, and then took my family to her hometown. The parents of both parties met to discuss marriage.At that time, when we went to her hometown, we took a plane and changed to a high -speed rail when we came back.Because the plane bumps, I am always scared.

When I was in her house, I called her parents "parents", her parents called me "son -in -law", and her brother -in -law called me "brother -in -law".The parents of both parties have discussed it, and we will register to get married when we finish the 36 -year -old life year.

At that time, because of her father’s leg injury, she had to remove the steel plate. She stayed at home for a while and did not return with me.

After I returned to Guangzhou, we basically had a video chat every day. Most of them were when I got up and off work.Hotels often get off work at one or two in the morning, so we have a late chat time.Sometimes we also type, she will ask me if I want her, or I want her to miss her.

Some time ago, she went to Kunming and took her father to remove the steel plate.I asked her to take the high -speed rail from Kunming to Guangzhou, and she said that she would go back to her hometown to get things before coming over.There is no high -speed rail in Mangshi, the capital of Dehong, and she can only take a plane every time she goes home.There are high -speed rail from Kunming to Guangzhou, but it takes eight hours.In recent years, every time she travels to and from Guangdong and her hometown, most of them have taken planes, because they take a high -speed rail to a car for two days, and the plane can reach the same day.

On March 16, she bought a ticket and sent a screenshot of the ticket purchase information: 9:50 on March 21, from Dehongmeng City to Kunming long water; at 13:10 on March 21, from Kunming, from Kunming, from Kunming, from KunmingLong water to Guangzhou Baiyun.

The day before departure, she sent a message and asked me if Guangzhou should be isolated. I said that there is no need to isolate, just get off the plane to do nucleic acids.

At two o’clock in the afternoon on March 21, I went to the airport to pick her up and I couldn’t wait for her.I called her and couldn’t get through. I sent a WeChat to ask her where the exit was, and she didn’t return.I was worried that after another and a half hours, there was still no message.At 16:29, I sent her a WeChat: "I’m worried, it’s another and a half hours."

I didn’t read (to) news.She has been calling her and has never been opened.Later, I heard a friend say that the plane had an accident, and the other party sent me the flight of the accident. I saw this plane …

After the accident, I called her brother, and her brother told her parents because I dare not tell her parents.

The next day, I came to Wuzhou and took a four -hour car.The night before I came, I never fell asleep, and fell asleep in a stubbornly for a while.

I hope to find her and hope to come to Wuzhou. Although I know that the plane is faulty, it is difficult to live, but I still hope that there is a miracle.I want to know why the plane had an accident.

"Do the best girlfriends in the next life"

Speaker: Cousin Nie Girl

Talk time: March 26

I want to say to Xun (Xun He Ru) that not only do the best relatives in the next life, but also the best girlfriends. I will visit the elderly at home at any time, and I will comfort them. Go to a beautiful place with peace of mind!farewell.


"We do n’t even have Dao, and I do n’t wish him all the way all the way."

Those who are killed: Chen Junjie (pseudonym) 34 years old

Speaker: Wife

Talk time: March 22

I actually want to know the latest situation, want to know the situation of the matter, and want to know the situation of my family. I can take care of myself. I just want to know the news.

He travels from Kunming to Guangzhou, and said in advance.The two of us are in Kunming.

He usually tells me when he boarded the plane. He boarded the plane.That day, he didn’t tell me that during that time, I was on a business trip in Liuzhou and was busy, but I knew it was that time.

Suddenly, my friend sent me a message. If you return to Kunming, you should not take a plane, it is not safe.

I checked it and knew he was on the (that) on the plane.I couldn’t get a call for him.I came to Tengxian, and I didn’t go to the scene. I just went to the nearby. There were two reception points here.I used to live in another place, and then my mother’s family came over. My brother, my dad and my uncle, we moved to another place together. I don’t remember where it was.

His (old) family is from Kunming, and my father -in -law brings children in Kunming. They are now on the verge of collapse.He is the only child again.The father -in -law is very educated, and there is no high expectations for the children. I hope to be happy and happy.

What we can do is pray and wait, it seems that anything else can not be done.

My husband was from 1988 and was two years old. He met when I went to Lijiang, Yunnan. At that time, he went to a business trip. He talked to me and legendary encounter.

I was attracted by him at first, feeling that he looked good and had a good impression on each other.

We have been dating for more than half a year.My mother’s family is from Liuzhou. I opened a clothing store in Liuzhou before. After going to Yunnan to travel to Yunnan, I felt like there, and I wanted to live there for a while.We opened a small cafe.

His hobbies are eating and traveling, playing games during leisure, and like to run around.We are more interesting and saving money, and we will go on vacation together and like to eat different flavors of different tastes in various places.

At that time, I was planning to marry him. He was more upright, tall, handsome, sunny, and there was no bad habit.

His parents knew that his son was in love and drove from Kunming to Lijiang, and I met his parents there.His parents were also satisfied with me, and we determined the relationship and felt that they would go together in the future.Emphasizing and hiring, follow the feeling.

My husband is more Buddhist and has no characteristics in personality, but he has one (characteristic). He is more timid in life. He will protect himself. He is afraid of injury and pain.When this happened, I didn’t dare to think about it. When I saw a video of the plane falling, I had no way to imagine what kind of state and psychological change he was at the time.But after I saw that video, I felt that he should be desperate.Every time he takes a plane, if he is bumpy, he will have the phobia of (sitting) the plane, and he will be afraid of pain.The accident of the plane was really too serious and too miserable.

Our daughter is four years old.On March 20th, I (originally) intends to go back to give her birthday, but I can’t get back, because (Liuzhou) The company is still in the early stage of development. I can’t go, I am busy here.

Her father went on a business trip the next day.

The night before departure (No. 20), I and his child video.

He told me in the video that the airline changed a total of three flights, because the flight was canceled, the result was changed, and the cancellation was canceled, and then another time was changed.

I said, do you go still?He said, go, just change it.He said that it would be a few points.But I didn’t remember it. I might not see my child for too long at that time. I was all my children. I didn’t notice that he had changed his ticket to a few points.

It should be changed (afternoon), he said.

This time (travel) was the head office called him to meet in the past. He recently applied for the company to do environmentally friendly and in the manager of the Kunming Branch.(Go to Guangzhou for a meeting) To go the process, there are also hotels there are also cumbersome and cumbersome, and also issued a notice over there.

His last job was in the decoration of home theater. Because of the epidemic, the economy was not good. There was no way, so he wanted to make a little more money.

He said he wanted to try the environmental protection work, so I supported him.

Every time he traveled, he told me that he boarded the plane, and I told him every time, all the way.But this time, he didn’t tell me that he had boarded the plane. I forgot it. I didn’t expect him to get on the plane at 1 o’clock. We had little contact that day.I wish him safe all the way.

It was just 12:30 noon, and he sent me a WeChat. At this time, he should be on the way to the airport, or he had arrived at the airport.He said that when you return to Kunming on Thursday, you look at the air ticket and come back by plane, which is relatively safer than the high -speed rail.I replied to him and knew it.


"Every time she cares about me, I don’t think she is a girl."

Those who are killed: Li Fang (pseudonym) 34 years old

Tellian: Nie Nie

Talk time: March 23-March 25th

If it wasn’t for the serious epidemic of Ruili, she had no way to work, she would not work normally. The aunt would not go to Kunming to work, and then she would not take the plane.

We are in the corner of Ruili, near Myanmar, and the traffic is not well developed.In 1988, my aunt was born here.She had a good grade while studying, and later admitted to the university in Kunming.That year, only three people in the village were admitted to college.After graduating from college, I changed several companies, but no matter which company she was, she was recognized by leaders and colleagues.

Around 2018, my aunt began to be an emerald anchor.This industry needs to be broadcast live at night. She work very seriously and often get off work in the early morning.

After Ruili sealed the city, she often wasolated at home and could not work normally.In early August last year, my aunt went to work in Kunming.In fact, I left Ruili at the same time with her at the same time, but the place where we went was different.Since then, we have never seen goodbye, although we often communicate on WeChat phone calls.She did not come back in the New Year this year and had never seen her relatives at home.

Because of pregnancy, in early March of this year, I went home to give birth. A few days ago, my aunt told me that she wanted to go home.I told her to come back and said that she would take her to do nucleic acid testing, but she did not come back in the end, but was going to go directly to Guangzhou. Their company moved to Guangzhou.Because if you come back, if you go out again, you have to be isolated for 14 days, which costs money and time.

My uncle stayed in his hometown. After they got married, they never gave birth to a child.My grandma often urged them.Later, my aunt told my grandma that she was going to go home at the end of this year to prepare for pregnancy.But there is no chance again.

On the day of the accident, I saw an accident from the news. I did not expect that my aunt would be on the plane. At that time, it was more than 7 o’clock in the evening.Later, we called and sent a message to my aunt, and I couldn’t contact, and I started to be afraid.We asked her company leaders and friends to consult China Eastern Airlines.

At nine o’clock in the evening, I was determined that my aunt was crying on the plane.

I have been reluctant to believe that there is a miracle, and I hope she can return safely.

Before the accident, the content of her last circle of friends was: what kind of ending point is it worthy of the chase and running of this road.

My aunt is very hard to work hard, and she will not work hard at the age of 34.There are many members of our family. She loves everyone, and everyone is very impressed with her.

Because Ruili is an isolated state, we have no way to rush to Wuzhou as soon as possible.Our family members are very sad and look forward to a trace of miracle. I do n’t know what to do, so I posted videos about the aunt, without sending photos, just praying that she could come back.Unexpectedly, it was popular and then sprayed by netizens.They said: The victims (family members) will not log in to Douyin. What are you sending in Douyin?If your family dies, you send it on the vibrato. What is the name of the enthusiasm?Do you keep filial piety on Douyin?

I was speechless. My grandma commented under the vibrato, and reposted the video of the aunt over and over again, and asked her to go home quickly.Because for the elderly, the power of Douyin may be able to retrieve her daughter, and watching photos is also a kind of sustenance and thought.

In the early morning of March 25, I sent an apology letter, and I didn’t fall asleep all night.I dare not make a vibrato now, and I am afraid of being sprayed.I darkened my family, especially the direct relatives, because I didn’t want them to see these.They were already sad, and they would definitely be even more sad to see these.


My aunt is 12 years older than me. She is very good to the people around me and has helped many people introduce work.In the past, she cared about me every time. I didn’t think that she was also a girl and needed people to care.

The "safety buckle" (description) of the news report was written by my aunt’s colleague, but I was not very clear and I didn’t ask too much.If it wasn’t for life, who would want to go to his hometown to go.


"I want to say it yourself and tell her that sentence"

Those who are killed: Yuan Siyi (pseudonym)

Talkman: Friends

Talk time: March 25th-March 26th

I originally liked aviation. (PM) I saw the news of a big av, saying that the plane was lost.I quickly opened "Flightradar24", a professional website that checked aircraft routes, showing a loss of contact.(But) "Air Travel" shows that Guangzhou Baiyun Airport has been landed.

Nearly 4 o’clock, some villagers on the Internet took videos of the wreckage of the plane, and a mining company monitored the (crash) picture, and the mountain was on fire.I have been praying for fake.Within 4:10, the mobile phone pushed official news and determined the crash.I cried at the time.

That night I rushed back to the home in the county seat from Zunyi City. For an hour and a half at the high speed, I cried from the beginning to the end by the car. Some passengers asked, was it a crash?I don’t want others to know, but I still answer, yes.If you ask the details, I didn’t say anymore.

After getting home, my mother also knew that my mother didn’t know the matter between me.She just knew it was a friend of me, and she didn’t know that she might be my girlfriend.I occasionally urged to marry, after all, 28, and I have not officially talked about love.

At night, I saw the plane landed vertically (news), and instantly broke my heart.But I still sent another circle of friends to pray that there are survivors. In fact, I know that it is impossible.

(This is) Very complicated emotions, I don’t know what expression is used.I knew the moment the flight was lost, and sent her a message.It was sent when confirming the crash.When I saw the plane leading to the mountain fire (video), I also posted it.After seeing the monitoring screen of the mining company, I also posted it.

At first I was not sure she was on that plane. I didn’t know what the flight number was. I only knew that it was a flight from Guangzhou more than 1 o’clock.There is a bottom, but I am contradiction.I said you are not going to play with me?Why?You must answer me.

I didn’t sleep at all on the evening of March 21.The scene must be sealed at that time.At noon on March 22, it is clear at one or two, yes, I am going to (on -site).

At that time, as long as I could reach Guangxi, as long as I arrived at the first transit station, I would not beolate me, I would like to fly.There was a plane (transit) in Haikou. The next morning, the next morning, flying Nanning. The first time I took a car from Nanning and hurried to Fujia County.

(In the meter) I have been looking for a flower shop on the map, I am looking for white roses.At least 20 flower shops are contacted, it is not until the evening, or the next morning.In Nanning, I found (found) a very delicate flower shop, and others also said that I couldn’t get white roses.The method, I increase the price.For me, I was actually grateful to him.

The pouring rain at the time, I was soaked in order to protect the flowers.

Fortunately, I took the last bus to Tengxian County.There were a lot of people on the car that day, and I didn’t find the empty position of the flowers.Put the flowers under my feet throughout.If someone goes out, I will protect the flowers as soon as possible.The meaning of flowers to me at that time is much greater than everything.

(EMU) After passing Guangxi Guigang, my mood became heavier.I was hesitant in my heart. This time I came to Guangxi. First, I was not sure that I could find a way to find someone who helped me, let me enter the scene, or bring the flowers in.

The second is the feeling of her personal emotions, I can’t give you a feeling.I thought a lot, and it was messy from knowing her from the accident on March 21.

When I arrived at Fujia County, I stood on the platform for two or three minutes. Thinking about (and) things between her, tears kept jumping.

After finding the hotel, my first thing was to send Weibo for help (how to go to the scene).Many people credit me privately, and a netizen lives next to me, not more than 10 minutes to reply to me: "I will take you!"

When I went downstairs, I saw his car parked downstairs in my hotel. He and I were in the same year.Seriously, I am still a little scared. What do I say is this person?He said that he often took a plane, and it might be a blow to him.

When Chen Zhi took a netizen’s car near the crash.

Search and rescue for 24 hours over there.When it was beside the highway, netizens said that he didn’t dare to take risks anymore. We could only put the flowers on the right (road), (then) close to the crashing point.

At that time, there was a very heavy rain and very cold. I stayed in the rain for two or three minutes. I was very close to the scene and could reach the tentacle.I am very happy to be so close to her, I hope she can see it.

Flowers near the scene.

(After getting on the car) It is getting farther and farther away from the scene, but I don’t feel too sad at all. I don’t know if this is numb or what.

I also told him that you can drive faster, it sounds cruel, it seems to be a machine without emotion. I want to simply see it, don’t see it again, don’t think about it again.

I didn’t actually put it myself.I think I can find someone else to take me in the next day and bring it to the place closer to the scene, (but) it is really difficult.

I feel guilty now, why did I find a place to put the flowers in the random, why do I have to do such a thing, there are 21 bouquets of flowers, which means meaning, that is, March 21.

I (with her) chat history is still there, and I can’t help but see it.Whenever I see it, I am careless, I’m afraid I will be deleted accidentally.The final record is at noon (21st) at noon, I said to have a chance to play together, and I was a guide for her.

I usually do n’t dream of it. I do it every two days and sleep poorly. I dream of the first meeting, and I have any mess.

She is a more optimistic and humorous person, pursuing fashion, love beauty, and laughs.

I chat with her mainly on my mobile phone.She likes traveling, food.We mainly talk about where we want to go. Do you want to go to Northern Europe to see Santa and go to the African prairie to see animal migration. We all want to go to Antarctica to see the aurora.Considering the way to the Antarctic, there are boats from Chile, and you can also use military planes. There are tickets for sellers.They all ran away.

I usually prefer to make pumpkin cakes. She said that one day I can eat it.

We saw it three times, but I remembered her face all the time.

I did not express her love for her clearly. Although she asked me, did you like me, I did not answer positively, and I had not officially became a male and female friend. This accident occurred, and this person was gone.

If I can enter the scene smoothly, I should send her a message.

Everyone said that new life is to start.(By then) I would not consider sending her again, and then sealed the chat history.My mother also asked, can I take a look at the chat history, I said no, I don’t want to tell anyone, including my best friend.

I want to send her all the time, seeing the chat history or what happened during her lifetime, I will involuntarily think of her.(I think) No matter how long, three or five years later, I will still (think of).

I haven’t finished her last journey. Her family members are different and can take away some relics.But I have no rights, I have no qualifications.Even if I am qualified, I don’t want to get it.When I see this thing, I will think of her. This is what I have forgotten in my life, (but) after all, people can’t always think about such a thing.But these days I definitely can’t do it, and people’s state consciousness is in it.

Entering the scene, I wanted to say it in person and tell her the sentence: "I like you, do you promise you as my girlfriend?"

Can’t be asked.


"This is the last time I took him to the airport."

During the victim: Lin Peng (pseudonym) 21 years old

Talkman: Brother

Talk time: March 24th-March 26th

(Us) Henan Shangqiu, Henan, has done business with his parents and has been in Kunming for 8 years.

(On the plane) is my brother, 21 years old, studying at Guangzhou Institute of Technology, and graduating this year.

(Three of our brothers and sisters) The age is not much different, I am 23, my brother 21, and the younger sister 18.The younger sister is studying in high school and is taking college this year.

(Brother) The school has not started for the time being, and the epidemic is serious.He just returned from working, and was not far from me (Yanglin Town, Kunming) in the winter vacation.It is not clear to go to Guangzhou to make things to let go.(This) is also the last time I took him to the airport.Oops, the sky collapsed.I still feel dreaming, ask God, am I dreaming?

It is better to find a complete body.

(I) Before I went to Fujia County, my parents were too sad. In the infusion, I ca n’t take a car now. I still have to take care of it, I can only wait for the news.I drank some water, and I had eaten it.I didn’t dare to eat. Before my brother left, my brother called my brother to eat.

I dare not leave my mother for a second now. The doctor said that the infusion can only supplement energy, and the spiritual aspect can only be soothing.Dad wants to see the child’s last glance. I don’t know how to comfort it, and it is difficult to find the fragments.Little sister (here), the specific accident has not yet said, (but) she should also know that it is almost the same, and now the Internet is so developed.

One hundred years of encounters (things), how can I encounter this ordinary family?

There are also many relatives and friends in the past two days, and some cannot receive it. (I) The whole person is like a fool.The government departments have visited many times, and we also understand very well.

Hope that reporters and the media report the latest news in time.I want to go to the place of incident now.

Everything is in sadness, waiting for miracles to survive.


"This time I went to Kunming, and I didn’t know it from us."

During the victim: Zhang Yang (pseudonym) 18 years old

Talkman: :

Talk time: March 24

The nephew learns e -sports explanations in an adult education college in Guangzhou.Originally, he was in school. On the morning of the 19th, he told his father that the school did a nucleic acid test, and he had to go home to get his ID. He asked his father to take a leave with his teacher. He said that there was an urgent matter at home.

That day, he went home to take a bath and changed his clothes.I went out at 4 am the next day.In fact, my brother -in -law also felt strange. Why did you go out so early? He said that I was a cadre of the school and had to go earlier.His father said he wanted to send him, he said, no need to send, no need to send, I go.

At 4 pm on the day of the accident, the school teacher called his father and said that Zhang Yang (three days) did not come to school, and my brother -in -law was stunned.He said, how is it possible?He has been at school, isn’t it?He (Dad Zhang Yang) always thought he (Zhang Yang) did nucleic acid testing at school.

He called (for Zhang Yang) immediately and couldn’t get through.

It didn’t take long for my brother -in -law to know the plane crash, and what was his flight.

After that, we knew from the child’s cousin that he talked about a girlfriend over there (Kunming), and Sunday was her girlfriend’s birthday.

We didn’t know if we went to Kunming this time, and we went to us.The day before the incident, my sister and brother -in -law called him, and my brother -in -law was still joking. Did you go to your girlfriend?My nephew said, dad, you are kidding.

When he goes to Kunming this time, he may be afraid that our parents will oppose it.In fact, we will not oppose him to talk about his girlfriend, but when we go to Kunming, we will definitely worry about affecting their studies and not let him go.

After that, my brother -in -law went directly to the police station to report the case. The police said that we can only find the information of your son to Kunming. To understand the detailed situation, we must go to the Oriental Airlines of Baiyun Airport.

At that time, my brother -in -law did not eat dinner, and the Oriental Airlines who went to the airport directly to check Zhang Yang’s registration information and wanted to confirm it.

The terminal’s reception room was set up. On the list, he saw his son’s name at a glance. Oriental Airlines staff said that it was 100 % ensured that Zhang Yang was on the plane.

At that time, Oriental Airlines had arranged a bus, departing at about 9 pm that day, and about 3 am in Wuzhou, Guangxi.

The next day we wanted to go, the scene had been controlled, and we didn’t go in.At more than 12 noon on the 23rd, we went to the inspection site. The straight line distance may be about 50 meters. The local government has set up a platform for worship to the victims. We offer flowers and burn paper money …

In the evening, we returned to Guangzhou because my sister (Mother Zhang Yang) was in Guangzhou, and she was sad. We were afraid that she had any problems and didn’t let her go.Now come back to inform her a little, soothe her, we drove over for a few days.

In the past few days, we are overwhelming in the temple.

"I hope my brother will live well in the sky"

Talkman: Sister cousin

Talk time: March 24, March 26

I want to say something to my brother (Zhang Yang).

I didn’t have much impression of my cousin. When I died in 2020, I met him. At that time, he was tall and handsome.

Zhang Yang is only 18 years old, and there is still a long time in life.My aunt had a child and a daughter, and her daughter had married and gave birth to 2 children.His son died in the plane accident.I saw the video and listened to Zhang Yang’s cries while crying: "Zhang Yang, I pick you up home, you are coming back, your family is waiting for you." It was not a taste in my heart.

My cousin is from Hunan, with more than 7 meters or more. It is particularly thin and loves the glory of the king.On the afternoon of the 21st, I knew that my cousin was on the plane. I said that I did not believe it was true at first. I thought he fooled us.But then the aunt (grandmother Zhang Yang) called and called, and repeatedly confirmed that I knew it was true.Although I know the results, I still hope he can return safely.

You can listen to the news that it has been killed.In an accident, 8000 meters high -altitude crashed vertically in the mountains in Tengxian County, Wuzhou City, Guangxi.Even if the iron is burned, let alone people.

Why did God let him leave this world?He hasn’t grown up well, filial piety to his parents.

I hope my brother will live well in the sky.

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