Mr. Sperm and Miss Egg met, and the official announced "pregnancy"!What should I pay attention to in one month of pregnancy

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Let’s talk about a story of "Mr. Sperm" and "Miss Egg":

There are about less than 300 million sperm, who set off together to pursue their dream lover -Miss Egg.Mr. Sperm is brave, and his little tails have worked hard to swim in women’s vagina, cervix, and uterine cavity.Destination -fallopian tube, at this time only more than 20 sperm sperm is left.

When Miss Egg summons them, they will work hard for the last one, and eventually win the "strong sperm" of Miss Egg’s heart.After day, they came to the warm uterus and chose to "settle down" here.

After being smoothly settled (fertilized eggs in bed), then quickly split to form small embryos. This is the result of their "love". Over time, when three months, the small embryo will transform into a person like someone.The "little fetus" of the child.

This story tells the "process of pregnancy". From the combination of sperm and eggs, it forms fertilized eggs, and then beds and start differentiation to form small embryos and finally become small fetuses.

Because "pregnancy" is calculated from the first day of women’s last menstruation, "One month of pregnancy" is almost when she just found pregnancy, and even some careless women do not know pregnancy.The fetus is just a small embryo that is not differentiated just in bed.

Therefore, women may not have much feeling. Some sensitive women will have some "feeling similar to menstruation" or "similar to colds", such as lower abdomen pain, breast pain, increased secretions, cold, fatigue, fatigue, weakness, Dalary and so on.

However, this is not to come to menstruation, let alone a cold, but do n’t take medicine for a cold. This is a normal early pregnancy response.

As mentioned earlier, women who are pregnant for a month have little feeling. You need to pay attention to these points: if you feel "similar to menstruation", then pay attention, wait for women who do not come to menstruation, are preparing for pregnancy.You can check the pregnancy first to see if there is "a pregnancy"; if you feel "similar to a cold", don’t take a cold medicine easily, you might as well test it with test paper;Don’t care, buy a test strip test, see if it is pregnant.If you use a test strip to show "two bars", that is, you may be pregnant, you can go to the hospital to draw blood or do B -ultrasound to confirm.

Reminder: However, because it is a period of epidemic, it is not recommended to go to the hospital for confirmation. There are no special circumstances (such as severe abdominal pain, bleeding, brown secretions, etc.).

We all know that the first three months of pregnancy is a critical period, and a little carelessness may cause abortion, so you need to pay attention to many aspects. To sum up, there are mainly the following points.

1. The rules of work and rest, don’t be overworked and stay up late

In the early stages of pregnancy, affected by elevated hormones, it is easy to show fatigue and lethargy. Pregnant mothers often have no spirit and are not interested in anything.If you feel tired and sleepy, sleep more. Pregnant mothers must ensure sufficient sleep, which is more conducive to embryo bed.

Reminder: If the pregnant mother is too tired, it may cause abortion!

2. Light diet, eat less meals

Affected by hormones, after pregnancy, the secretion of gastric acid will be suppressed. The digestive function of pregnant mothers will decrease, and there will be no appetite, nausea, and vomiting.

Therefore, pregnant mothers should avoid eating irritating foods such as cold and spicy, and do not eat too greasy and heavy foods. Such a diet may increase pregnancy; at this stage, the pregnant mother’s diet is as light as possible, and eating less meals can help relieve pregnancy vomiting.reaction.

3. Stay away from radiation

In the first three months of pregnancy, it is not only prone to discontinuation of abortion, but also "fetal deformed high incidence period". Therefore, pay attention to preventing "teratogenic factor" in life. Radiation radiation is a common one, such as X -rays of hospitals, pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnancy, and pregnancy.Mom is going to stay away from such an environment;

In addition, except for X -ray, drugs, chemicals, formaldehyde, etc., can cause fetal malformations.For example, do n’t take medicines by yourself after pregnancy, do n’t live in a house with formaldehyde after renovation, and do n’t stay in an environment containing chemical products for a long time.

4. Use cosmetics carefully

Most of the cosmetics contain chemical ingredients, which has an impact on fetal development, and severe can cause fetal malformations.

Therefore, pregnant mothers must not have a chance. If you need makeup, you can choose a special cosmetics for pregnant women, but it is not advisable to bring makeup for too long.You can choose some mild skin care products for pregnant women.

5. Keep your mood happy and relax

The little fetus can feel the mother’s mood and sorrow, so the pregnant mother must keep a happy mood. You can usually listen to some light music, chat with family and friends, release your emotions, don’t let your baby be born all day, you will be all day long."Bitter gourd face".

6. Continue to supplement folic acid

After pregnancy, the demand for folic acid has increased, which increases to 4 times before pregnancy, and folic acid is very important for pregnant mothers in the early pregnancy, which can reduce fetal nerve tube deformities.

Therefore, regardless of whether the pregnant mother has supplemented folic acid before pregnancy, she must supplement folic acid every day after knowing that she is pregnant.It should be added until at least three months of pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a matter of two people, because the baby is the "crystallization of love" of two people, not a pregnant mother, so he pays attention to all aspects of the pregnant mother. While protecting the baby, the prospective father also starts to enter the roleIn terms of life and psychology, we must care more about pregnant mothers in multiple aspects.

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