Motherwort is a gynecological medicine. Women, like irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, just boil the soup and drink it.

In rural China, the earth and the earth are blogged, and tens of millions of plants grow in various styles … Those who can be named or can be named, they all strive to bloom the energy of their lives.

In our hometown of Sichuan, there is a wild plant -Motherwort. At that time, I could see Motherwort in the countryside.Especially behind our house, a piece of motherwort grows green, all showing their vigorous vitality vitality.

Although people often walk next to them, no one cares about it, and no one cares about it. Only when people need it, they will pick it up, but they are not shaken by this and always grow up so tenaciously.Unyielding, I feel that there is an indescribable spirit that is inspiring people, as if they are dedicated to people.Although inconspicuous, they have a great dedication to humans, especially women.

As a woman, as long as she is a woman who has experienced menstruation, I think most of them are suffering from dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation.I have also experienced the pain of scattered pain in bed.

One day, my mother saw that I was weak and weak, so I asked me to go to bed for a while.I can’t lie on the bed, because I have no strength.

Now that my mother spoke, I went to bed.Although people lay on the bed, I couldn’t sleep because of the trouble of dysmenorrhea.I was tolerate, and I fell asleep slowly. I heard my mother’s voice calling me in confusion. I opened my sleeping eyes and saw a bowl of things and let me eat it while it was hot.

I took the bowl from my mother and watched two poached eggs lying in the bowl.My mother looked at me in doubt. She said that this was cooked with motherwort and eggs and brown sugar.

I heard that it can no longer be dysmenorrhea. When I was tortured by dysmenorrhea, I quickly ate it, and then woke up, and felt sweat.I stretched my waist and felt really amazing. It was really amazing.

I got married a few years later and lived in my mother’s house after pregnancy.The mother brought a bowl of eggs with eggs, brown sugar and motherwort together.My mother said that I can eat it quickly. Mother’s hercotic soup can protect the tires.

As a pregnant woman, knowing that the fetus is important, so I don’t think I think about this bowl of mother grass brown sugar egg soup.It is worth reminding that pregnant women eat motherwort until in the middle of pregnancy. It is best not to eat it in the early pregnancy.

Later, it was found that the women in the village were eating motherwort. Women’s dysmenorrhea had to eat it. Each pregnant woman was also eaten by the fetus. I felt that motherwort was really a moving plant.

Later, I learned that Motherwort’s medicine has many effects. It is mainly used to relieve menstrual analgesic and can treat women’s irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, leakage, infertility, etc.Edema caused by acute and chronic nephritis.Although Motherwort is known in the countryside, it is all treasures.””

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