Mother, take care of your skin

Pregnancy not only brings body shape changes, but also makes the skin face some tests, especially during the seasons that alternate the four seasons and the climate change.People are troubled.What can I do to help the skin go smoothly?

"Yeah, pregnancy made me ugly." Chen Ting screamed in the mirror.A frightened husband got up from the bed and stared at her for a minute, saying, "You have changed your face! Bantang, seeing thin blood silk, like a spider lying on it."

This is commonly known as spider mole that often appears on cheeks.Due to the sensitivity of blood vessels during pregnancy, it is easy to expand, cold and shrinky, and the capillaries are damaged.It looks like a spider, with a red shape.In order to reduce the opportunity of spider moles, pregnant women should usually pay attention to avoid excessive cold or overheating stimulation on the face.Most spider moles occur within 2 to 5 months after pregnancy, and they will gradually fade after giving birth.

Xiaoyun’s fine skin tender meat, with almost no acne on his face.After pregnancy, the pores became thick and greasy, and a lot of acne emerged, red and itchy.I want to use a little medicine, and I am afraid that there will be side effects on the baby, so I have to let the illegal buildings on the face come across the face.

Adventure and acne, the accident is that the hormone level in pregnant women’s body increases, stimulating sebum secretion that stimulates the skin to maintain elasticity, is a normal physiological phenomenon.

Dry -skinned mothers may feel that the amount of oil is just right, but those with oily skin will feel more oily, and excessive sebum will block pores, causing acne and blackheads.Various factors such as stress, changes in dietary habits, or insomnia brought by pregnancy will increase the condition.

In order to cover up the acne on the face, it will block the pores more serious.At this time, you need to find a dermatologist and ask him to choose safe drugs for you.

When Chunyu was immersed in the joy of growing up in the abdomen, it was found that the skin was also darker every day, and the nipples, areolas, vulva, and navels became uniform, which made people feel dirty.There is even a dark vertical line in the middle of the abdomen, with a width of 1 cm.With the increase of pregnancy time, there are still some light chloasma on the face, and it gradually forms a block, just like a layer of yellow paper was affixed to the cheeks.

After pregnancy, the estrogen produced by the placenta has increased significantly, promoting increased hormone -related hormones, and it is easy to cause pigmentation. About 90 % of pregnant women have different degrees of skin black.The epidermal layer on the face is the thinnest, the capillary is the most abundant, and it is also the most likely to form pigmentation. After 3 to 5 months of pregnancy, the cheeks may grow.In addition, in the middle and late pregnancy, the skin becomes sensitive, weakened the resistance to ultraviolet rays, and it is easy to sunbladder.However, expectant mothers need more sunshine than others to meet the body’s large amount of calcium, so as to ensure the normal development of the baby’s bones.Therefore, if you want to meet the needs of your body, you will not be damaged by the sun. Try to avoid going out at noon or afternoon in the afternoon, and take an appropriate amount of vitamin C every day.

After the little bit of pregnancy of Princess Taiping, her breast expansion increased, and she could not help but be complacent.However, in the later period, there was a small warts that were painful and itchy, smaller than rice grains, and darker color than skin.

Small warts are a fiber tumor that is caused by the expansion of the sebaceous glands in the breast. It will not fall off naturally. It is mostly dark skin, brown or black, and protruding from the skin. Except for beautiful problems, there will be no malignant changes.After production, you can use laser treatment.

In the hot summer, mosquitoes run rampant.In the evening, the whole family sat together to watch TV, and mosquitoes surrounded Xiaomei, and from time to time, ding her.After being bitten by a mosquito, the skin is red and swollen.It’s strange, why did Xiaomei the favorite of mosquitoes after pregnancy?

The number of pregnant women’s exhalation is 21%larger than women who are not pregnant. The humid gas they exhaled and carbon dioxide is quite attractive to mosquitoes.Compared with women who are not pregnant, the temperature of the pregnant woman is 0.7 times higher, and the higher the body temperature, the more volatile substances on the skin surface, and the mosquito will smell.Therefore, pregnant women in summer are easy to become the goal of mosquito bites.At this time, try not to use chemicals such as mosquito coils. You can add a few pieces of vitamin B1 to the shower solution. Its special smell can achieve mosquito repellent effects.

Sweet was troubled by eczema.When I was 3 months pregnant, there was a red pimple on the arms for no reason, one by one, and it was unbearable at night.Later, it slowly spread to both sides of the thighs and lower abdomen, and itching during the day.When you ca n’t stand it, scratch it, and often grabbing bleeding and scars.When taking a bath, rinse it with warm water, it feels better, but the more itchy afterwards.I ca n’t sleep at night, and the mental stress is quite large. I do n’t dare to eat eggs and seafood. I worry that these foods will aggravate the symptoms.The dermatologist said it was allergic eczema, and the allergic source was dust, and he prescribed some ointment for her.

In order to adapt to the baby’s existence in the abdomen, the immune cells in the mother’s body will change, which will greatly increase allergic opportunities.Moreover, the metabolism of pregnant women is strong, subcutaneous fat is thickened, sweat glands and sebaceous glands are secreted. If sweat is excreted smoothly and does not pay attention to cleaning and hygiene, when sweat is impregnated with the skin, the dust adhesion can easily cause the infection of bacteria, splin bacteria and fungi.Therefore, rash and itching during pregnancy are common.

Eczema has little impact on the fetus, but it is more troublesome to treat. Pay attention not to contact with your hands, do not grab the skin to prevent secondary infection.

The prevention method is to wipe the sweat in time, ventilate and cool down, wear cotton products underwear, and have a spacious and breathable clothing.Stay away from allergies. If you eat some foods, if you feel itchy or panic, asthma, etc., you should stop eating immediately.

Some skin diseases will seriously endanger the health of pregnant women and fetuses, such as herpes pustules.This is a rare acute dangerous skin disease. It often occurs in the last three months of pregnancy, which can cause abortion, death and baby birth for several days.In addition to the small pustules that have gathered in the skin, it has a different degree of itching, and it is also accompanied by symptoms such as high fever, cold war, vomiting, diarrhea, and convulsions.

Therefore, pregnant women suffer from skin diseases, regardless of their severity, they should pay full attention.

In order to ensure a good skin, expectant mothers need to take care of herself, start from healthy and comfortable, and give some careful care for the skin.

Get a good foundation

Skin care products containing vitaminic acid are stopped one month before pregnancy, because it has obvious teratogenic effects.

Constipation will increase the accumulation of toxins in the body and make the skin dark.After getting up in the morning, drink a large glass of water to stimulate gastrointestinal motility and prevent constipation.

Endocrine disorders are the main cause of spots during pregnancy.Therefore, do not eat greasy foods, and avoid fried in cooking methods to avoid aggravating endocrine imbalances.

Staying up late, depression and irritability will increase the color spots, it is best to fall asleep before 12pm.

Balanced nutrition, appearing on the skin is a glorious shine.Eat more vegetables and fruits rich in protein and vitamin C, such as rapeseed, cabbage, tomatoes, etc., which can make pregnant women’s skin and organs in the body well protect.

Pregnancy is a period when it is more likely to occur in skin inflammation, so even the skin care products that were reliable before should be used carefully at this time.Some effects, such as whitening, spots, repair and other products, are more or less containing hormones, lead, mercury, spices, and alcohol. There are certain unsafe factors in the baby. It is best not to use it.

Wash your face in the morning and evening, remove waste accumulated on the skin surface to prevent clogging pores.Avoid using a scrub cleansing product, you should choose a refreshing, mild cleansing product with no soap base.

The most suitable temperature for facial washing water is about 34 degrees Celsius.Excessive cleaning, the face will become more oily, so the number of times a day should not be washed more than 3 times.

It should not be soaked for too long during bathing. You can choose a neutral shower gel without soap and pH. It is not advisable to use too hot water.

Keep a certain temperature in the room, it is best to have an air humidifier or put a pot of water.Wort the wet warm towels and apply it on the face, and massage gently, which can promote blood circulation and make your skin lack of water.

☆ Homemade natural mask

Fruits contain a large amount of nutrients, vitamins, and trace elements. External application is good for increasing skin elasticity and moisturizing gloss.The fruit mask made at home does not have chemical additives, but the fruit acid contained in it will still stimulate the skin of the mother’s skin. It is best to try it in the inside of the arms.””

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