Morning Yi helps 丨 Women’s abortion is suspected to be related to mosquito coil camphor pills "poisonous gas".

On July 14th, Ms. Yang from Shaoyang, Hunan south to Xiaoxiang Morning News (reported WeChat: XXCBBAOLIAO) Morning Yi to help reporters report that a Hunan Huayou Ninhe Chemical Co., Ltd. he had reported (hereinafter referred to as "Huayou Rihua") It is suspected of producing and selling products such as fake and inferior mosquito mosquito camphor pills. During the production process, "poisonous gas" caused his own abortion. Police have already filed a case for investigation.

Ms. Yang said that mosquito coils are pesticides. This company does not have a qualified production, but the mosquito coils and other products produced are still sold in many offline retail stores and e -commerce platforms. She hopes to remind consumers.

The reporter verified that in the first half of this year, the legal representative of the factory was detained by the police for the crime of producing fake and shoddy products and was arrested.

In response to the sales of related products on the e -commerce platform, the customer service responded to the reporter that consumers can report it, and the platform staff will deal with it after verification.

Women suspect that abortion is related to the smell of products such as mosquito, camphor pills, and other products.

Ms. Yang is more than 40 years old and is from Shaoyang and Shao Dong. She runs a company in Shandong Julong International Industrial Park.Ms. Yang said that a few years ago, a company named Huayou Daily began to produce camphor pills, mosquito coils and other products next door to a building next door.

"Starting production products is relatively small, it may be bigger later, more and more products, but the taste is getting bigger and bigger." Ms. Yang introduced that the smell is unpalatable and dizzy.The workers of her enterprise couldn’t stand it, and some workers even resigned on the grounds that they had to resign.

Ms. Yang said that in this case, she found a person in charge of Huayou’s daily chemistry to communicate, hoping that the other party had moved away, but the other party said that she had no evidence and the communication process of both sides was not happy.

Ms. Yang said that she reported to Shao Dong County Market Supervision and Administration Bureau on the grounds that the mosquito coils, camphor pills and other products produced by the factory, and the relevant departments intervened in disposal, conducted random inspections, and the products were unqualified, but Huayou DayiThe production behavior is continuing after turning.

Ms. Yang said that in the second half of 2021, she was pregnant, but unfortunately, the child had a miscarriage in February 2022.

Ms. Yang’s eldest son is already in her 20s. She has always wanted to have a second child in a foreign country.She suspected that her abortion was related to the unpleasant smell of inhaling the isolation factory. She claimed to consult the doctor of the hospital, and the other party said it was possible.

Multi -party collection of evidence: Manufacturers are produced with the qualifications of others, and the results of multi -product sampling inspection are unqualified

According to a reply given by the report of Ms. Yang in September 2021 in the Shandong County Market Supervision and Administration Bureau: In August 2021, the bureau’s "Jiaxiang" brand mosquito coil and "Ji Dian" brand mosquito coils commissioned by Huayou daily chemical daily chemicalsThe "Jiaxiang" brand camphor pill was tested.According to the bureau’s entrusting the national family pesticide quality supervision and inspection center for testing, both products are unqualified. The reason is that the "effective ingredient requirements" do not meet the standards.

Another test report on the inspection agency of Shandong County Market Supervision and Management in September 2021 also showed that the inspection conclusion was "not complied with the prescribed standards and unqualified products."

According to industrial and commercial information, Huayou Nihua Company was established in 2012, and its business scope includes mosquito coils, insect -proof and anti -moth products.

Ms. Yang said that although the administrative department later punished the company, the company’s production and sales behavior continued.

One of the penalties for market supervision and management of Shandong City shows that on June 7, 2022, the bureau made administrative penalties for non -qualified mosquito coils and camphor pills for the daily production and sales of Huayou: 190 yuan of illegal income and a fine of 9,9504 yuan.The penalty decision also stated that the bureau had been transferred to the local public security organs, but the Shandong City Public Security Bureau made a decision on the case of no case, and returned the case back to the bureau for handling.

After Ms. Yang’s abortion, she began to further collect illegal evidence of the factory and understand the production process of mosquito coils and camphor pills. She went to the warehouse of the other manufacturer to check.Although she could not prove that her miscarriage was directly related to the company’s products, she did find that many factories were illegal or even suspected of criminal acts.

Ms. Yang said that she had witnessed the company’s procurement of mosquito coils with pesticide production licenses and pesticide registration certificates, and sprayed medicines in Huayou Ri Chemical Factory to produce "Ji Dian" and "Jiaxiang"Brand finished mosquito coil.However, mosquito coils are pesticides. The company did not obtain pesticide production licenses. The pesticide registration certificate number was used to produce other corporate certificates for production.

In order to prove the sales of the other party, she drove the evidence of selling circulation in the market in many places.The store purchased a total of 10,000 or 20,000 yuan.

At the same time, the evidence provided by Ms. Yang showed that Huayou Nihua has purchased a large number of essences from a company in Shanxi for making camphor pills.However, in fact, the country has already promulgated stipulation that although the pills made of 萘 as the main raw materials have some anti -insects and mothing effects, it is harmful to human health and should stop production and sales.

Multi -platform is still sold, e -commerce customer service: will be verified and handled after reporting

In April of this year, Ms. Yang reported to the Hunan Provincial Public Security Department to report to the production and sales of fakes and shoddy products in Hunan Huayou Ninhe Chemical Co., Ltd..

At present, the official website of Huayou Daily has been unable to open it. The reporter contacted Hunan Huayou Ninhe Chemical Co., Ltd.’s industrial and commercial registration contact information, and it was unable to connect.The shop webpage opened on the company on the 1688 website can be accessible, but there are no product sales in mosquito coils and camphor pills.The reporter dialed the method of the joint department of the store, and the other party called "wrong."

The reporter from Xiaoxiang Morning News also verified that at the same time, Huayou daily daily Chemical has continued to produce and sell after the production and sales of fakes, inferior mosquito coils, camphor pills and other products.And have been approved to be arrested.

Recently, Ms. Yang found on multiple e -commerce platforms that some merchants are still selling related products produced by this manufacturer.

The reporter found a family mosquito coil on Taobao on Taobao.Under another company name in Fujian.

The reporter also searched the relevant mosquito coil products on another e -commerce platform. The product packaging was the pesticide registration certificate as another certificate number, which was registered in the Wanyou family sanitary pest control center in Liuzhou.The staff of the agency said that the product had nothing to do with them, and the manufacturer used their registration number.

In response to this issue, Taobao customer service replied that consumers can report to the platform when they encounter such circumstances, and the platform staff will verify the sellers and product pages.

Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Cao Wei

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