More leucorrhea is related to eating?Check if there are these habits

Recently, the hot and humid climate of high temperature and continuous rain has caused many people to have allergies of bronchial, upper respiratory tract, or the skin rash. Chinese medicine found that many women often have difficulty in bringing in this season.The secretions on the pants are abnormally increased.

Many patients often confuse "Is it normal to have leucorrhea or no leucorrhea?" In fact, it is not a shy and embarrassing symptom. From the perspective of Chinese medicineWomen’s secretions are closely related to hormones in the body.

Women who are ovulation, before menstruation or women in pregnancy will have a large amount of secretions due to the rise in estrogen in the body. This is a normal physiological leucorrhea.The type of normal leucorrhea will be relatively sticky, transparent or white, without odor.If it is not a general physiological leucorrhea, it is necessary to distinguish where the body is caused.

Spleen deficiency type with disease: the disaster of eating lettuce Salaz

In order to lose weight, some women often use salad instead of dining, and they often have diarrhea. They think they are detoxifying. After seeing the doctor, they know that the entire gastrointestinal function is damaged.Down.

Treatment focuses on repairing damaged spleen and stomach digestive functions, and often uses Chinese medicine to bring soup to treat spleen and stomach function, so that the water fluid in the body is metabolized normally.

Kidney yin deficiency with: staying up late, love to eat Xinyan barbecue

The other is that the kidney yin deficiency is common, commonly in menopause women, the factor uterine ovarian function declines, hormone is reduced or the shock is unstable, and the yin part of the secretion is less or the private parts feel dry and itchy.However, if young girls often stay up late and like to eat spicy foods such as barbecue and spicy food, such kidney yin deficiency is also prone to occur.

Treatment often uses Zhibai Dihuang Wan, clearing heat and dampness, nourishing yin and nourishing the kidney.It is recommended to eat some black fungus, white fungus, yam, bass, etc. to increase the moisture in the general dietary health care.

Wet and humid bets: three meals have a heavy taste in the meal outside

If it is caused by vaginal infection or inflammation, cervical inflammation, or the secretion caused by pelvic cavity inflammation, the secretion is sticky and yellow or green, and it is similar to a tofu residue.How good to work in busy work, stressful, and three meals are always good -looking for women.

The treatment of traditional Chinese medicine is mainly based on clearing heat, detoxifying and dampness, and the inflammation will subscribe, and then the physique will be recovered.


In addition to diet control, eat less cold, sweet and not digestible foods, it is recommended that you can also use acupoint health care. The foot of Zusanli and Fenglong acupoints on the inside of the calf, with Yinlingquan and Sanyinjian massage on the front side of the calf.

If you bring the yellowing and odor, you can strengthen the massage Taichong acupoint.

If the amount of leucorrhea is more transparent and easy to be cold, you can apply the Qihai Point and Guanyuan Acupoint under the belly button.

Health tea

You can usually cook some peaceful health tea, 6 chrysanthemums, 8g Poria, 8g of white peony, 6g of tension, 6g of licorice, 1000cc of water, can be boiled in low heat for 30 minutes, and then drained the medicine residue.drink.

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