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Perhaps the most obvious pregnancy signal is: menopause.This symptom has caused women to notice more symptoms of pregnancy.Do you know other symptoms of pregnancy?16 signals, help you understand whether you are pregnant, come and see.

Pregnancy signal 1: menopause

Perhaps the most obvious pregnancy signal is: menopause.This symptom has caused women to notice more symptoms of pregnancy.

Some women may only experience some weakness compared to usual.They may not find any symptoms mentioned below before discovering menstruation.

Pregnancy signal 2: Just feel "pregnant"

This symptom may be why you browse the web now.Many women believe they have the ability to predict pregnancy.And their intuition is often right.

Perhaps you just feel abnormal: tired, emotional, often disgusting, dizziness.You may also have stomach pain and constipation. Perhaps, you find that you have to go to the bathroom more times.Perhaps you will feel the pain or stiffness of the waist, maybe, you will feel breast pain, or the breast is too sensitive, or you just feel that you are very different from usual.

Pregnancy signal 3: The breast becomes sensitive

One of the obvious features of pregnancy is that your breasts start to become sensitive, swell, and feel sore for no reason.When you are looking for a comfortable sleeping position, you feel that your breasts are abnormal when you are exercising or bathing, or when you wear clothes.

When you are pregnant, your body starts to produce milk and prepare breast milk.Hormones began to increase.In addition, the breasts will become sensitive and swollen, and the nipples will feel sore and extremely sensitive.Some women will find that their nipples will become black.

Pregnancy signal 4: fatigue

One of the early symptoms of pregnancy is fatigue.You may go to bed earlier, but find it more difficult to get up in the morning.If you have a job and do it at noon, you will feel that you need to find a place to lie down and rest.Exercise becomes high consumption.Simple activities such as shopping will make you feel very tired, and even heavy heads.All these symptoms are derived from the growth of hormones in your body.

If you know that you are pregnant, then take a nap for 15 to 30 minutes when you need it.Tell your family, friends and colleagues, you do need these rest time.And ask them for help and set your personal rest schedule.

Pregnancy signal 5: The frequency of going to the bathroom increases the frequency

Others will notice that one of the symptoms you get pregnant is: you "patronize" the bathroom more frequently.Your family or friends will tell you that you go to the bathroom more times than before.The reason for this phenomenon is that the expansion of the uterus will put pressure on the bladder.

At the same time, pregnancy can also cause kidney and bladder to produce more liquid.This has caused you to go to the bathroom more frequently.And, I’m sorry to tell you: This symptom will continue to present in the next nine months.

Pregnancy signal 6: Vomiting

One of the symptoms of pregnancy is: disgusting.This may be surprised that you are completely unprepared.This symptom may appear in the first week of pregnancy.Many women can vomit when they drink coffee and breakfast in the morning.This is what people call morning vomiting.Some pregnant women will disgust in the afternoon or evening.And some other days will feel like vomiting.

Small meals can reduce this symptom.Some pregnant women think that canned sardines and milk is very helpful for reducing nausea.This symptom will slowly appear one month after the start of pregnancy. When you enter the fourth month, its extent will slowly reduce, and the human body will slowly adapt to various changes caused by the body due to pregnancy.

Pregnancy signal 7: dizziness

Dizziness is a symptom that pregnant women feel helpless.Whether you are going up the stairs, standing up for a long time, or selling at the retail store, you will feel dizzy and even cause fainting.This is because the swelling of the uterus compress the leg blood vessels.This reduces your blood pressure and cause dizziness.

Another symptom of pregnancy is: when you have not eaten for a while, you will feel dizzy.This is because blood sugar is too low.And blood sugar is the main food of your baby in your body.In order to improve the blood sugar concentration in the body, you need to eat some healthy foods more frequently.Put more things into your lunch box, such as: apples, bananas, grapes, yogurt, carrots, celery, cheese, tidal milk, juice, Grannora oatmeal, raisins, etc.

Pregnancy signal 8: greedy or anorexia

A well -known pregnancy signal is to eat some kind of food or special food.For example: there is a pregnant woman saying that one day late at night, she suddenly wanted to eat the hot peach school with vanilla ice cream.Every pregnant woman has some small stories about greedy.

Taking pre -delivery vitamin supplements, or pure cod liver oil can reduce the symptoms of greedy, and prevent additional weight gain (of course, these drugs should be taken under the guidance of a doctor).

A common but few people know that the pregnancy phenomenon is: hate eating certain foods.You will find that you will lose your appetite about what you like to eat before.A pregnant woman told us that she once liked to eat Pizza very much, but now there is no way to withstand the taste of Pizza.That taste made her nauseous.Some pregnant women will repeatedly appear this status quo.And some pregnant women have been suffering from such appetite during pregnancy.

Pregnancy signal 9: sensitive to odor

Sensitive to odor.Even a very pleasant taste, such as: the fragrance or perfume flavor of food may disgust.The grass taste of the grass, the taste of the gasoline station, the taste of various foods, the flavor of the cleaner, the flavor of perfume or smoke, etc., can cause you to feel sick.This is the result of estrogen flooding in your body.

Pregnancy signal 10: morning vomiting

This is a well -known pregnancy signal associated with the symptoms of nausea.It may be caused by many things.You want to eat, but you don’t eat all night, which leads to your nausea.There are more hormones in the body, which can also cause morning vomiting.If you are sensitive to aroma and food, then you are not suitable to drink coffee in the morning.The breakfast you usually eat may not be digested well in your stomach at this time.There is a woman who often uses barbecue and coffee as breakfast. When she finds that she will feel nauseous about barbecue and coffee during pregnancy.Then she changed breakfast to tea with toast, and found that this breakfast was very suitable for her.The situation of each pregnant woman is different, so various foods may cause morning vomiting.

Pregnancy signal 11: Stomach pain or constipation

The expansion of the uterus causes the uterus to squeeze the stomach and other organs when the uterus is expanding, causing stomach pain and constipation.In addition, the increase in hormones will cause slow digestion and hinder the digestion function of digestion of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.Take some prenatal vitamins and mineral nutrition medicines, which is important for the development of the fetus.

Slowly gastric digestion can cause gastric acid to digest food with more gastric acid, which leads to the occurrence of stomach pain.Soda or hot water can reduce stomach pain.Small meals are easier to digest.Drink water, eat more fruits and vegetables, raisins, and coarse grains can help digestion.There are also some daily vitamin supplements that contain digestible ingredients.The above can help pregnant women digest.

Before you take any anti -acid agent, you must consult your doctor.Because anti -acid agents may contain elements that should be avoided in aluminum, etc.Stomach pain and constipation will continue to appear during your pregnancy.

Pregnancy signal 12: Emotional and irritable

With so many symptoms of pregnancy to be treated, and the sudden increased hormones, will you still be surprised by pregnant women’s often emotional and irritable?In addition, women have to adjust their emotions to accept new responsibilities.Their world has changed.Although some expectant mothers have carefully arranged their own pregnancy things, they will inevitably have problems such as their careers, economy, insurance, presence, mother -child relationships, and even future life.

It is natural for pregnant women to feel complicated. Whether they are surprised or melancholy, happy or sad, whether it is laughing or tears, it is the natural expression of their complex emotions.The partner may be confused because of this, and even can’t bear it.Pregnant women need to explain to their partners: emotional ups and downs are caused by pregnancy, and they need the understanding and support of the other half.

The prospective mothers are not for all the changes brought about by pregnancy, and they are not asking too much to the other half.The partner only needs to be more patience, love, and give them more embrace and support when they need help.At the same time, most of the prospective dads need to be supported, and they sometimes need to guide.No one told them about any pregnancy signals.Pregnancy is strange and mysterious for them.

This symptom began to ease after the 6th month of pregnancy.Remember to sleep more, eat normally, take pre -daily vitamins, and exercise through walking.

Pregnancy signal 13: High body temperature

Pregnancy can also make the human body temperature higher.You might feel a little hot, so he suspects whether you are cold.At this time, you should measure your body temperature to see if it is higher than normal body temperature.

If you have tried to conceive and want to be pregnant (pregnancy is a very difficult thing, but some people must go through it), your doctor may suggest that you record your daily body temperature.If your body temperature is slightly higher than usual and it lasts for two weeks, this proves that some changes are happening in your body.You may be pregnant!Continuous body temperature has prompted you to consult your doctor.

Pregnancy signal 14: I feel pain in the low waist

The waist pain of the early pregnancy signal can be said to be a real pain.There are many causes of pain in low waist.First, it is because of your weight change.Because of pregnancy, your weight increases, the uterus becomes larger, and the fetus keeps growing every week.In addition, because of physical changes.The weight of the fetus is concentrated in front of the body, so the burden on the waist is worsened.Pregnancy is like carrying a backpack in front.Such a change increased the burden on the waist.

In addition, lack of sleep at night is also a cause of back pain.You may lie on the side, or keep looking for a comfortable sleeping position.The weight of the uterus also pulled the back muscles when I was sleeping.Buying a pillow dedicated to a pregnant woman can help you sleep a bit.

Finally, changes in hormones and internal body can also feel pain in the waist.Your body is constantly preparing for the market, and some of your joints and ligaments will be loosened for the latter.All the above factors add up to the pain of the waist pain in the early stages of pregnancy.Experts estimate that more than half of pregnant women will have this symptom.

Pregnancy signal 15: Bed bleeding

A pregnant signal that few people know is: when the fertilized eggs start to bed in the uterus, they can cause minor bleeding.This is the so -called "bed bleeding", which will appear 3 to 6 days after fertilization.

Once the fertilized egg is implanted in the uterus, congratulations, you don’t need to worry about whether you are accurate and troubled for various pregnancy signals, you are already pregnant!You will find some red or pink blood.However, not all women will experience this symptom, so it is not a very obvious sign of pregnancy.

Pregnancy signal 16: Send weight and gain weight

Of course, inevitable weight gain is a symptom of pregnancy.Your clothes will be tighter and tighter, you will feel that you are getting fat, and your weight continues to rise.Your body will become bigger and bigger, which is one of the results of pregnancy.

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