Moms must take class!What tests should I do when I am pregnant?When to check?

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Dear mothers, congratulations on your pregnancy!

This is the happiest and sweetest moment of the whole family

But the new life needs the careful care of you and your family

What examinations do I need to do during pregnancy?

The obstetrician of the county maternal and child health hospital for you:

The first examination is between 6 weeks and 13 days of pregnancy. The inspection content includes:

1. B -ultrasound or color ultrasound, electrocardiogram;

2. Books, medical examinations, women’s examinations, cervical TCT examination, nutritional guidance;

3. Blood drawing test: blood type (ABO), RH blood type, liver and kidney function, hepatitis B, HIV, syphilis, hepatitis C (including hepatitis B, syphilis, HIV free), four teratogenic items, thyroid function, you needEmpty stomach;

4. Hematuria routine, leucorrhea routine;

5, 12 weeks-13 weeks and 6 days of color Doppler ultrasound (check NT, screen for some fetal congenital malformations).

The second examination is between 14 weeks and 19 weeks of pregnancy. It is necessary to check blood routine, color Doppler ultrasound, production inspection, and Tang’s syndrome (15-20 weeks), non-invasive DNA (15-22 weeks+6 days).Pumping blood needs to be empty.

The third examination is from 20 to 23 weeks of pregnancy +6 days. The blood ultrasound, color Doppler ultrasound, and production inspection need to be checked.

The fourth examination is from 24 to 27 weeks +6 days of pregnancy. It is necessary to check color Doppler ultrasound, 75G OGTT, blood routine, urine routine.

The fifth examination is from 28 weeks to 31 weeks+6 days. Once the birth check is required, the self-monitoring method of pregnant women is carried out to promote natural delivery, breast milk feeding guidance, color Doppler ultrasound (2-4 weeks), routine hematuria, gerbolic father’s blood type, the father’s father blood type,There are high -risk factors starting for fetal heart monitoring since 28 weeks (once every 2 weeks), and there are no high -risk factors from 32 weeks.

The sixth examination is from 32 to 36 weeks of pregnancy +6 days. It is necessary to check the birth check, hematuria routine, serum bile acid, liver function, blood lipids, renal function, plasma protein, empty blood sugar, fetal heart monitoring, conditional travel B national chain B national chainBacteria examination.(Blood drawing requires an empty stomach).

The seventh examination is between 37 and 41 weeks of pregnancy. The B -ultrasound, routine hematuria, and cervical examination need to be checked.

Dear pregnant mothers are in 37 weeks of baby, and the due date will be in 40 weeks. If there is no attack in 41 weeks, you must go to the hospital for delivery, because you will be pregnant for 42 weeks.The obstetrician of the county maternal and child health hospital reminds all pregnant mothers: For babies and their own health and safety, they must be checked on time!If necessary, please increase the number of examinations according to the guidance of the doctor. If you have any discomfort during pregnancy, you can call to consult 0719-273120.

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