Moms must look at: Precautions for seven weeks of pregnancy

The 7th week of pregnancy, the embryo is like a bean at this time, about 12 mm long.Now if you can see your body, you will find that the embryo already has a big head that is not proportional to the body.And the facial organs of the embryo are very obvious, the eyes are like a obvious black spots, the nostrils are wide open, and the ears are somewhat depressed.



The young buds extended from the embryo will grow into arms and legs. Now it looks obvious, and the hands and feet look like a short paddle.The growth of other parts includes pituitary and muscle fibers.Now you can’t hear the fetal heart sound, but the heart of the embryo has been divided into a left atrium and right ventricle, and it starts to beat regularly. It jumps about 150 times per minute, which is twice as fast as your heartbeat.


In the middle of this week, the embryo began to have the first move. Unfortunately, you can’t feel it. It takes about 6 months to enjoy the fun of doing fitness exercise with the fetus.Now your emotions must fluctuate greatly, and sometimes it is irritable, but it should be noted that 6-10 weeks of early pregnancy is a critical period for the development of embryos. If your emotions are too disturbed, it will affect the development of the embryo and lead to the development of the embryo and cause the embryo and lead to the causeClears or lip cracks.Now, are you still continuing to supplement foods containing folic acid and trace elements? You know, within three months of pregnancy, you must adhere to the work of supplementing early pregnancy nutrition.


The expectant mother’s uterine wall will become softer and softer, which is convenient for the embryo’s bed and development. When you check, the doctor knows that he will not feel it.In addition, the mucus of the cervix becomes sticky. These mucus condenses in the cervix into mucus bolt.Blood.


This week’s troublesome early pregnancy reactions (dizziness, nausea, vomiting, etc.) are becoming more and more obvious, and frequent urination is becoming more and more powerful. Some mothers also have constipation.Never take drugs that reduce reactions.If a serious reaction occurs, you should go to the hospital in time.


The vaginal secretions of expectant mothers are gradually increasing, and they are particularly prone to infection with Candida vaginitis, so pay attention to the cleanliness of vulva.


6 to 8 weeks of pregnancy is a critical period for the development of embryo palate. If the mood of pregnant women is too uneasy, it will cause embryo cleft palate or lip cracks.During this period, expectant mothers are most likely to fluctuate and tired.Such abnormalities usually fade back in the first three months.


Vitamin is not harmless. When pregnant women use vitamins, they should carefully refer to the instructions. After taking excessive use of vitamin A, it will increase the chances of newborn rabbit lips, jaw fissure, congenital heart disease, and central nervous system abnormalities.Taking excessive vitamin C will affect the absorption and metabolism of the maternal vitamin B12.


The prospective father should care and take care of his wife, take the initiative to share the housework, and pay attention to his wife’s diet.Try to reduce the psychological burden of pregnant women, and comfort the wife with a frequent state of anxiety and early pregnancy response, so that she can easily pass the pregnancy.

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