Moms during pregnancy must supplement calcium, how can I avoid misunderstandings, using the right method is critical

We often say that during pregnancy, because there is still a life in her belly, they must eat two copies.In fact, you should also pay attention when you consume calcium.However, this is not to let mothers take a lot of intake, but to consume calcium according to their physical condition and pregnancy time.

Mom is likely to hear how other Baoma feels short after giving birth?Why are you always prone to back pain and cramps?How do children grow so slowly … In fact, this may be because of the lack of calcium in the pregnancy intake during pregnancy.It is important to know that calcium supplementation during pregnancy is important.At this time, both the baby and the mother need calcium. If the baby’s own calcium intake is insufficient, they will "ask for" Bao Mom, which is harmful to Bao Ma’s body.How to scientifically supplement calcium is particular about it. Bao Ma should not treat it, but Bao Ma Bao Dad doesn’t have to worry too much. It is not difficult to supplement calcium at all.

There are some misunderstandings about calcium supplementation on the Internet. If the mother cannot think about two thoughts and believes that these calcium supplements misunderstandings may produce the opposite effect.

Too many calcium supplements, children’s heads hard and easy to give birth

Some people will feel that it is best to add less calcium in the later stage of mother’s pregnancy, because too much calcium supplement will increase the hardness of the baby’s skull, and the gap between the skulls will not reduce the smoothness of production when it is born.Will calcium supplement be too right to make children’s production uncomfortable?

In fact, it is not difficult to think about it. Everything must be appropriate. If the mother can follow the "moderate", there will be no side effects of calcium supplementation.Furthermore, the function of the human body is relatively complete. If there are too many calcium supplement, the human body will automatically discharge it to achieve self -protection. Therefore, as long as it is "moderate", you don’t have to worry about calcium supplementation will not be conducive to production.

Too early or too much calcium supplement will have adverse effects on the baby

Calcium supplementation during pregnancy is very important, because calcium has an important role in the growth of bones, that is, the growth of children.When the baby is in the mother’s belly, it grows rapidly. There are a lot of calcium in need. In addition, the mother is in a special period, and the loss of calcium will increase. Most mothers are not enough in this period.What’s more, consciously reduce the intake of calcium. If the mother is not sure at this time, it may be deficient in calcium.

If the mother is really worried that excessive calcium supplementation will cause the child’s intellectual development, it is best to ask the doctor.However, don’t worry too much, because the human body will balance various elements, and the excess will be excreted.

Eating more foods containing calcium is enough

We often see bone soup in TV series, saying what to eat. In fact, there are not many calcium content in the bone soup.If the mother is less calcium deficiency, it may not be possible to rely on food. At this time, you can eat some calcium tablets under the guidance of a doctor.However, eating calcium tablets should also be eaten on the basis of reasonable diet. Calcium tablets cannot replace food.There is also a healthy green calcium supplement method to dry the sun, which can beautify both mood and calcium supplement.

For mom

During pregnancy, if the mother’s calcium is not in place, the baby’s calcium will be insufficient, and the baby will absorb the mother’s calcium. In this way, the mother may have high blood pressure, and some problems will accompany the mother for a long time. For example, the mother, the motherThe metabolic system will be destroyed and may cause indigestion.

There may be a bad mood in physical problems. With the pressure of children, the mother may become irritable, the temper is poor, and it is likely to affect the child’s mood.It may also cause insomnia and loss of appetite … Calcium deficiency can also cause damage to the mother’s bones, such as loose teeth and easy fractures.

For babies

When the baby lacks calcium in the mother’s belly, the bone development will be unhealthy, which may cause cartilage disease and affect the normal development of the child.Calcium deficiency can also affect the baby’s intelligence and affect the normal development of the brain.It may also cause congenital disease.Some babies will also have problems of being frightened, cramps, and abdominal pain at night. This may be a problem with the mother’s tire, as well as the height of the baby, and it has something to do with calcium deficiency.

First of all, how to grasp calcium supplementation during pregnancy

How to grasp calcium supplement during pregnancy?It is best to analyze the specific problem. According to the needs of Baoma, do not blindly increase or reduce the intake of calcium.And the earlier the better, this is not to say that the early calcium must be supplemented, but the initial stage must be consciously replenished with some calcium. By the time of the baby, the baby grows faster. At this time, for calciumActive can be more.And calcium supplementation is best between two meals, and calcium supplementation is easier to absorb before going to bed.

Second, how much calcium should be supplemented during pregnancy

"800 mg/day in the early pregnancy, 1000mg/day in the second trimester, and the increase in the third trimester to 1200mg/day."

This tells us that calcium supplementation is also particular about scientific calcium supplementation according to the baby’s growth and how long pregnancy.The amount of calcium that needs to be supplemented is increased with time, and more and more babies and moms need

Finally, how to supplement calcium in daily life

If the mother’s calcium deficiency is more serious, you can drink a small amount of milk and eat calcium tablets. Remember not to be greedy or anxious.For diet, you can eat more soy products, dairy products, meat, and seafood. What are the specific uncertainty to find some information.A healthy and economical method is to expose the sun more.Also, not everyone has to eat calcium tablets, depending on the situation.Moms should also maintain a good mood and eat less cold things.

【Editor’s Calculation】

Pregnancy is one of the most important things for a family. The importance of mothers and babies does not need to say more about the editor. This is the future of a family. Each choice of parents is very important.If the mother is not sure about her constitution, it is best to check it. It is best to get a scientific guidance. In this way, it can avoid many hidden dangers.Finally, I want to say that Bao Ma is better to supplement calcium according to her own physique, "right medicine" is a positive solution

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