Moms and babies don’t be afraid of fever!Clinical nurse tells you that the daily care of your baby’s fever

Baby fever is a problem that many Baoma will encounter, and at night, the baby’s fever is often overwhelmed.Then the little nurse gives the mother’s popular knowledge about the fever!

First, why are children easy to fever?

① Due to the incomplete development of the children’s nervous system, the question adjustment function is not good

② Some babies will have low fever after a period of time after vaccination

③ The weak resistance of infants and young children often cause fever due to infection

2. How many reasons for the fever of the baby?

① Non -basic type: A lot of fever in the baby is not caused by the disease. It may be due to excessive exercise, and the temporary body temperature rises; the short -term fever after vaccination; infants and young children can not dissipate body heat due to excessive clothes;After drinking hot water, just after taking a shower, these fever are short -lived. Moms don’t have to worry, but they must also observe patiently.

② Pseudo -heating: The use of the thermometer is error, the thermometer is damaged, and there is an important reason. The estimated error (such as the palm of the adult’s hand or forehead touched the baby’s body or forehead, resulting in judgment errors)

Third, the fever of the disease: such as bacterial and virus infections cause inflammation, tumor cancer, and autoimmune system diseases, dehydration will cause development, but these verifications that need to be assisted can be confirmed.

Heating index

The best way to measure body temperature measurement: When you think that when your baby is hot, you can measure your baby’s body temperature every 3 hours, and make a record (record time, and then measure the body temperature, which must be paid attention to) This will help more detailed detailsUnderstand the baby’s condition, and provide the doctor for preparing condition information for the doctor when you seek medical treatment.

Measurement location: There are several measurement methods for baby body temperature, namely oral, armpit, anus, ear temperature. We usually eat armpit measurement methods, but the anal temperature is more prepared, but because the baby does not cooperate, it is inconvenient.

The most commonly used is mercury thermometer (that is, the thermometer of the vitrus). First, let’s talk about how to read the number.Hold the tail of the thermometer of the mercury in your hand, keep the eyes and the thermometer of the same level, and then slowly turn the thermometer, and see the thick mercury column (red in the middle) from the front to read the corresponding temperature value.When reading, pay attention not to use the mercury end of the temperature meter with your hands, which will affect the measurement of the water column and cause the measurement.Before you look at it, you must hold the tail and throw it first to ensure that it is not the previous reading.

Precautions for measuring body temperature: Do not measure the body temperature when the child is after taking a shower. Do not measure the body temperature when there is sweat under the armpit. When measuring the mouth temperature, the baby is measured after eating or drinking.Measurement.

Treatment measures with no more than 38.5 ° C: fever is a defensive response to the human body to the pathogenic factors. For the fever of 38 ° C in the body temperature, you don’t need to cool down the heat and degrade the heat. If the baby has a trend of rising body temperature, you can take it first.Physical cooling.

Physical cooling method ① Bathing warm water, water temperature adjustment is 27-37 ° C. Pay attention, do not take a hot bath for your baby; ② Soak hot water, soak your feet to promote blood circulation, alleviate discomfort, soak your feet when your baby is hot can help help help.Cooling; ③ Cold ice packs, if you feel that the ice pack is too cold, you can wrap the towel to apply it cold.

The body temperature exceeds 35.5 ° C treatment method: When the body temperature exceeds 38.5 ° C, the help of antipyretic drugs is needed. Parents are best to use the most widely used and the most clinical safety drugs, the two types of pediatrics of acetaminol and ibuprofen.

If the body temperature does not exceed 35.5 ° C, we first choose the method of physical cooling. If it exceeds 38.5 ° C or the baby has sculpture, we should seek medical treatment in time to take antipyretic medicine under the guidance of a doctor.

1. Don’t wear too much clothes, be cool in clothes;

2. Keep the air circulation in the room. Remember that you cannot turn off the window to prevent your children from seeing the wind, encourage drinking water, keep the mouth moisturizing, and urinate smoothly;

3. Pay attention to nutrition and eat more fruits. In addition, the stool should be smooth to ensure that the mouth is clean. Remember to rinse your mouth after eating.

If there is an emergency response measure of high fever and convulsions !!!!

2. Control the acupuncture points such as the acupuncture, pinching, and pressing the baby, Hegu, Neiguan and other acupoints for 2 minutes.

3. Reduce body temperature, physical cooling and heat -up, and send medical treatment in time.

When the baby is fever, you must deal with it calmly. The little nurse also wishes you the health of your baby. If you like it, please pay attention to reposting!Thanks!

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