Mom ’s pregnancy 25th week baby’ s body and mother will change if you see it.

Week 25 baby

The baby’s brain began to work. During the 25 weeks of pregnancy, he could feel and experience something.Know all the wonderful things that happened in your body (and in the baby’s body)!

The baby’s skin is still thin, wrinkled, and pale.Due to increasing fat and muscles, he is a little bit plump every day.The small blood vessels called capillaries began to develop under the skin, and the skin will slowly turn pink.

He is still swallowing amniotic fluid and continues to grow up!At 25 weeks of pregnancy, the baby grows to about 30.5 to 33 cm, and the weight is about 1.5 pounds, which is about the size of a cauliflower.

During this time, the baby’s cerebral cortex began to develop into the cerebral cortex, but many actions were still controlled by other earlier brain areas.Human cerebral cortex is the most complicated brain structure of all animal kingdoms. It provides our ability to think, plan or perceive in a complex way.

Is your organ began to be squeezed?This is undoubted: your uterus now has a football size.From your pubic bone up, to a half position between the navel and the sternum (or the place where the rib binds) is the area of the uterus in a certain point, its diameter is about 25 cm.

During this time, you often need urinating may make you feel very distressed!In fact, this is also the most annoying challenge during pregnancy!When you just come out of the bathroom, it is stable, oops, you have to go to the toilet again!Although it is sometimes not convenient, make sure that when you need it, you must empty your bladder.Urinary tract infection (UTIS) is very common during pregnancy, which is caused by improper urination or incomplete urination!

One sign of urethral infection is that you often need to urinate, and the other feeling is particularly urgent to urinate, just like you really need -but when you go to the bathroom, there is no urine.When urination, you will feel burning or pain.Or urine has a bad smell.If you have these signs, call your doctor immediately.Urethral infection is easy to cure, but if it is not treated, it will become a difficult problem.

Does your snoring make your other half sleep? "This is a common symptom of pregnancy. The increased hormone in the body will cause nasal blockage, which will cause snoring." Try to take a warm steam to remove sinusitis, right?You can even try the nasal dilatation bar!

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