Moderator Xu Gehui: Is she really happy to marry a wealthy businessman who is married to the second marriage?

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In 2002, Xu Gehui met Ding Jian, a wealthy businessman, and her life trajectory also changed completely.

In 2005, Xu Gehui married Ding Jian, who was married, and finally found his own happiness.

After marrying Ding Jian, Xu Gehui also suffered some criticism, which made her feel distressed and affected.

Later, her husband Ding Jianli raised Xu Gehui and gave her warm love and reliance.

Today, Xu Gehui, who has been married for 18 years, what did you experience in that year?Is she happy?

In 1968, Xu Gehui was born in a literary family in Beijing, and there is a sister below.

Her father Xu Fuyin is a well -known actor in Beijing Renyi. The corner of Huang Gai in "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" is played by Xu Fuyin.

The mother was a literary soldier and participated in the anti -US aid.

Xu Gehui has looks sweet and cute since he was a child.

Although Xu Gehui was the pearl in the palm of the family, her parents were very severe about her education.

Xu Gehui has been a very sensible child since he was a child. His academic performance has been among the best.

During the second grade of elementary school, Xu Gehui was admitted to Beijing Foreign Studies University with primary school, and then entered the Beijing Foreign Language University Affiliated Middle School.

Even if he entered a key high school, Xu Gehui still did not relax himself, but he became more hard to learn.

With excellent results, Xu Gehui was guaranteed to the Beijing Academy of Foreign Languages and studied in English.

Therefore, Xu Gehui has been to the pride and hope of most of his parents since he was a child.

In the year of the senior year, CCTV held a youth amateur host competition. Xu Gehui held a try mentality and signed up for the competition.

Unexpectedly, Xu Gehui won the first place all the way with his dignified appearance and excellent eloquence.

This competition also asked Xu Gehui to find her own goal, and she decided to be a host in the future.

After entering CCTV smoothly, Xu Gehui officially opened his host career, and the starting point was quite high.

In CCTV, Xu Gehui’s talent has also been fully displayed, and it is also highly valued.

She not only hosted variety shows such as "Zhengda Variety Show", "East and West, North and South", but also many large -scale activities and evening partys.

With his excellent hosting ability and beautiful appearance, Xu Gehui became a star of CCTV and was loved by the audience.

In 1994, Xu Gehui was also rated as "the top ten hosts in the country", which can be described as infinite.

By 1995, Xu Gehui and Ni Ping and Zhao Zhongxiang partnered to host the CCTV Spring Festival Gala.

With a sweet and knowledgeable image, Xu Gehui became a goddess of the public, and was even known as Ni Ping’s "successor".

That year, Xu Gehui was 27 years old, and she was shining.

When Xu Gehui’s career was in the middle of the day, she made an important decision.

In 1996, Xu Gehui, who was unwilling, left CCTV. She wanted to break through herself and seek more possibilities.

After leaving CCTV, Xu Gehui entered Phoenix Satellite TV and continued to write his glory.

She successively hosted programs such as "Gathering Phoenix", "Face Face Face", "Walking with Dreams" and other programs.

In addition, Xu Gehui also hosted many well -known large -scale events, such as "Ke Shouliang’s Live Live Live", "Live Broadcasting of Princess Diana Funeral" and so on.

With his own efforts, Xu Gehui has also become one of the heads of Phoenix Satellite TV, and go hand in hand with Lu Yuqi.

His career has reached its peak and success, but Xu Gehui’s feelings have been worried about his parents.

In a blink of an eye, when Xu Gehui also talked about marriage, her parents began to feel anxious for her.

But Xu Gehui has high requirements for love: "My lover must be my soul companion."

It wasn’t until 2002 that Xu Gehui finally met his love.

That year, Xu Gehui presided over the China Entrepreneur Forum Conference in Heilongjiang, and had a fate with an entrepreneur named Ding Jian.

When the two met for the first time, Ding Jian was full of goodwill and elegant Xu Gehui, and even at first sight.

And Xu Gehui felt very ordinary about Ding Jian’s first impression and didn’t feel heart.

"We can be regarded as long -term love. Without the future development, the first time I met, he would be as usual as Zhang San and Li Si."

However, although Ding Jian looks flat, he is a very good and successful man.

Ding Jian was 3 years older than Xu Gehui. He graduated from the Department of Chemical Engineering of Peking University. He studied in information science at the University of California in 1990 and obtained a master’s degree.

In 1994, Ding Jian founded Asiaxin Co., Ltd. after returning home, and counterattacked by his intelligence, he became a successful entrepreneur.

Compared with the success of his career, Ding Jian’s first marriage life was not happy.

Her first wife was Xiao Yan, graduated from Peking University, and was a very knowledgeable talented woman.

When Ding Jian founded the Asian letter that year, his wife Xiao Yan was the company’s finance, and the couple worked together to work hard.

Later, after having a child, Xiao Yan began to live the life of the husband and son, and gradually became a housewife.

Over time, the marriage of the two began to contradict, and often quarreled for trivial things.

In addition, the two have gathered less and more, and their feelings have a gap. This marriage has long been sores and is in danger.

Until I met Xu Gehui, Ding Jian completely felt that he met real love and saw the hope of happiness.

As a result, Ding Jian began to start a crazy and warm pursuit of Xu Gehui.

"I know you have a career. I am a man with a family. I was not qualified to pursue you, but I can’t suppress my heart. Can you understand my feelings?"

At the beginning, Xu Gehui knew that Ding Jian had a family and directly rejected his confession.

However, Ding Jian was unwilling to give up, but he became more and more brave. Xu Gehui finally fell into the gentle hometown of love.

"Indeed, there are a lot of people who have exposed to excellent people in my work and life, but I finally understand that what you are looking for is the right person, not the perfect person. Ding Jian has a calm weight weight, and he can easily resolve the life in life.Trouble. "

In 2003, Xu Gehui and Ding Jian fell in love, and then became pregnant.

Seeing Xu Gehui with his own child, Ding Jian made up his mind to divorce Xiao Yan.

Seeing that Ding Jian had changed his heart, Xiao Yan no longer chose to struggle and retain, and the two ended the marriage relationship in 2004.

After the divorce, Xiao Yan lived with his son and his daughter. Ding Jian took out a million to Xiao Yan as a compensation fee.

"I will give you a 100 million compensation, I must divorce, she is pregnant, I want to give her a home!"

After divorcing Xiao Yan, Ding Jian accompanied Xu Gehui to raise his fetus, and the two decided to marry Fengzi.

In 2005, Xu Gehui and Ding Jian held a Western -style wedding in Cape Town, South Africa, and the two officially settled into husband and wife.

That year, Xu Gehui was 37 years old and married Ding Jian, a wealthy businessman who was married, and began his marriage life.

Shortly after marriage, Xu Gehui gave birth to a cute daughter for Ding Jian, and a family of three was happy.

But after Xu Ge married Ding Jian who had divorced, she also suffered some criticism, which made her at the cusp.

During that time, Xu Gehui was depressed in the face of sudden accusations and rumors, and even washed his face with tears.

Even Xu Gehui’s parents felt extremely depressed, for fear that his neighbors were gossip behind him.

Facing Xu Gehui with huge pressure, Ding Jian chose to stand out.

He claimed: "I can frankly say that the breakdown of my ex -wife and I have nothing to do with the appearance of Ge Hui, but because of many accidental and inevitable factors."

In Ding Jian’s view, the reason for his divorce is attributed to Xu Gehui, which is too unfair to her.

Ding Jian’s words also gradually reduced Xu Gehui to the burden of heart, and began to face the marriage life.

After getting married with a child, although Xu Gehui became a rich wife, she did not give up her career.

She learned to take care of work and take care of her family, and became a good wife and mother as much as possible.

After having a daughter, Xu Gehui’s life has changed a lot, and it takes care of his daughter’s growth and study all day.

Xu Gehui has greatly valued her daughter’s education. Since she was a child, she has cultivated her daughter to learn various talents, so that her future life is full of possibilities.

In 2013, Xu Gehui was photographed in a leisurely to teach his daughter to go to Go, and the life of the mother and daughter was warm and happy.

Today, Xu Gehui is 55 years old and is no longer young, but it is a bit more calm.

After marrying her husband Ding Jian, now Xu Gehui has already lived a low -key and peaceful life, and also lives a winner in life.

Perhaps, Ding Jian, who chose to marry the second marriage, was also a correct choice in her life.

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