Mixed use and excessive cold medicine can cause liver and kidney damage. Please do not worry about fear and worry when facing Omiko

According to the opinions of many experts, the vast majority of Omikon infected people are asymptomatic, or symptoms of upper respiratory tract symptoms can take normal cold drugs such as antipyretics.As the number of Omikon infected increased, it was difficult to find a cold medicine such as fever and cough.But to be vigilant, even non -prescription medicines cannot be used randomly, especially mixed with cold medicines, which may produce serious health risks.Some proprietary Chinese medicines may contain carcinogenic ingredients and should also take it carefully.

According to Fuzhou Radio and Television’s "News 110" report, Fujian has recently appeared in many cases of severe consequences due to a variety of drugs.Girl Amei (a pseudonym) took 7 kinds of cold medicines within the early days of a cold, and had severe vomiting and abdominal pain. After being sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, she was diagnosed with acute liver injury.Xiaoyong (pseudonym) is taken by fever and a variety of antipyretic medicines containing acetaminophen components because of fever.In a chat record circulating on social media, a doctor said that the hospital took more than a dozen patients with acute liver injury caused by more than ten joint drugs in the morning, and even some people were sent to the ICU.

In addition to the function of cure, the drug also has some side effects. The use of the drug must follow the instructions to strictly control the dosage and time interval.For example, the antipyretic medicine ibuprofen can quickly play a role in fever and analgesic.However, the use of ibuprofen must also strictly control the dose.According to the instructions, patients who are allergic to some drugs, who have been gorgeous bridge surgery, and pregnant women have disabled ibuprofen. There are patients with hypertension, heart failure, cardiovascular disease, and digestive tract diseases.In addition, the combination of ibuprofen and other heat -relieving analgesic anti -inflammatory anti -inflammatory drugs may increase gastrointestinal discomfort and even cause ulcers.Many cold medicines contain anti -inflammatory and anti -inflammatory ingredients, so they cannot be used with ibuprofen.

For example, another commonly used drugs have the effect of relieving heat and analgesic for acetaminol, which is one of the compound cold medicines.Acetamine is also effective for antipyretic fever, but it also needs to strictly control the dose. Excessive use may cause liver and kidney damage.Many cold medicines containing acetamine composition are designed according to taking this kind of cold medicine alone.If you take a variety of colds at the same time, it will cause excessive amount of acetaminol, causing acute liver injury.

Recently, the writer Zhuang Wuxie came out and appeared. He used to mix several cold medicines in a few hours because he was anxious to cool down. As a result, drug -induced liver damage, acute liver failure, was sent to the ICU to rescue.However, liver injury has been irreversible. After a few years, liver transplantation has to be performed.

Reports that cause severe diseases to cause severe diseases are actually available every year, but rarely attract attention.But when Ormik Rong was popular, this risk was likely to magnify.Because Omikon usually causes heavy fever and pain. In order to achieve the effect of reducing fever and analgesics faster, many people are likely to alternate different types of cold medicines in the short term, thinking that this can meet the requirements of some drugs.However, as everyone knows, although many cold medicines have different names, they actually contain some of the same ingredients. Mixing can cause excessive intake of these components.

In addition, different drug components may also have interaction and health risks.Therefore, even if it is a non -prescription medicine, you should consult the pharmacist when buying, and read the instructions carefully. You must not take the medicine based on the so -called "medication guidelines" or experience on the Internet.

In addition, some of the Chinese medicines that are greatly sought after in the epidemic may also contain dangerous ingredients and need to be used with caution.For example, a proprietary Chinese medicine capsule contains Houttuynia cordata (folding ears).Houttuynia cordata contains alkaline macanamisamide.The aristureamine is a similar compound of a family, with different types of different types.Studies have confirmed that aristolochide I am an alxope is the metabolites of aristoline in the human body. It has renal toxicity and can cause cell DNA mutations and cause cancer.Although Musky Houttuynia crooquins contains omatizer 尽 尽 II, and its toxicity is still unclear, there are also epidemiological studies found that the incidence of chronic kidney disease in the southwestern region of the southwestern region of the ears is much higher than the national average level in the country.Essence

Another kind of traditional Chinese medicine prescription is clear and detoxifying soup, which contains the "asarum" Chinese medicine.Asarum contains aristoline.The aristolin acid is a carcinogen that has been proven and was included in the list of carcinogens by WHO.The Chinese pharmaceutical regulatory department has also eliminated Chinese medicinal materials such as Guanmutong, Guangfang Ji, and Qingmu Xiang with a high content of aristolochic acid.The above part of Asarum is also disabled because of high aristolochic acid, and can only use the underground parts such as the low rhizome and rhizome with low aristolochic acid content.But its underground still contains a certain amount of aristolochic acid.Although studies have shown that the aristoline contained in Asxia enters less decoction, but in view of the clear renal toxicity and carcinogenic acid of aristolochic acid, it may cause accumulating renal damage, so it is better to use less.

Omikon is popular, causing many people to panic, and various drugs have emerged to snap up. This is not necessary.Because the duration of Omikon’s infection is not long, there is no need to stock up a lot of medicines.If infection, you only need to relieve the symptoms of the symptomatic medicine, and you can heal itself in the short term.In the face of the virus, we should relax our mentality, do not worry, let alone use medicines to avoid unnecessary health damage.It is even more important to take cold medicines without infection.

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