Miracle: Malaysian men have no fruit for 3 years, and their two wives are pregnant after marrying their second wife

Single men and women are most afraid of elders to urge marriage, while young couples are afraid of being sprung up by relatives and friends.Many people face the question of whether to have children after marriage. In order to urge you to have children, the routines of my father, mother, father -in -law, and seven aunts and eight aunts can be said to be very deep!However, this is not just Chinese characteristics, as is it in many countries in Southeast Asia.

The 31 -year -old Malaysian man Farus was such a person born to his relatives and friends, because he and his wife Rafia have been married for three years, but have no children.I don’t know why, Farus and his wife sought medical treatment, and the wife’s belly was still not at all. Farus was particularly distressed for this.

The pressure from all parties made him unable to lift his head together!Every time I go to my parents’ house, the elders at home will take turns to ask: "When do you want a child?" "Why don’t you give birth to a child?" "Farus, do you see a doctor? What do you say?"

His wife Rafia also often cried for this. The couple worked very hard to want their children, but there was always no result.Rafia was pulled by her mother and mother -in -law in private. The seven aunts and eight aunts gave her suggestions. Every time Rafia was ashamed and suffered.

For these cares about relatives and friends, Malaysian couples Yali Mountain.In the long run, Farus even had some inferiority. The neighborhood neighbors and friends around him began to joke with him without having a child, and some people also said that it was very ugly, so that Farus couldn’t raise his head at all.

Fortunately, Malaysia’s native Malays can be used in polygamy, and a Malay man can legally marry four wives.In March 2017, by discussing with his wife Rafia, Farus married the second wife Rafida, and his two wives served together.

However, miracles appear!Shortly after Farus married Rafida, the two wives were pregnant and pregnant.Farus was so excited that he said, he squatted down, and held his two wives tightly in his arms.Bless us! "

In April 2018, his wife, Mr. Rafia, set off a son.Two months later, the second wife Rafida added another son to the big family of Farus.

From three years ago, begging for sons, to now, there are 2 cute babies, and Farus’s joy can be imagined.The most important thing is that as a man, he can raise his head in front of relatives and friends, left neighborhood, and the couple will never be regarded as a joke.

Two wives live in harmony, and take turns to take care of their children to take care of each other to make Farus even more moved.It’s a harmonious family!Master Tong feels that Farus must be a very smart man. In the future, they will encounter various scenes in their family life, but as long as they are smart men, they can also become lubricants, negotiating experts, language masters, etc.Wait for various roles.

Master Tong is very curious about the story of Farus begging for the son. Why do you marry another wife, and the two wives will become pregnant?Are the pink fans curious?

The baby is an angel given to the husband and wife, the source of every family.However, not every couple will be favored. Although some couples want to have their own children, they are not as good as their wishes and suffer from infertility.It is impossible for the infertile Singaporean and Chinese men to use another way to marry another wife to make both wives getting pregnant!Because Singapore and China are not allowed to be polygamy.

What do you think of this miracle story about this "marrying a second wife" miracle?What do you think of giving birth?"Write a message" to talk to you about your opinion ~

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