Minor students in the school, fall in love with pregnancy, who is responsible …

There are clouds in the ancient sayings, "the son does not teach, the father’s life, the teachings are not strict, the teacher’s lazy" (three -character classics).

It means that the children who have raised themselves are self -flow and not educated well. It is the father’s fault.

The students in the school did not have serious requirements. Education to educate students was the laziness of the teacher.

Recently, there is a headline, about two thirteen or four years old, minor students.

Come to a pharmacy and buy a condom article, which has attracted the attention of all parties in the society.

It seems that these two are still junior high school students.

The two of them were in the corner of the pharmacy, whispering, I do not know what to buy, what to buy.

Then the boy went to the counter, pointed at a brand condom, and asked the clerk how much a box.

The clerk replied, this 16 yuan box.The boys did not hesitate and quickly paid the money.

Holding the box that came from the clerk, the box was handed in, holding the female student, and hurried out of the shop.

Some people ask, do you think these milk smell, students who have not been in love, do n’t you think it ’s strange to buy a set?

The clerk said that when he was a minor student at school, early love was no wonder, and they were accustomed to buying a set.

They come to buy a set, knowing how to contraception, it is not harmful to the family and society.

Nevertheless, improperly use it, which will cause girls to get pregnant and may happen.

Many students who have just entered junior high school have this phenomenon.

There are also smoking, drinking, gambling, mixed nightclubs, and not a few dancing.

The existence of minor students, such phenomena, is a parent who is raising.

Students at school, because the teacher’s laziness missed the job, education was not strict, so that students had to go astray and had an unshirkable responsibility.

The appearance of early love for students has adverse effects for individuals, families and society.

The young students are psychologically immature and are not good for growth. They are obstacles to learning.

Once they are in love, they will learn inadvertently.

It is a burden on the family. In love, it is inevitable that the relationship between men and women will inevitably occur. If you are not careful, you will happen before unmarried.

When the woman is pregnant, the child is born, and the child will not be processed. The child born becomes a member of the family.

How to raise it has become a problem. When I am too young, no one is willing to accept it. The economic source is a problem.

Young people love prematurely, get married and have children, so that the society will increase the burden and cause harm to socialist construction.

We must pay attention to youth education, especially sexual enlightenment education.

Parents are the first responsible person, and the school is an important classroom for sexual knowledge.

All parties are united, do not taboo, avoid suspicion, actively guide, and give correct guidance to the harm of early love.

Let teenagers be established, the correct outlook on life, love.

Eliminating early love, breeding on campus, is a family and school, common responsibilities!

Friends, a minor student at school, dating in love before the marriage, who has been, what do you say?

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