Menstrual sexual desire is particularly strong. Is the chance of pregnancy in the same room at this time?

"In the house, everyone is good" For the affectionate couple, it is difficult for both sides to refuse this beautiful and harmonious sex life.However, because the female "auntie" has been once a month, it is about three weeks to enjoy sex, and there will be no obstacles.

Many women have said that their sexual desires will be particularly strong during their aunts.In fact, it is mainly caused by psychological factors.On the one hand, it has been "stunned" for a week; on the other hand, it may be because it is "safe" during this period.

Although there are many ways to contraception, for some people who are afraid of trouble and are unwilling to reduce sexual experience, they are still more willing to choose a safe period.Some people say that they will not get pregnant when they come after menstruation. Is this true?

When it comes to safe contraception, everyone must think of "the first seven and eight" for the first time.The algorithm is simple.The first seven days and eight days of the first day of menstruation (including menstruation) are a safe period.Because it is basically impossible at this time, it is not pregnant without other contraceptive measures for sexual life.

But in fact, women will be affected by many factors during ovulation, such as external environment, temperature, emotion, health, etc., which are not necessarily regular. Some women even ovulate twice a month.At the same time, women’s menstrual cycles are not necessarily accurate, so it is very unreliable to calculate the safety period with the "first seven and eight" methods.Many pregnant women unexpectedly believed in the so -called "safety period", and they regretted seeing the "two bars" of the pregnancy test stick.

For women who have no family planning, if you are pregnant by accident, you can only consider abortion.Here, we especially remind female compatriots that after discovering suspected accidental pregnancy, we should go to a regular hospital for examination to confirm the pregnancy and determine the embryo position, and then consult the doctor’s suggestion in detail.Treatment.

Some women were embarrassed to go to the hospital because of their lack of relevant knowledge, so they planned to buy medicine by themselves and secretly solved the drug flow.In fact, doing this is very dangerous.If it is an ectopic pregnancy, it is easy to cause major bleeding due to private drug flow. There are no professional medical staff and first -aid equipment around them. The danger of life can be imagined.

Some women are greedy for small clinics on the street for abortion surgery. It is easy to cause infections because of the lack of technical techniques, unprofessional and unhygienic surgical environment, unspeare equipment, and unhygienic surgical environment, leading to various complications, and even infertility for life.

Of course, isn’t it even better not to get pregnant?The following reliable contraceptive methods are very worthy of everyone: condoms: If it is used properly, contraceptive success can reach 98%, and it can also prevent sex diseases.Oral short -acting contraceptive pills: If it is taken properly according to the manual, the contraceptive success rate can be close to 100%, but it usually needs to be taken every day.However, it is worth noting that we recommend taking short -acting contraceptives, and emergency contraceptives (commonly known as "post -post medicine") are harmful to women and have a high failure rate. Therefore, we can only be used as remedial measures after contraceptive failure and cannot be used for conventional contraception.In -the -palace health device: High success rate and not affecting sexual life experience.Once placed, it can usually be used for several years, but remember to replace it regularly.Lice: Male vasal ligation, female tubal ligation, once and for all, suitable for friends who do not have fertility.

However, we still want to remind everyone that there is no contraceptive method in the world that is 100 % successful.The use of two or more contraception methods can improve the success rate.But once you find an accidental pregnancy, go to a regular hospital in time.

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