Men’s soul question: Daughter high school, wife accidentally pregnant?Netizens answered a sourness

In the past few days, a topic that could not bypass when talking about having children was the 67 -year -old high -dangerous woman and mother -in -law who were 67 -year -old in Zaozhuang, Shandong.Couples, who are nearly, are not understood by their children, and have to be fined the risk of superborn to welcome the birth of this third child.

Born, still not born. After the second child let go, this has become a talk about many middle -aged supper stalls.

Recently, in a forum in Ningbo, a netizen had similar troubles: her daughter was in high school, but her wife recently found out of joy. Should she be born?

Netizens who posted this post, the net name is "Master Master".

According to his description, his daughter has been in high school, but his wife has recently found joy.

Originally, this was a happy thing. The two sides had thought about Erbao. Before that, his wife had a second child, but in order to protect the fetus for many efforts, he eventually failed to have a miscarriage.

I never thought that this time I accidentally won the "award", and from the perspective of the inspection report, the "small thing" in his wife’s belly is very healthy.

Do you want to stay?This has become a big problem for couples.

The first thing to consider "Master Master" is the problem of daughter.

At present, her daughter is in high school, and it is a period of rebellion.He also learned a lot of cases before, because there was a second child, which caused Dabao to have a psychological problem.

The other is the age of age."In the future, the parent meeting is held, and others are hot moms. Only we will go like grandparents."

Finally, it is of course economic problem.He didn’t even want to return the family’s living standards to liberation for the two treasures.

"Do you dare to accept this surprise?" Take a question, presumably many families have discussed.

In Zhihu, about whether to give birth to a second child and open up various topics: Have you regretted having the second child?Do you want to have a second child, first count these accounts …

This big discussion is really not a one or two sentences, and there is no standard answer, but the appearance of many netizens is thought -provoking.


★ Netizen "Carrot Beard":

My second child is here, it is also my darkest moment

"Master Master" discuss whether to have a second child. The first thing to consider is the problem of the daughter.In fact, it is not considered. Netizens’ carrots bearded, because of the appearance of the second child, made her confused about the entire family.

When I let go of the second child policy, my mother was 39 years old, and my relatives at home were all male and female. When I heard that my mother was pregnant, I was opposed. I was afraid that there were boys in the family.Essence

But what I said, they didn’t listen at all, and my brother came like this.

Because of the appearance of this younger brother, my mother has changed a lot, which is not the same as the gentle mother in my mind. For me, a familiar person suddenly became unfamiliar.

My mother is often angry because of her brother crying, so angry that her brother slaps.

The most impressive time, my brother was only twenty days. I sat home on the sofa after school, and my elbow touched my brother’s head, scaring my brother crying.After that, I felt very guilty. Go to ask my mother, do you hate me?My mother opened her mouth, but she didn’t say anything. She looked at me with a kind of feeling that I was afraid of your sadness. At that moment, my heart was half cold.

As soon as I went to junior high school, I was violently on campus. The reason was that at the time, I was a class. There was a girl’s posts crooked.Later, she forged Liang Zi with this girl, and she had always bullied me with small groups.

When I went back, I told my family. The first reaction of my parents was that I scolded me why I didn’t scold.

Because of the arrival of my brother, the economy at home completely collapsed, and my mother’s change also made me chilling. I was not helped by campus violence. During that time, it was my darkest time.


★ Netizens "Dare not hesitate":

Many contradictions have nothing to do with the second child

The chickens in the confinement jumped and greeted the two children’s hands and feet … These difficulties were unbearable in the past, but if these contradictions were caused by the second child, I am afraid it is not all.

Netizens did not dare to hesitate, 39 years old, two babies, 5 years old, daughter 3 years old, and when they were in the second child, they were 37 years old.She has different views on some family contradictions.

As soon as the second child was born, we put the house on the agenda. The original is too small, and there is a school district problem. In fact, this problem cannot be said to be brought by the second child, but because of the second child, we really have to buy a larger area.After that, we have been carrying a huge loan for 30 years, with a monthly supply of 18,000, and there are other nanny fees.

At that time, the child was still young. I did not expect that except for buying a house and a nanny fee, educational expenses were a deep pit.Especially when they are old, their work pressure has increased sharply. Facing the bottlenecks is good, they are even more afraid of going downhill and elimination.After watching Xiaojie, Huang Lei was drunk when he was drunk and went home to cry. He felt the same.

Taking care of the children is also very tired. I have encountered all kinds of problems in finding a nanny. I changed 3. The in -laws intervened and ended with quarrels. I ca n’t get along with each other.

However, these contradictions always exist regardless of one child or two children.


★ Netizen "Knowing Knowing Rough":

At the door of the operating room, I took the step back

Do you want two children? Many people’s opinions are actually not so absolute. There are many people who "let it go naturally."From the perspective of netizens’ "knowledge", the arrival of children may be fate.When she knew she was pregnant with her second child, she had thought about abortion, and she had reached the door of the operating room, and she retreated again.

Let’s talk about why I withdrew my small step at the door of the operating room.

Two colleagues in the unit.Colleague A, ordinary position, husband is a leader of the court, and the conditions at home are acceptable.A daughter was 20 -year -old leukemia, spent a lot of money, and people didn’t keep it away.After the death of her daughter, shortly after my colleagues who joined the batch of the same batches of colleagues and children, they often took the children to the unit to play. Looking at our children, she never approached or fun, and her eyes were stunned.

Later, I realized this problem, and we didn’t take the children to play much.When he is a mother, he knows the pain of losing his child.

Later, the national policy supported the loss of the exclusive home regeneration. At the age of 45, she had made a test tube many times. During that time, she always asked for leave, and always had hope and lost hope until the end was completely dead.

That feeling, really, I can’t describe it in language.Everyone beside us looked at our hearts.

Colleagues B are younger than colleagues A, less than forty, the elite in the unit, the work performance is outstanding, and the leaders are very popular. In the past two years, the position of the position has been upgraded every year.Her husband can also make money, and a son is probably junior high school.

I have always wanted to have a second child.Four times and four times, every time he was born.For the last time hemorrhagic, his life almost gone.As for whether she will give up in the end, I don’t know.

It was these two colleagues that made me realize that maybe there are really children in this world.


★ Netizens "I Lost I Fortunately":

Seeing others, I feel that I should have it, don’t consider what you want

How many second -born life is because of the persuasion of the father -in -law and father and mother?How many people are because of the friends and colleagues around, Timing Tim, and always feel that they should also join the two children?

From the perspective of netizens "I Lost," in order to make life better, it is the purpose of having a second child.

If there is no enough money and time support, the life after the second child is a chicken flying dog jumping, a lady to a vixen, a mother -in -law war, a big fight … What is the second child?

Few people really know what they want. It is nothing more than seeing others, and they feel that they should have it. They never consider whether the lifestyle of others is suitable for themselves, nor does they consider what they want.

First consider why you have a second child, and think about it before you want to do it. Naturally, there is no regret.


★ Netizen "Niu Zhenglan":

Parents are older, and children are excellent.

Of course, after the two -child policy is liberalized, many women who face the choice have belonged to the elderly maternal.Because of age, there are many problems.

Netizen Niu Zhenglan is a high school teacher. For many years, he also found some rules.

Parents are more inferior to children of other parents.

why?First, because older children are old, they often spoil in their childhood and childhood, which is not good for children to grow.Third, parents are older, and their physical energy and other aspects will not be able to follow.

However, objectively speaking, although some families are older, their economic foundations are strong, and their parents have a good degree of education. Even if they can raise excellent children, they cannot be generalized.


★ Netizen "Dapeng":

Tired and happy, the key cannot be left out of Dabao

Compared to many people’s entanglement with Erbao, many people also enjoy the happiness brought by the second child.At get off work, the two babies came to the door to greet them. When I went to the night, I watched the two babies sweet and sleepy. As parents, they would have a sense of accomplishment at this moment.When netizens "Dapeng" had a second child, Dabao was 10 years old. On the problem of dealing with the two babies, he and his wife agreed in advance.

Dabao does not oppose or disagree with Xiaobao, let us take an idea.I clearly told Dabao that raising children is the responsibility of parents, not the responsibility of my elder brother, and unlike the sharing of Pingguo, parents’ love will not be reduced due to Erbao.

Tired, really tired; sleepy, really sleepy.Especially when Erbao is half -year -old to one year old, it is really difficult to get up twice or three times a night, and it is really difficult to work in the daytime.

But now that you choose your baby, you should love him and give him the best.My wife and I also discussed well, don’t let Dabao be left out.

We never say that let Dabao look at Xiaobao’s words, and we will not do this.Bring two children, and my wife and I have a division of labor.

There are returns to pay.After having Xiaobao, Dabao is mainly brought by me. It is much more freedom and very happy, and the ability to take care of themselves has greatly improved.


★ Medical perspective:

Since the age of 35, the ovarian function has been going downhill

Do you want to have a second child? Do you think about fertility risks?

The issue of two -child is often accompanied by old age production.

The 67 -year -old daughter, Shandong Zaozhuang, a high -risk elderly mother, reported a lot of doubts, especially about whether it is a natural conception. Many experts said "impossible."

Medically, the elderly mother -in -law refers to a maternal who is older than 35 years old, while the old age refers to 45 years old and above.

Do not discuss how the possibility of the elderly natural pregnancy is low, and the risks facing alone need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

Zhu Yimin, Director of Reproductive Endocrinology at the Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, and Zhu Yimin, executive deputy director of the Zhejiang Provincial Auxiliary Reproductive Technology Quality Control Center, said in an interview with the media that after the full second child is open, the fertility needs of the extremely elderly couple have becomeA huge challenge facing reproductive experts.

Among her patients, a 51 -year -old Ms. Chen had a child who had a child who had a child through IVF, and the final result was 19 consecutive eggs. The final result was to disappoint her.

Zhu Yimin said that in the face of everyone who is more than 45 years old and insists on hanging reproductive endocrinology, she has made a detailed explanation from medicine: women above this age may be successful, but the probability is too low, but the probability is too low.It’s right.

Especially for women, from the age of 35, ovarian function has been going downhill. Even at this time, the child’s deformity rate is getting higher and higher. By the age of 45, the chance of natural conception is only one -thousandth.

Women in this age are under test -tube baby surgery. The success rate of the single embryo is less than 1%. Even if it is successful, there are still 70%to 80%of the probability of abortion.

He Jing, director of the obstetrics and gynecology hospital affiliated to Zhejiang University School of Medicine, also admits that he is over 35 years old, especially for 40 -year -old pregnant women who are prone to various pathological changes during pregnancy, such as gestational diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.Wait, the mortality rate of dead tires and newborns is high, the fetal malformation rate is high, and the risks such as incorrect fetal position during childbirth, postpartum bleeding, thrombosis and other risks are prone to childbirth.

Therefore, elderly women should pay more attention to prenatal diagnosis and check whether the fetus has malformations such as chromosome diseases.Evergreen, especially super -old women, should be carefully treated with re -fertility. Before pregnancy, you must go to the obstetrics and gynecology hospital with powerful obstetrics and gynecology hospitals. If you are not suitable for pregnancy, you must respect science and choose to give up.Individualized pregnancy and scaling period management.

If you want to have a second child, it seems that in addition to economic accounts, it is more important to calculate a maternity risk account.

Source: Qianjiang Evening News

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