Men’s headache thinks of brain tumors, the stench fluid flows out after the craniotomy, and the doctor’s back is cold sweat: misdiagnosed

With the continuous progress of modern science and technology, various equipment in medicine is also more advanced. Through various precision instruments, it helps doctors to determine the patient’s condition more accurately, so as not to delay the best treatment time, so as to achieve better treatment effectPatients can also restore their bodies better and faster.

However, it is also necessary to analyze the specific situation, and it is inevitable that there are errors. After the operating table, the doctors have abound after the lesion is opened. Some situations are more complicated and simpler than expected.

A man often felt a headache at home recently, thinking that it was the symptoms of flu. He took some anti -inflammatory drugs and antibiotics first, but he still did not improve, and he had to come to the hospital.

The doctor heard that the patient had a headache and did not dare to take it lightly. The man said that only headaches had no other symptoms, but the doctor knew that it was necessary to do a check -up.

Under the insistence of the doctor, the man went to the CT examination of the brain. As a result, the patient’s left cerebellum position had a shadow. The man was very surprised. He was usually healthy.There are some common problems such as numbness at the end of the limbs, hemiplegia, etc., how can there be a shadow?

The doctor told him that the headache has just appeared for three or four days, and the condition has not deteriorated. It is necessary to do a nuclear magnetic resonance examination, which can be seen more clearly, and it is convenient for doctors to make arrangements for the next treatment.Although the man was still shocked, the incident was urgent. He could only listen to the doctor’s arrangement and did a MRI examination.

After the test results came out, they were diagnosed with brain tumors. The hospital immediately arranged a brain tumor resection for patients. After the craniotomy was on the operating table, there was a bad smell.This is brain abscess!The family members of the patient are also fortunate that compared with brain tumors, the chance of recovery of brain abscess is mostly!With the active cooperation of the doctor’s exquisite medical skills and the patient, the man has successfully recovered and discharged!

1. CT is to perform countless high -density X -ray scanning for a certain part of the human body, and then arrange a combination of a computer into an image. Finally, it is displayed as a film seen by the doctor and patients. It has the characteristics of fast scanning time and clear imaging.It is usually suitable for human internal organ scanning, especially for the shooting of bones.But it has certain radiation.

2. MRI has no radiation to the human body, and has more advantages in the examination of degenerations of the nervous system, such as brain tumors, encephalitis, and so on.However, there are also requirements for MRI. There are other metal products in the body, or a pregnant woman who is just pregnant. It is recommended not to do MRI.

Therefore, after some patients went to the hospital for CT examination, in order to judge the lesion in more detailed and accurately, the doctor needed a clearer image to assist in the diagnosis.Intersection

1. Brain tumors include primary and secondary conditions.You can use surgery for resection, or you can choose conservative treatment, such as inhibiting the growth of brain tumor cells through local thermal therapy, or adopting trioxide therapy to increase oxygen supply to brain cells and promote faster metabolism of brain tumor cells.So as to inhibit the growth of brain tumors.

The early symptoms of brain tumors generally have headaches, vomiting, epilepsy, or some mental symptoms, and are also easily ignored.The latest research found that a new type of gel is very good for the cure of healing gel celloma. It is not only a major progress of medical technology, but also the hope of patients.

2. Brain abscess is caused by bacterial pus infections. The main causes are caused by otitis media, rhinitis, or craniotomy.At present, the treatment of brain abscess is very mature. In addition to the way to remove the lesion of the craniotomy, you can also use a puncture to take antibacterial drugs to achieve the treatment effect. This is also one of the mainstream treatment methods.

Compared with brain tumors, the cause of brain abscess is simpler, the treatment process is safer, and the recovery after disease is faster, but it is also a brain disease, and it still cannot be taken lightly. Symptoms need to go to the hospital to see it in time.

Although the doctor -patient relationship is more tense, patients need to trust the hospital and doctors, and actively cooperate with the doctor’s diagnosis and treatment process.

After obeying the doctor’s treatment plan, the doctor and the patient also need to communicate closely. The two sides actively cooperate in order to remove the lesion as soon as possible, and the patient can restore health as soon as possible!

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