Men who ejaculate in vitro should be kicked out of bed!

From a few years ago, the country has gradually opened up.

From the beginning of the "double independence" to "full second child", although the fertility rate is not ideal, everyone has gradually accepted the setting of the two children.

As a result, an article published in the Xinhua Daily last week, an expert suggested that the "Fertility Fund System" was implemented, and the entire network was not calm.

Of course, I do n’t agree with this practice to impose national needs on the personal wishes of the people, but I did n’t think about it.

After all, an expert proposes, and it is not necessary to take it too seriously.

But why do you still want to talk to you about this kind of thing today, because I saw this Weibo.

This has been 8012 years. I thought no one would believe that the ejaculation of ejaculation was anymore, and it seemed not.

So I searched the keyword "contraception" a little, guess what happened?

In addition to the common contraceptive traps such as "after -afternoon contraceptives", "abortion Dafa", and "safe contraceptive method".

I also saw the content that I thought only existed in yellow novels in yellow novels.

Seriously, people who fall into these pits should not talk about "freedom of fertility", it is a joke!

The following is a serious science.

Trap 1: Entry ejaculation can be contraceptive

Don’t believe in the stupidity of ejaculation in the body.

Men’s genitals start with erection, and the prostate fluid secreted has a small amount of semen.

Therefore, even if you wear a sleeve halfway, you have a high risk of pregnancy, not to mention any external ejaculation.

In addition, the ejaculation time is impossible to grasp it accurately. It will be touched by the long -term use of external ejaculation method.

"I accidentally shot it inside."

Not to mention the forced interrupt intercourse in the orgasm, it is likely to cause nerve central disorders and cause male functional non -ejaculation.

In this way, you can still be regarded as a sanctuary, you can only haha.

If anyone has to quibble, "I have always used external ejaculation contraceptives, no impotence, and my girlfriend has never been pregnant."

Then I can only sacrifice this picture to diss you!

Trap 2: Safety Period Papa can’t get pregnant

This method cannot be said to be wrong, and the risk of pregnancy during pregnancy is relatively low.

The only question is how to determine the "safe period"?The "front seven and eight" searched online is the most unreliable.

The "Aunt Temple" on Douban is booming for many years, isn’t it because many girls are not even normal for aunt cycle?

So isn’t it more inaccurate to estimate the safety period based on the aunt’s period?

The conservative estimation of the failure rate of the safe period should be above 25%.

The female physiological cycle is a very mysterious thing, whether it is weather, mood, hormone … it will cause changes.

If you want to accurately be accurately inferred, you need to continue to observe a series of physiological data to judge, including basic body temperature, cervical mucus, and so on.

Those who are too lazy to wear them must be unable to persist.

Trap 3: Afterwards, contraceptives and abortion

Advertising in our country’s post -affairs contraceptives and abortion spreads throughout the streets, which has led many people to take these two methods as daily contraceptives.

They think they are not risky, efficient.

I once saw the little girl who had taken a child after each sex after sex, and also met a girl who had miscarriage 5 times in the obstetrics and gynecology department of the hospital.

These two methods are just to make up for impulse sex, and they must not be used as conventional contraceptives.

Although the contraceptive pills afterwards are not as "only 3 times a year in a year", on the one hand, its contraceptive effectiveness is average, only 80%. On the other hand, its side effects are indeed greater than "short -acting contraceptives"many.

So as contraceptives, it is not recommended.

And there have been many popular sciences in the past years, I will briefly mention:

Whether it is a drug abortion or surgical abortion, it can cause human damage, and multiple abortion may lead to infertility.

There are thousands of contraceptive methods, and these two are not available.

Trap 4: Forcing Sperm contraceptives, milk contraception, breastfeeding contraception

These contraceptive methods are too outrageous, all rumors!

There is no need to explain one by one, let’s talk together.

The theory of forcing the Dafa is to say that after the relationship occurs, they immediately squat and squeeze their abdomen or urination. The semen has not had time to get out of the uterus.

Do you think you are the protagonist of poisoning in martial arts novels?

The milk contraceptive method means that some research reports point out that some components in milk can kill germs and even contraception.

I just want to ask: "Which research report? Which journal published? Is there a human test? How much test samples?"

Even if milk really has a certain contraceptive ingredient, it is another matter if it can be used for the human body.

This kind of rumor that is disconnected is really insufficient.

Finally, the widely circulated breastfeeding period is not pregnant.

This is a typical rumor that rely on a mouth. What do you think of those husbands and wives who hug two years?

So many practical samples are placed here, will this rumor still have a market?

Only people with contraceptive knowledge can have "freedom of fertility", otherwise it is just an animal bundled by sexual desire.

Finally, I was advised to say that contraceptives have never been unilateral.

The day when women were slaughtered as a "walking uterus" had already passed.

If your fertility depends on the man or not, you may not have the head of the ancients.

Social progress has brought many excellent products, and you have many contraceptive methods.

Whether it is drugs (for example: short -acting contraceptives, long -acting contraceptives, slow release contraceptives …););

Still instruments (for example: men’s condoms, women’s condoms, in vitro kill agents, contraceptive sponges, contraceptives …)

These have been proven security and effectiveness.

As for how to choose a contraceptive method that suits you,


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