Men are pregnant?The husband of Columbia female model is 8 months pregnant, netizens: great

When she was born, she met a mother in the production room. She was a mother of a child. When she was in pain and unbearable, she directly soared her husband:

"It hurts me, don’t want to let me have children in the future. If you have the ability, you have to give birth to yourself. I will never be subject to this crime …"

Because I was still in the slow pace at the time, I didn’t feel too much pain, I remembered it very clearly. Her husband was still dismissive and said that that woman would not have children. Don’t everyone come here?She is the most aggressive.At that time, looking at the man who was standing and talking without back pain, it was really a bit fantasy. If the husband was going to give birth, what would the status quo look like?

Today, see such a thing.According to reported on May 27, 2020, Colombian model Dana Sultana posted a group of photos on the social media Instagram on May 25. The photo was her husband and her husband who was eight months pregnant.

I often hear people say that men should appreciate the hardships of conceived in October, and they can understand the hard work of the mother at the moment of delivery.I really saw a man pregnant.It is really strange in the big world.

However, although such a thing is dazzling, there is a kind of relief in my heart. Finally, a husband can experience the hard work of pregnancy and the pain of having children.

Comments from netizens:

"Men are very pregnant, women can be liberated, and no more women have to die in pain. Does the man say that there is such an authenticity? Do not all have children?"

"This time, men can appreciate women’s pain. I never stand and speak without back pain."

"It’s so fixed in the future, let men go to have children. Women don’t have to worry about their figure, it’s great."

In fact, the comments of summary netizens are nothing more than a man who has not been pregnant and does not know how to think about it. He will not think about his wife, and only understand it instinctively:

I feel that having a child is the nature of a woman

In the hearts of many husbands, I think that having a child is the nature of a woman. Isn’t a woman born with a child?Others have come here like this, why are you so arrogant?

Is it so hard for pregnancy?

Some husbands think that when you are pregnant, do you take care of every day?There is no shortage of food, two a lot, and the third is not so hard for you to work hard. Is it so hard to be pregnant?

But in fact, women are really hard and difficult to get pregnant. Of course, it is not a proud attitude. What do you want to exchange?But many women are looking forward to her husband’s thinking in other ways, standing on their own stand and understanding that it is not easy for this pregnant mother.

Song Zhu Xi’s "Song Mingchen’s Words and Delivery Records" once had such a good saying:

Resist in the heart of the person in charge, and forgive your own heart and not be able to suffer from the status of the sage.

Thinking in other places, blame others with the mind of others, and forgive others to forgive others.Don’t be afraid to reach the status of "sage".

Husbands do not have to reach the status of the sages, as long as they can consider more for their wives.Maybe there will be no so many postpartum mothers who have no choice but to desperate.

Therefore, "change thinking" is not only a good way of thinking in the world. It can not only make itself happy, but also reduce life contradictions, harmonious interpersonal relationships, and harmonious social relationships.In other words, it is not easy for her husband to learn to be physical forgiveness.

If a man’s husband can really be like a model Dana Sulta’s husband Estvan Randra, then it is a good thing for postpartum mothers. Such a husband is easier to understand, but men may get pregnant.Yes, but the process is too complicated.

In fact, the couple were transsexuals. When the wife was born, the wife was born as a male, and later became a woman. The husband’s Estewan Randra was born when he was born, and later he was transformed into a male!

So in a strict sense, her husband is a real wife, and his wife is a real husband.Their gender should be adjusted to be appropriate.Although the appearance has changed, the internal structure of the body has not completely changed.

They only change the second sexual characteristics and retain their first sexual characteristics. Simply put, the two sides have only changed the preliminary appearance symbols, and the most critical function of living and childbearing is retained. ThereforeChange, so it is not a particularly strange thing to succeed in pregnancy!

But I sincerely look forward to her husband’s opportunity to experience a man’s pregnancy!If a man can really get pregnant, I will definitely choose to let my husband live.But this is just thinking about it.

Topic today: What do you think of men who are pregnant?

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