Men and 24 -year -old lover live together for a 30 -day incident!The lover is pregnant, and the wife cries in pain

As the saying goes: "The husband and wife are the same forest birds, and the difficulties are coming to fly." Some husbands and wives respect each other in marriage and work together to work together. But once the marriage occurs, the husband and wife often do not read the old feelings.Essence

There are many reasons for the cracks of marriage. Most of them are because of their relationship with the relationship between husband and wife, and a large part of the reason is that the third party’s interpretation of the marriage, which leads to the unable to continue the harmonious and happy marriage life between the husband and wife.

For example, this 40 -year -old man in Shenzhen, he met his lover 16 years younger than himself, and the two lived in 30 days and became pregnant.The wife who had been married for 20 years was crying, and the man said to her: I can’t bear you, we have spent three people together.

So what happened between this couple?Why did a man betrayed his wife to find a lover?

This happened in Shenzhen. 40 -year -old brother Zhang and his wife Meijia have been married for 20 years. The two have two daughters. Brother Zhang’s business has done a good job. In the eyes of his family and friends, he has always been a goodMen’s image.

However, in the eyes of his wife Meijia, Brother Zhang was a wolf wearing sheepskin, and he was even a puppet gentleman.It is precisely because of the appearance of a 24 -year -old woman’s umbrella (pseudonym) that the brothers Zhang and Meijia’s original happy marriage had cracks.

The 24 -year -old umbrella is 16 years younger than Brother Zhang. She divorced once and had a 3 -year -old son who lived with his ex -husband.Brother Zhang and the little umbrella met each other on the Internet. The two attracted each other and quickly appeared in real life. The two fell in love with enthusiasm.

Meijia and her mother -in -law discovered the clue of Brother Zhang. Her mother -in -law said him a few words. Brother Zhang was very angry and cleaned up and left home.

Brother Zhang and the little umbrella who ran away from home lived in the rental house. One month after the two lived together, the small umbrella was pregnant.Beautiful pregnant woman.

Time passed quickly, and the little umbrella gave birth to a boy. Brother Zhang was happy. He promised the little umbrella to promise that he would never give up his life.

Mei Jia, who learned the news, was crying. She felt that her husband just wanted a son to find a lover. She believed that her husband still had feelings with herself, but Brother Zhang had never come forward. Meijia could only find reporters to help.

Meijia and the reporter came to the rental house of the small umbrella together. The love rivals met were jealous. Meijia and the small umbrella quarreled. The small umbrella said that she was the initiative to pursue himself in the beginning.Essence

The reporter proposed to make Meijia, Little Umbrella, and Brother Zhang to make things together.The little umbrella hugged the child to her mother’s house first. She intends to give the child to her mother, and then deal with emotional disputes with them. Meijia followed all the way, for fear that the little umbrella was doing things back.

After arriving at the mother’s house of the little umbrella, Meijia called his husband Zhang to let him come over to deal with the emotional entanglement of the three people. He did not expect that the husband was particularly angry. He said that he would not want anyone.

Later, under the repeated persuasion of the reporter, Brother Zhang admitted that he did have fault in marriage, but he and his wife Meijia discussed the divorce before. He promised to give his wife 400,000 compensation and paid 220,000 yuan.Essence

Mei Jia saw her husband really dead to herself, and she no longer hoped that this relationship could break the mirror and reunite. She decided to give up the man.

Finally, under the patient mediation of the reporter, Brother Zhang and his wife Mei Jia reached an agreement to divorce. Two daughters followed Meijia. Brother Zhang compensated his wife at one time. At the same time, he would bear all the fees of two daughters in the future.San.

Editor’s point of view

The most important thing to get along with couples is loyalty. Anyone who has betraying marriage is unfaithful to marriage. This is like a intact and damaged egg suddenly cracks, and it is almost impossible to return to the original sweetness.

Brother Zhang derailed his marriage during his marriage. He also made his lover pregnant as his son, which obviously hurt 2 women.In the face of his wife’s questioning, he could say the words "three people spent together". It can be seen that Brother Zhang did be lost his best and did not know ashamed.

In real life, there are countless cases of husbands looking for lover. Most women choose to open one eye and close one eye, and mistakenly think that this way she can save her husband’s heart.The broken feelings have become even more out of control.

Regardless of young people or middle -aged and elderly people, they must be loyal to marriage.A happy and happy marriage requires two people to operate together. Once there is a problem with one party in the marriage, the other party must take action immediately. Do not drag it again, tolerate and endure it. This will only make the wrong party more arrogant.Wanting to do it.

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