Meghan is going to have a second child!Pregnant and produced in the "Niang’s" American in the United States

Meghan is going to have a second child!

Even in environmental protection propaganda, Prince Harry once opened the river: "In order to save the earth, Meghan and I have two babies at most!" Obviously, Meghan was ready for the last child in the promise.

Many foreign media scrambled to report this matter. What surprised was not the second child itself, but that Meghan intends to have a second child in the "mother" in the United States.There is no problem in changing to others, but for a British princess, it seems a bit unsatisfactory.

The magazine reported the matter for the first time.

According to people familiar with the matter, "Meghan told her friends that she hoped that her son Aqi had a growth partner. Obviously this was the best reason for having a second child.She can be more convenient to be with her mother Dolia, so that she can be in an absolutely relaxed environment. Children can also seem to be relatively far away from the conservation light of the media. "

Earlier in the documentary, Meghan once revealed that the "pressure mountain" of the royal life, and insiders said: "Meghan feels pregnant and produced in the UK, without family and friends, she is very lonely and uncomfortable.Second pregnancy production breaks the tradition to ensure happiness! "

There is no doubt that the rumors of returning to the second child and Meghan and Harry to move to the United States or at least create a second "base" in the United States have an unsuccessful taste.The center of gravity is no longer Britain.

It is reported that Prince Harry had some hesitant attitude towards Meghan’s decision.After all, it is impossible for him to ignore the British royal family’s response and the impact of this matter.But soon, Prince Harry chose to support his wife unconditionally.

As the insider said: "Prince Harry will make Meghan happy at all costs. In order to reduce her pressure and anxiety, it can only make the royal family embarrassed again."

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