Mating between dogs, generally there are these methods

Dogs will find the opposite sex at an appropriate age, so do you know what will be done by the mating between dogs, and what is the way?Let’s take a look together!

When the male dog and the bitch are in estrus, there are different performances and behaviors.

When the male dog is in estrus, it will pee everywhere and mark the smell. This is one of the ways of dogs seeking puppets. It wants to show its charm through the smell and attract nearby bitches.At this time, the male dogs will also frequently occur on cyclical behaviors. In addition to the same kind, it will also cross -riding on stool feet, dolls and other things.In order to find a spouse, the male dog will find a way to run away from home.

The most obvious manifestation of the bitch’s estrus is that the lower body will appear red viscosity. This is the "big aunt" we often call. The estrus bitch will become sensitive and irritable and often lose temper.The bitch also often does the buttocks, they are inviting male dogs.

① Oed to nature, mating and reproduction

This is the most common method of mating between dogs. When the two dogs are in estrus, everyone will "look right" with each other, and they will naturally combine together and mating and reproduction.For both dogs, the damage is the smallest.

If you see dogs naturally mating, don’t come forward to disturb them and avoid scaring them.

② manual intervention, assisted mating

Artificial intervention and auxiliary mating are required to complete human assistance.This situation generally appears among the "newlyweds" dogs. Because of the first mating, they have no experience, or the size of the dogs is too different, and the pet owner needs to help adjust the position and posture.

The pet owner can hold the dog’s neck in one hand, hold the dog’s belly with one hand, and remove the tail of the bitch, so that the male dog can mix normally. After several times, the pet owner is not needed.

③ Artificial insemination, interference mating

Artificial insemination, interference mating, and assisted mating are different. Some dogs are difficult to breed by themselves. If these dogs want to breed the next generation, they can only artificially interfere with the male dogs, that is, artificial insemination.

This requires professional equipment and technology to complete it. Generally, it can be completed in large breeding places.

④ Forced mating and forced progress

Forcing mating is actually performed in the case of the dog’s unwillingness.Maybe the dog does not want to match or the other party is not the object of mating, but people force the dog to breed through various means.

This is a violation of the dog’s wishes, and this way is not desirable, because it may hurt the dog, and the dog may also bite people with temper.

After mating, the bitch is likely to get pregnant, so how to take care of the pregnant dog?

1. Create a clean and quiet environment

If the bitch is pregnant, be sure to arrange a clean and quiet environment to give birth, because the bitch is particularly fragile regardless of the body and psychology during pregnancy.In this way, we can better bred the next generation.

2. Appropriate exercise

After pregnancy, the bitch may become unwilling to move, but do not casually do it. Proper exercise can promote the bitch’s metabolism and your body will be healthier.In addition, exercise during pregnancy will also make it smoother for bitch production and reduce the risk of dystocia.

3. Provide sufficient nutrition

When the bitch is pregnant, a lot of nutrients need to give birth to the fetus. Therefore, the pet owner must pay attention to the dog’s diet and give it rich protein foods, and the fruits and vegetables cannot be ignored, so as to supplement it with sufficient nutrition.It is recommended to choose a comprehensive dog food for the bitch as a staple food.

Conclusion: Have you ever seen dog mating?

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