Marry a scumbag with poor, unable to, and big temper: tear my marriage truth!

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Recently, I saw a post in Xiaoxian’s book, which caused heated discussion among netizens.

Her title is: "Marry a scumbag with poor, unable to, strong temper, and good face."

The woman said that when she was 27 years old, she was blindly married to the scumbag.

The scumbag is the old family, age 32 and no deposit.

The woman said that I don’t know if there is really no deposit.

It is understood that the man is doing inside in an insurance company with a monthly salary of about 3,000 yuan and his work is relatively leisurely.

In the chat between women and men, it can be seen that the woman said that the baby has no milk powder, 6 cans of 6 cans, let him transfer to his half milk powder for 790 yuan.

The man said that I didn’t have a penny anymore, how can I transfer it to you.

In another chat.

The woman said that she would go to Guangxi livestock on a business trip on 15-17.

The man said impatiently: Can you let me play a goal and have a business trip all day long.

In the description of women, they belong to the AA system and make money by themselves.After giving birth to a baby, the woman asked the man to pay 1,000 yuan a month for support.However, the man turned his head to let the woman help him pay for the Huayan of 2,000 yuan. After unbearable, the living expenses of the two people are now AA.

The house they live in, down payment, housing loan also AA system. Since the man is a second house, the proportion of the down payment is high, so the house only writes the name of the woman, but the man never actively returns his own mortgage.The female party controls her father -in -law to get money.

The woman said that they are adults. They have no money and let their dads turn money, but they are particularly good to the outside world. Friends neighbors borrow money. No matter if they pay it back, the man will borrow money out.

High -tempered, his wife was hit during pregnancy. After the child was born, he had noisy to sleep, and he also moved to the child.

Therefore, the woman was indignant to say that marrying a scumbag with poor, unable to ability, temper, and good face!

In this regard, many netizens have commented:

When I see your title, I wondered why you would marry him?

This is not left, nothing to say!

I don’t believe this is true, there is no reason to marry such a person.

How did you think of a man with a monthly salary of 3,000?

Seeing suffocation, why not divorce like this?For children?If the child is tuition in the future, you can raise it alone. Why do you help him to raise a baby?I would rather spend money on other women and do not want to spend money on you. This turned out to be an advantage?

The woman also said that the man was very good before marriage, and he was willing to help others.After the marriage, the child changed.

The woman said that her husband is a masked person, and he hopes that more friends around them will be divorced, just waiting for the right time.

Therefore, many girls are advised to polish their eyes before they get married. Don’t be attracted by the sweet words in front of him. Xiao En Xiaohui hurriedly marry someone to understand whether the boy is responsible, progressive, kind and so on.

As the saying goes: marriage needs to be a household.What is the door to the door?My personal understanding is that the two people with similar backgrounds in the family are affected by the objective environment, and the three views produced are similar. The contradiction between the two people together will decrease and the grinding will be easier.

Therefore, before entering the palace of marriage, men and women must get along with each other, understand each other, and understand whether each other’s three views are in line with themselves, rather than blindly marrying, and impulse divorce.

I like a sentence in the TV series "Tiandao":

"The theory of the world is to the extreme, the people’s chai oil and salt, the heating and warmth of life is the ultimate, and men and women have love."

Family is the basic unit of society, and chai oil and salt are indispensable part of family life.The old man says that you have to live if you get married.Among them, the life is chai rice oil and salt.Life is not only going to live, but also better. Among them, the "love" between husband and wife is the most important.As the saying goes: "Drink full water".Only emotional marriage will cherish each other, work hard and achieve each other.

I believe everyone has watched the TV series "Double -sided Glossoms". Although the hero and the heroine Li Yaping, Hu Lijuan has gone through various incredible contradictions, but the screenwriter has forcibly forcibly two people reconciled.

However, Wu Lijun, the prototype of the two -sided heroine Hu Lijuan, is far from being so lucky. According to the writer Liu Liu later, he recalled:

The murderer grinned at us, saying that he was looking for a Shanghai woman to get rid of poverty for the whole family. Now the mother -in -law of the Shanghai disciple refused to get money to subsidize his family.

Six or six said, she was so frightened at the time …………

"Double -sided glue" is a novel published in 2010 by writers in Six Six in 2010. It was later adapted into a TV series broadcast. Among them, contradictions about mother -in -law, marriage and family, etc., all triggered strong discussion and strong response.

Shanghai girl Hu Lijuan, regardless of her parents’ opposition, married her hometown in the northeast and graduated from the Shanghai Jiaotong University. Li Yaping was a standard Shanghai "little man" before his parents came to Shanghai.After the parents came to Shanghai, all this changed. The mother -in -law and the woman had a strong concept of inferiority. Even the daughter -in -law had to eat braised pork. Hu Lijuan, who was accustomed to raising, was "disliked" by her mother -in -law.

Until Li Yaping’s sister’s factory was going to raise funds, Li Yaping, who had no money, would pay attention to Hu Lijuan. In order to achieve the purpose, he made soup to his wife, coffee coffee, and asked Hu Lijuan to borrow money from his mother’s house.Run away, the 100,000 yuan for Brother Hu Lijuan to buy a house is gone.

Contradictions and conflicts have reached the point of hand. In the end, Hu Lijuan’s mother caused stroke because of excessive anger.

After Hu Lijuan had a baby, he finally pushed the family to the edge of the cliff because of a "mother bad". Hu Lijuan finally caused Li Yaping to lose control and smashed his fist to Hu Lijuan.

Although at the finale, after her mother -in -law was in critical condition, Hu Lijuan hugged her child to see her mother -in -law’s last glance and forcibly rejoiced the finale.

However, the prototype of the story, Wu Lijun was not so lucky.

According to Wu Lijun’s neighbors, Wu Lijun was a model of children in the hall that year. She had a good grade all the way and graduated from the Normal University.

Once, Wu Lijun met a thief at the entrance of the school, and was encountered by the man (Li Ya’s layout) to help her out of trouble.After Wu Lijun graduated.The two got married.

The tragedy began to launch foreshadowing at the wedding banquet.

The wedding banquet was held in the Yan’an Hotel. The 28 tables of wine money were paid by the woman. A village at the scene of the man came. The scene of the fighting wine became a fight. After marriage, the fellow rested unwillingly and continued to quarrel and drink at night.

The man also had a younger brother who dropped out of school in junior high school. The mother -in -law was shameless and asked the woman to pay him to buy a house for his younger son. Wu Lijun gave birth to a daughter and was "lost money" by her mother -in -law.

On January 21, 14 years ago, Wu Lijun was hit by her husband and was strangled!Knowing the bad news, his father’s mind was stunned, and his mother was also at the Shanghai Mental Health Center.

When I was a kid, I often heard the elderly say that men are soft -hearted and poor, and women’s hearts are soft.This sentence is vividly reflected in Hu Lijuan.

Wu Lijun might not understand when he died. Why would he be the demon who helped him chase the thief?

It may be more about the infinite expansion of the desire that does not fit the desire, the out of control of the desire dissatisfaction, and the tragedy ended in the end.

As Franklin said, "You have to open your eyes before you get married.

However, the same is true in real life. When choosing the other half, you must choose carefully, think about it again and again, and recognize whether the other party is his own choice. After marriage, you must know how to tolerate each other and achieve each other.

In reality, many people entered the door of marriage because of their impulse. After the hormones retreated, they found that the people around them might not be their own good fate. At this time, the child had already available, the cost of divorce was too large, and he grinded himself in self -complaints.In the end, let your life lose.

Therefore, girls, I hope you can meet your own good destiny and be happy in your life!

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