Mao Zedong’s love wife Yang Kaihui: At the age of 29, he surrendered himself in 40 years.

Yang Kaihui

In the early morning of November 14, 1930, He Jian, commander of the "Murder Devil" and the commander of Hunan "Qingxiang", summoned his special agent camp. He ordered the SARS to perform a task in the four consecutive rows, shooting Mao Zedong’s wife Yang Kaihui.

The four -row special agent’s sparked bullets set off quickly. They went directly to the Siwan Bay Army Prison Department to prepare to escort Yang Kaihui to the torture car.Yang Kaihui knew that he was coming at the last moment. At this time, Mao Anying, 8 -year -old, cried loudly.Yang Kaihui, who had not frowned after many torture, could still shed tears in front of the child.

Yang Kaihui bent over and hugged Mao Anying, and said to him, "My dearest child, if you see your dad in the future, you tell him that I did not do anything about the party. I miss him very much. I can no longer help himPlease take care of him … "

Yang Kaihui also said, "Kishiying, you have to learn to be strong. Mom always loves you and younger brothers. When you grow up, you have to listen to your father’s words, feel bad for him, and filial him.Under Jiuquan will be very happy … "

After putting down Mao Anying, Yang Kaihui turned his head again to Chen Yuying, who was arrested together, "Sun Ying, thank you these years, my 3 children are still small, they are all moist and flesh.Find a way to go out. You should take care of your children. When they grow up, everything will be fine. "

Yang Kaihui in prison

Chen Yuying cried, and the prisoners in other cells cried.Yang Kaihui looked at everyone reluctantly, and suddenly she shouted loudly: "Comrades, leave forever! I firmly believe that the revolution will one day victory, take care of it!"

"Don’t go!" The agent yelled fiercely.Yang Kaihui wore a handcuffs and was tied up with her hands.Director of the law enforcement, Li Qiong roared: "Ask you again, you still don’t want to leave the relationship with Mao Zedong? If unwilling, today is your death!"

Yang Kaihui replied in a contempt: "You dream! Let me from the relationship with Mao Zedong unless the sea is rotten, the sun comes out of the west!" Li Qiong continued to ask: "If you think clearly, you have a mother, there are several children underneath,You are so young, aren’t you afraid of death? "" These don’t worry about you, I should say it before! "

"Okay! Do you have any last words? Hurry up, let’s go on the road as soon as possible!" "There is only one sentence, I will not die, I hope the revolution is successful as soon as possible." Li Qiong was completely angry.The verdict was read out to Yang Kaihui and sentenced to a gun.Immediately afterwards, Li Qiong would write a sign of "Prisoner Yang Kaihui" and inserted it on Yang Kaihui.

The agents did not know where to find a yellow car, they picked Yang Kaihui to the car.The execution team came out of the "Qingxiang" Command, traveled to Beizheng Street and Nanzheng Street, and finally came to the literacy riding execution ground outside Liuyangmen.Tan Qingyun and Tang Dong, who walked at the forefront, followed the prisoner Yan Luqian and Zhong Luqian at the "Qingxiang" command behind the prisoner.

The enemy arrests the Communists

Later, Luo Guolin, Yao Chuzhong, Huang Zhengbang, Shuai Baoyun, etc., who were responsible for the on -site warning. These agents were covered with blood with both hands. Before, they shot a large number of Communists and revolutionary people.After Yang Kaihui was detained to the execution ground, because of the notice the day before, many people came to watch, and Yan Yan ordered the public to show the public for an hour.

An hour passed quickly, and Yang Kaihui was detained to a place with a higher terrain.The agents forced Yang Kaihui to kneel, and Yan State shouted, "Shuai Baoyun, you go to execute the gun!" Shuai Baoyun showed a fierce expression, stepped forward and fired two shots on Yang Kaihui …

As the gunfire sounded, Yang Kaihui fell down.After the agents left, the onlookers gradually dispersed, and they had already seen such scenes.At about noon, Yan Yan was drinking and eating with several men. Suddenly a guards came to his ear and said, "The notification on it, saying that the woman was not killed in the morning!"

Yan State’s fire was furious, and he immediately ordered: "How do you have this! Deputy Watch Yao Chuzhong, you go to make up the gun!" Yao Chuzhong shouted with a glass of wine and yelled: "Come on the two people to go with me!" After that, the three went straight to the execution ground.At this time, Yang Kaihui faced his face, his body curled up, and the land under his body had already been stained with blood, and the wound on his body was still bleeding.

Yang Kaihui’s mouth was full of sediment, and her hands were inserted into the soil. Obviously, she was suffering from huge pain, but her nostrils still had a slight breath.Yao Chuzhong fired directly at Yang Kaihui’s head … Everyone remembered the name Yao Chuzhong, and this murderer will be mentioned later.

Mao Zedong and Yang Kaihui

This year, Yang Kaihui was 29 years old.This year, Yang Kaihui and Mao Zedong were respectively for 3 years.Without Yao Chuzhong made up a shot, and the two shots did not hurt the fatal place before, as long as they could be rescued in time, maybe Yang Kaihui may survive.Two questions?How about the ending of the sister -in -law Yao Chuzhong?Why is Yang Kaihui separated from Mao Zedong?Let’s talk about the second question first.

At the end of 1920, Yang Kaihui and Mao Zedong got married.The two of them decided to "not be a morality". Yang Kaihui did not want to be a gift, did not sit in the sedan, and even the wedding room was rented.On that day, Mao Zedong asked a group of friends to eat a table with 6 silver dollars. This was even the wedding ceremony of the two.

In his later years with Mao Zedong, he said: "When Mao Zedong and Yang Kaihui got married, at that time, they were very pitiful. They only bought a wooden board bed and a table. After Yang Kaihui was pregnant, Mrs. Yang (referred toYang Kaihui’s mother Xiang Zhenxi) moved it. "

Before and after the marriage, the early party organization of Hunan was founded. This was the busiest period of Mao Zedong.From 1921 to 1927, Yang Kaihui and Mao Zedong lived together for 7 years. The two had three children: Mao Anying, Mao Anqing and Mao Anlong.

The dry revolution means that the east is walking, but Yang Kaihui has no regrets. He always follows Mao Zedong. During the period, he carefully took care of Mao Zedong’s diet and diet.Mao Zedong said more than once: "I am a good secretary, copy it, it is fast and good."

Yang Kaihui cemetery

Yang Kaihui carried a box with him at that time. From the appearance, it was a jewelry box that put earrings, rings, and fragrant powder, but it was all important documents, pen and ink, etc. Mao Zedong engaged in the revolution.This is this box, Yang Kaihui is as important as life, and he brought this box beside him until he was arrested.For example, the "Hunan Farmers Movement Inspection Report" written by Mao Zedong has already been well -known, and Yang Kaihui has a lot of effort behind this.

Despite being very busy, Yang Kaihui and Mao Zedong had a happy time in the busy time.However, as Chiang Kai -shek and Wang Jingwei rebelled the revolution, the storm fell.After the Nanchang Uprising on August 1, 1927, the Wuhan National Government revealed his teeth. Wang Jingwei directly issued a fierce order that "would rather kill a thousand, not to make a person miss the net", and arrested and slaughtered the Communists and the revolutionary masses.

Not only that, all farmers and revolutionary groups in Wuhan area have been banned, which means that the three towns of Wuhan have entered the "white horror".In this context, Yang Kaihui has made the worst plan. She asked someone to send Mao Anying, Mao Anqing and nanny Chen Yuying to the countryside of Bancang, Changsha County.

Mao Zedong was also very bad, and the enemy was crazy searching him.On August 7, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China held an emergency meeting at Hankou. This is a far -reaching meeting of our party at a critical moment. Mao Zedong was elected as an alternate member of the Central Committee at the meeting. He proposed: "In the futureIt was obtained in the gun. "

On August 18, the reorganized Hunan Provincial Party Committee met in the Shenjia House in the suburbs of Changsha, focusing on discussing and implementing a new action strategy formulated by the "August 7th Conference", and formulated a autumn uprising plan on the border of the Hunan and Jiangxi borders.At this time, Mao Zedong’s identity was a central commissioner who will be responsible for leading the autumn uprising.

August 7th Association venue

The Shenjia House Conference has great historical significance. Participants did not set up the instructions of the central government with dogmaking. Instead, they started from the actual situation of Hunan Province, so as to correctly solve a series of major issues that the autumn uprising uprising was about to face.The Autumn Harvest Uprising Plan has been set, but Mao Zedong knows that the next enemy will face the struggle for you to die.

Soon after Mao Anlong was born, Yang Kaihui was weak and dangerous. Mao Zedong decided to send Yang Kaihui and his children back to the countryside of Bancang.In the middle of the night at the end of August, Mao Zedong and Yang Kaihui were separated in the back mountain of Yangzhai, Banakura.As for which day, there is no accurate statement so far.

After Mao Zedong left, Yang Kaihui quickly contacted the local underground party comrades of Bancang. In addition to taking care of the three children, he has been secretly engaged in party organization activities.After the fall of the autumn harvest, Mao Zedong led the residue to Jinggangshan.Both Mao Zedong and Yang Kaihui eagerly hoped to understand the situation of the other party.

Unfortunately, due to the crazy slaughter and damage of the enemy, the underground communication station in the Changsha area was severely damaged, and Yang Kaihui’s letter could not be sent at all.In November 1927, Mao Zedong sent a letter from Jinggangshan. The content was the secret saying he agreed with Yang Kaihui. The idea was "I do business here. At the beginning, I was not going well.

The address of the sending letter is: the "Salt Salt" in Xichang Street, Changsha City, Hunan, was transferred by the owner to "Bancang Yang Xia".This salt owner is a distant relative of Yang Kaihui. Because he was worried about the exposure address, Mao Zedong did not indicate the reply address.When Yang Kaihui received this letter, it had passed for more than half a year, but it was still extremely excited.

The manuscript of Yang Kaihui hidden in the wall seam

Due to the crazy blockade of the enemy, Yang Kaihui never received a letter from Mao Zedong since then.In more than 1,000 days and nights, Yang Kaihui buried his mind deeply.Under the dim kerosene lamp, Yang Kaihui wrote multiple letters, but unfortunately she failed to send them out. She finally hid them in the wall seam of the bedroom. It was not discovered until 1982. At that time, Mao Zedong had already died for 6 years.Essence

In March 1929, Yang Kaihui saw that Zhu De’s wife Wu Ruolan was killed by the enemy from the Kuomintang newspaper, and his head was also cut off at the gate of Ganzhou City.Yang Kaihui was out of feeling the advent of death. At this time, Yang Kaiming, who was the secretary of the special committee of the Hunan and Jiangxi border, was going to Shanghai to report to the Party Central Committee.

Yang Kaihui was ready to write a letter to the cousin Yang Kaiming immediately:

Brother: Dear brother!

I am a weak person and still the weak!It seems to never be strong.I hugged in a corner of the world, I trembled and lonely!In this scene, I am looking for my relics all the time, and you are in my heart, and you have a position.In addition, the benevolence, show, is the same as you -you are standing in my heart in a row!I often pray in silence: I hope these people will be lost again!

I seem to have seen death -alas, its cold and serious face!Speaking of death, I was not afraid, and it can be said that I am happy.Only my mother and my child, I am a little pitiful!And this emotion, I am very boring -I made me half asleep for a night the night before!I decided to entrust them -children -entrusting you. As long as their uncle grows economically, it will not be regardless of them, and their uncle has a deep love for them.

If you really lose a mother or a father, it is not the love of an uncle, you can resist, you must have your love in all aspects, so that you can grow naturally in the warm spring, not to be subject to the wind.The invasion of sudden rain!

If you see this will, you will blame me for neuropathy when you see it?I do n’t know how to understand, I always feel that on my neck, it seems that a poisonous rope flew up from the death of God, entangled me, so I ca n’t do it as soon as possible!Qi confused, the book is unsatisfactory, I wish you all the best!

Yang Kaihui bedroom

The disaster is not alone. Yang Kaiming died in Changsha in February 1930.Yang Kaihui was disappointed again. How many times she hid in the bed and cried. She pinned all her thoughts on Mao Zedong in the manuscript hidden in the gap, including the cousin Yang Kaiming’s letter similar to "Tuo Guxin".

In the early morning of October 24, 1930, the members of the "Qing Township" rushed into the Yangzhai House of Bancang, arrested Yang Kaihui, Mao Anying and the nanny Chen Yuying and escorted it to Changsha for office.After Yang Kaihui was arrested, her relatives also tried their best to rescue her, especially brother Yang Kaizhi, the most active, and tried to do everything to save her sister.

Yang Kaizhi asked his father Yang Changji, an old friend Zhang Shizhao, Cai Yuanpei, and Tan Yanzheng. These people jointly wrote to the Nanjing Kuomintang authorities. As a result, the Nanjing National Government forced to call He Jian because of the pressure of public opinion and asked Yang Kaihui to deal with it.He Jian said that she could let Yang Kaihui, provided that she had to publicly declare her relationship with Mao Zedong.

Yang Kaihui refused directly, so we saw the scene mentioned at the beginning of this article. He Jian ordered the gun to decide Yang Kaihui.After Yang Kaihui sacrificed, his relatives transported the body back to Bancang overnight and buried on the hillside not far from the former residence.One month later, Mao Zedong saw the news of Yang Kaihui’s sacrifice from the newspaper.

Mao Zedong immediately wrote a letter to the Yang family, and wrote in the letter: "The death of Kaihui, can’t redeem it." Mao Zedong also sent 30 silver dollars to repair the tomb for Yang Kaihui.Mother Yang Kaihui Tomb Men’s Shore Yingan Qing’an Dragon is engraved with the 19th year of the Republic of China. "

Chairman Mao and the children are together

After Yang Kaihui sacrificed, Mao Zedong failed to come out of sadness for a long time.In the winter of 1930, Mao Zedong created poems for a long time to commemorate Yang Kaihui.

Xia Guang faded away, He Yuchu, Wan Jian’s heart was not as bitter.However, I was so redeemed, and I was ashamed of Jiuquan.Sensor -free wind erodes bones, and it is difficult to spit with outsiders in this life.The sorrowful song urged the drums, and even turned a knife and gun to the enemy.

This word was dusty for 83 years and was not made public until 2014.After reading the whole word, it made people burst into tears. It can be seen that Mao Zedong’s deep affection for Yang Kaihui.After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Mao Zedong never forgot Yang Kaihui. He mentioned in many occasions that he lived with Yang Kaihui.

In 1950, a relative came to Beijing, and Yang Kaihui cousin Yang Kaiying.Mao Zedong took the sake of Yang Kaiying and saw the Yang family, and he felt particularly happy.Mao Zedong said affectionately: "Kaiying, your sister Xia has a child’s bravely sacrificed by her. It is rare!" Soon, Mao Zedong sent Mao Anying to Changsha to wish his grandmother to wish his grandmother, and asked him to go to Bancang to sweep his mother’s grave.

In May 1957, when Mao Zedong wrote a letter to Li Shu, the widow of his old friend Liu Zhiyi, wrote the term "Butterfly Love Flower · Answers Li Shuyi":

I lost their arrogance Yang Jun and lost the willow, and the willow went straight up to Zhongxiao Jiu.Ask Wu Ganghe, Wu Gang held out osmanthus wine.Lonely Chang’e Shu Guang sleeves, long -distance and loyal soul dance.Suddenly, the world was once Fu Hu, and tears flying into the rain.

"Butterfly Love Flower · Answer Li Shuyi"

The first sentence of the word was "I lost my arrogance Yang Jun and lost willow." When I first saw this word, I was moved by this word.After reading, many people think that this word is not inferior to the "Ten Years of death" in the "Ten Years of death" in the "Jiangchengzi · Yizhen Month of the Month of the Month of the Month of the Monthly Month".

Soon after this word was written, Mao Zedong met the nanny Chen Yuying in Beijing.The two met again after 30 years. They inevitably talked about Yang Kaihui’s sacrifice, and Mao Zedong once again learned about Yang Kaihui’s sacrifice process from Chen Yuying.After listening to Chen Yuying’s description, Mao Zedong sighed and said:

"Hey, Kaihui was actively advocating for armed struggle at that time. The Yang family was very good for me, and Kaihui was sacrificed. Now I see you, just like Kaihui. You will be my family in the future.I hope you often come to Beijing and sit here. "

At first, the dumplings who participated in the killing of Yang Kaihui were unknown.However, Yao Chuzhong’s end was about to say that sentence, and Tianwang was restored without leakage.After liberation, Yao Chuzhong changed his name and changed his surname, but he still failed to escape from Shengtian. He was put in prison. Because he could not find his criminal evidence for a while, he could only send it to the reconstruction.

In 1970, Yao Chuzhong, who had been working in the new farm in Huarong County, Yueyang City, collapsed for many years. He had tortured his conscience and took the initiative to surrender the case. He explained that he was the murderer who killed Yang Kaihui.This is a major event of Shi Bo Tian. After interrogation, Yao Chuzhong explained in detail the entire process of killing Yang Kaihui.

Chairman Mao and Li Shuyi

Yao Chuzhong revealed that it was the shot shot from Yang Kaihui’s head that made Yang Kaihui have no breath … Insert a sentence here. At present, the process of Yang Kaihui’s sacrifice is basically a confession from Yao Chuzhong.At this point, 40 years after Yang Kaihui was killed, the cause of death finally came out.

Since then, the investigators have repeatedly investigated and confirmed that they have been confirmed. Yao Chuzhong’s end can be imagined.In July 1974, Yao Chuzhong was sentenced to death by the Pu Ling County People’s Court and immediately executed for the crime of counter -revolutionary homicide.

I would like to pay tribute to Martyr Yang Kaihui in this article.

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