Low progesterone how to do?You may not know that these four foods can effectively supplement progesterone

Low progesterone is a question that many pregnant women or expectant mothers have often asked in recent years.In fact, progesterone is a hormone in her body in the physiological cycle of women, or after pregnancy. We call it progesterone. When there is no pregnancy, it is mainly secreted by the luteum of the ovary.Performatone can maintain normal pregnancy in the normal range, and the cause of low progesterone is mainly abnormal fetal development.During women’s pregnancy, progesterone hormones can provide support and guarantee for early growth and development of the fetus, and can play a certain calm role in the uterus.Therefore, the monitoring of progesterone is very necessary during pregnancy, especially in the early days.Once there is low progesterone, you should be alert to whether ectopic pregnancy, aura abortion, or stopping embryonic development.Low progesterone how to do?Don’t worry, you may not know that the following four foods can effectively supplement progesterone, expectant mothers with low progesterone should pay attention!

First, soybeans

During pregnancy, expectant mothers can supplement soybean ketone, which can supplement progesterone.And soybeans are rich in plant protein, which is good for fetal development, so you can eat soybeans in moderation during pregnancy, soybean milk, tofu can be eaten in moderation. It is recommended to eat foods that are easy to digest during pregnancy.Stimulate the diet of raw cold, eat less greasy and difficult to digest food, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.It is recommended to go to the obstetrics and gynecology department of regular hospitals during pregnancy to conduct regular pregnancy examinations to understand fetal development.

Second, lemon

Pregnant women eat some lemons properly in daily life, which is very good for physical health and has the role of promoting defecation and preventing constipation. It can also achieve certain effects on the growth and development of the fetus.It has a good role in improving physical immunity and has the effect of supplementing progesterone.In addition, it is also good to alleviate nausea and vomiting. It is good for the health of the fetus properly during pregnancy.But lemon is acidic and it is easy to stimulate the stomach. It is recommended not to eat more, especially people with too much gastric acid should not eat more!

Third, ginger

Ginger is rich in nutritional elements, which can supplement the nutritional loss caused by maternal production after the production of maternal production, effectively supplement the problem of low progesterone, improve the immunity after maternity, strengthen the body, effectively resist the invasion of the bacteria, ensure the health and safety of the fetal growth environment, Also promote the healthy development of the fetus.When pregnant women are pregnant, it is easy to feel cold and cold hands and feet.Eating ginger in a timely manner can maintain normal body temperature.Make pregnant women from getting cold and reducing the symptoms of cold body, which is also conducive to promoting the healthy development of the fetus.

Fourth, spinach

Spinach is also rich in enzymes, which can stimulate the secretion of the stomach and intestines. It also helps digestion and moisturize the intestines, which is conducive to the smooth discharge of stools and preventing and controlling quasi -mothers.Bauxy women can also eat spinach, because it is rich in progesterone.Although there are many benefits of spinach, spinach is rich in folic acid, but do not eat or meal every day. This is because spinach contains more oxalic acid. Oxicic acid will interfere with the absorption of trace elements such as iron and zinc.And baby’s health.Therefore, when eating spinach, you should "simmer water" first, that is, it is softened with boiling water, so that most oxalic acid will be destroyed, then remove it, and stir in the pot to rest assured to eat.

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