Look at the photos of these pregnant animals, it is really not easy to be a mother

For humans, if women are pregnant, their bodies and psychology will experience unusual changes of nearly 40 weeks.If you are a mother or a mother who is pregnant, you know how easy this process is.

For wild animals, pregnancy is also a very difficult process.During this period, no one helped them knead their swollen feet, and when they were hungry, no one helped them buy food they like to eat.Compared with humans, the pregnancy process of animals is more difficult.The following photos show the state of different animals at the end of pregnancy. Mothers are great in both people or animals!

After 4 months of pregnancy, the sow was about to give birth, and the big belly even seemed to be a little brilliant.When the end of pregnancy is over, it will find a comfortable place in the pigpen to lie down on the side and give them a piglet.

For Haima, giving birth to a baby is a father’s affairs.The male hippocampus carries female eggs from 9 to 45 days.Once it is time to come out, the hippocampus eggs released in this childcare bag will shock you, as many as 1,000!

Generally speaking, goldfish is not easy to get pregnant.But do the goldfish in the photo eat too much?Such a big belly makes it difficult to swim.Whether you want to believe it, when the goldfish excrete tens of thousands of eggs, they will leave a part of their own food.

The pile of meat in the photo is a pregnant seal, which is very tired.A male seal will mate with a group of female seals every year. The female pregnancy cycle is 11 months, and the female seal after pregnancy usually live together.

Although the pregnancy period is only three to six weeks, the mothers of squirrels are also not easy.In addition, the born little guys need to stay with their mother for a year before they leave to find their own lives.

The mother of Zebra also needs to take care of them for up to one year after giving birth to a little zebra.These pony horses will be born in the mother’s uterus for a full 1 year.

You can get pregnant when the guinea pigs are old.Since then, life has become a fast cycle of constantly breeding cubs.These small bodies can bear up to 5 pregnancy in a year!

Under normal circumstances, it is not easy to see that the donkey is pregnant until they appear very obvious.What’s more interesting is that the mother donkey’s milk is sweeter than milk and the protein content is higher.

The giraffe is known for its tall, and their childbirth process is completed.Within a few hours after experiencing the most laborious natural process of the body, the giraffe mother has to teach the baby how to walk.

The performance of the mother goat during delivery is the expression of anxiety, anxiety and heavy breathing.After giving birth to twins or even triggered twins, sheep will gobble their placenta, just like some human women.

Dolphin mother looks different after pregnancy.Their cubs exist almost every part of the mother’s body, and have changed significantly from their nose to tail.

Mother macaques will not rest after the child is born.After 5 to 6 months of pregnancy, the child’s birth, and then they will hold the child for another 2 months.The mother in the photo is depressed and drinking …

Human apes are close relatives of human beings. They have similarities with us, and they are also pregnant for 9 months.Moreover, they rarely have multiple twins, and there are not many cases of twins.

This tiger mother is really not easy, with three to seven little tigers.Fortunately, their pregnancy cycle is three and a half months, so the discomfort of the tiger’s mother will not last long.

The cats are not all cheerful and lively, so pregnancy is not full of joy for them.This expectant mother is about to give birth, and you don’t seem to be willing to see its expression.

Due to the thin figure, the small horses are extremely dangerous for mothers and children.In many cases, 11 months of pregnancy ended in abortion.So, if you want to breed the pony, please think twice.

Sometimes people make fun of human women who have increased hormones during pregnancy.However, it is even more crazy for Cedar.In a few months before childbirth, they will pull off their fur to build nests.In addition, if you disturb the ferrets that are giving birth, it may eat your child.

Many times, the owners who make pets with mice usually have headaches for their strong fertility.From the first day of birth, they can get pregnant and make cubs after 9 to 21 days.If you have a mouse at home, they can produce 25 to 65 cubs each year.

For the hull mother, the road to pregnancy is lonely, because the male hoods never participate in the breeding process.However, the production of 60-70 pounds of chubic cows is a very difficult thing for the mother and cows.

The white whale mother in the photo is about to give birth.Under normal circumstances, young whales will spend 14 to 15 months of growth in their mothers.

If a pregnancy killer whale is your friend, then you need to wait patiently to drink the birthday wine of the little killer whale.Because their average pregnancy period is 15.7 to 18 months!

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