Liu Qiangdong brought his wife to the US supermarket, his wife was pregnant, and the child may directly obtain the American

Recently, a photo has exploded social networks.The scene of the Liu Qiangdong couple was photographed by netizens in the supermarket in the United States.Among them, Liu Qiangdong’s wife milk tea sister Zhang Zetian was exposed.

According to netizens, there are two cases of going to the United States.It is said that Liu Qiangdong will start in October because of the rape case of Minnesota, so he will prepare in advance.

The second is what children enter the U.S. nationality.Because according to US law, if pregnant women are produced in the United States, children born will automatically obtain US citizenship.

There are two types of nationality.One is humanism, and the other is localism.Humanism is the birth of a child, and the international nationality of which country is the international of the parents obtained.

Territoryism is some citizenship management methods often adopted by general developed countries.If the child is born in the local area, the local nationality is automatically obtained.

In other words, if Liu Qiangdong’s wife Zhang Zetian produced in the United States this time, their children will directly obtain US citizenship.

According to the photos taken by netizens, we can see that Zhang Zetian has been pregnant for several months.And the pregnancy image is very obvious, and the stomach is already large.

In fact, there is a huge controversy about Liu Qiangdong’s production in the United States.According to his worth, no matter which country is, the people at the top of the pyramid can be guaranteed by the quality of life.

It is also very simple to enter the U.S. nationality and do not need to pass this way.

After all, Liu Qiangdong started from the Chinese market and was the founder of China with one of the best in China.It is obviously a very very affecting the image of JD in order to obtain the U.S. nationality.

This is obviously a matter of time for Liu Qiangdong’s worthy person, so I personally estimate that this statement is not established.

The current attitude towards Internet companies can be said to be different than before.At present, the domestic e -commerce market is already in a state of peace.The market is almost the same, and major giants are divided into autumn!

Even Pinduoduo began to consider entering the overseas market.From this we can see that the domestic market is already saturated.

Therefore, I think the focus of this time in the United States, Liu Qiangdong still handled the Minnesota rape case.

There were rumors that Liu Qiangdong and Zhang Zetian had rumored rumors.Now it seems that it is rumored, after all, both have a second child now.Moreover, four years have passed.

Liu Qiangdong has recently sold Jingdong’s stocks sharply a few days ago. He once said that if he could not control a company, he would completely withdraw.Now it seems that he is estimated to be a place.

Liu Qiangdong, Ma Yun, and Huang Yan have retreated to the second line and disappeared.It seems that the times have really changed.

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