Litchi is not eaten right, it is really terrible!

It’s the season to eat litchi again

Hot summer

Eat one

Clear and refreshing, happy, happy

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you know

How to choose lychee?

What is the black residue near litchi?

Why is there a seam on the lychee?

How much can lychee be eaten every day?

Let’s go together with "Li D" knowledge


Will you get angry if you eat too much lychee?

The so -called fire may be related to the increase in the increase in inflammation, it may also be related to the situation of allergies, intolerance, and may also be related to some trace effects in plants.Studies have found that the water -soluble protein components that induce inflammation reactions in litchi pulp can increase the inflammatory factor level of experimental animals and cause inflammation of colon and lung tissue.However, these require further experiments to confirm.

On the other hand, the litchi residue containing sugar is residual in the mouth and throat, which will provide survival nutrients for bacteria in the oral cavity, causing a large amount of oral bacteria to reproduce and cause gum inflammation.symptom.

Eating lychee is not on fire, a little trick

Was soaked in salt water in litchi meat before eating

Soak the litchi in salt water, soak for about an hour and a half, and eat litchi, which will have a certain degree of fire reducing the fire.

Drink some of the fire -fired tea

In fact, it is not just to eat lychee. Summer is here. We recommend that some salt water, mung bean soup, herbal tea and other fire drinks are always prepared in the home.After eating lychee, drinking some chrysanthemum tea and green tea that clear the heat can also achieve the effect of lowering the fire.

Litchi fruit is green, can you eat it?

It depends on the situation.Red is the main color of most litchi, so when buying lychee, choose more red and bright, but there are more than 300 varieties of lychee, so the red of litchi is strong and light.

So how should I choose?

It is recommended to determine whether the color of the peel is normal according to the variety.For example, when the concubine laughs mature, the peel is green and red, so you can choose the concubine who is not red.But when the chicken mouth litchi matures, it is dark red, and you cannot choose blue.

However, most varieties of litchi maturity is red.Selecting red is right!

Note: The low -blood glucose toxins of immature lychee are high and the taste is relatively sour. You must abandon food after distinguishing.

Is the "sewing" of lychee for easy pinching?

Dipping litchi is also a technical work. If you accidentally, the juice in it will nourish you.Careful friends may find that there is a "sewing" on lychee, and some varieties are more obvious, and some are a little difficult to find.

In fact, litchi is inconvenient to peel off the side. This line is developed from its borders of stamens-the stitching of the abdomen, which is conducive to cracking peel, which is convenient for seeds to spread.

Is the black residue of lychee "worm shit"?

Unfortunately, tell you that the black and black powder or residue near the fruits you see when you peel off the lychee is not broken, but the excrement left by the lychee pitch after eating the lychee first, commonly known as "bugsshit".

When buying lychee, I found that there was a crack or a juice at the fruit handle.

I didn’t pay attention before. What should I do if I eat lychee with insects?Is it okay?

fine.The lychee pitch is not toxic, and it is generally not possible to eat it.

Is lychee?

Yes.Litchi is an ever -incidents of lychee.It is native to my country’s Lingnan region and has a history of more than 2,000 years.It has been specified by Southeast Asia, Africa, the Americas and other regions.

"The world litchi looks at China, and China Litchi watches Guangdong."In Guangdong, lychee is the largest tropical fruit in the planting area of a single fruit. The planting area accounts for more than half of the country and one -third of the world.

I heard that eating too much lychee will get litchi disease?

Litchi disease is also called lychee poisoning.It refers to dizziness, fatigue, abdominal pain, and cold symptoms such as an empty stomach and a large amount of lychee, which may be convulsive, coma, and even death.

Why is this so?In fact, lychee contains two "hypoglycemic toxins". These two toxins can reduce blood sugar and prevent the body from regulating blood sugar.Therefore, it is already possible to have insufficient blood sugar in the empty stomach, and if you eat lychee, it is easier to hypoglycemia.

In addition to the consumption of lychee and other carbohydrate intake, litchi disease is also related to age. Children are young and do not know how to control food. They are easy -to -see people in litchi disease. Parents should pay more attention.

Can you eat lychee happily?Of course.

Before eating lychee, remember to eat food like rice, and control the amount of lychee. It is advisable to eat up to 8 to 10 pieces a day, and drink plenty of water at the same time.

Transfer: Guangdong Sanitary Information

Source: Jingshi Health Home

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