Lin Zhiling exposed the process of asking for a child with tears. She worked more than ten times to get pregnant. She could no longer have a second child.

On October 12, when Lin Zhiling attended the event, he talked about the things during pregnancy and could not help but think of those sad past.

Lin Zhiling is an elderly mother, and this child is not easy for her.When she was unexpectedly the news that she was not at the official Xuan Shengzi, there were many rumors on the Internet. For example, questioning Lin Zhiling was DY, and the child was not born in person.

At the event site, Lin Zhiling rumored this rumor on the side, and bluntly said that after many efforts, she had more than a dozen attempts before she succeeded in conceiving the child.

When talking about his son, Lin Zhiling was a lot easier. He happily said that he would work hard at home to speak Chinese, hoping that he could be proficient in Chinese and Japanese.

Lin Zhiling cherishes the opportunity to get along with his son, and does not deliberately invite a nanny at home, but takes care of Akira.Fear that the food outside is not clean, the couple will cook together, which is very concerned.

Although Lin Zhiling attaches great importance to children, she did not fully capture everything, but cooperated with Akira.

For example, Akira is going to work during the day, and she takes care of her children at night.When feeding children to eat, they are also relaying each other.Before going to bed, the two will pray together to share the interesting things encountered in life.

On the anniversary of the wedding, Akira will also arrange a hot spring trip to let Lin Zhiling enjoy it, and he will take care of the child’s work and take good care of the children.

Lin Zhiling was so busy that she forgot to eat, Akira would help her hot meals.When Akira goes out to work, Lin Zhiling will also prepare bento, which is completely a common couple in Japanese dramas.

Although both of them are novice parents, they are really doing well. The trivial things in these life have moved Lin Zhiling and feel extremely happy.

But unfortunately, because of Lin Zhiling’s physical reasons, it is difficult to have the first child, so it is difficult to have a second child.Lin Zhiling also faced this incident calmly, and I have done all my efforts.

In the future, Lin Zhiling will still focus on family and son. Lin Zhiling is really not easy to walk along the way. I hope that the baby is healthy and healthy, and the body is the most important.

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